Venus opposite Uranus

Freedom and Love

Venus Rising the Star by Jean Leon-Gerome.

Over the next several days the planet Venus will be approaching an opposition (a 180 degree face off from our point of view) with the planet Uranus. Venus just recently came into contact with Pluto, and in a way, set off the now fading Uranus/Pluto square—the defining aspect of our current, tumultuous moment in time. The Uranus/Pluto cycle correlates with historical periods of significant social and political unrest, progressive societal changes, as well as radical, revolutionary uprisings. Believe it or not, the peak of that cycle is receding in the collective psyche, though its effects still reverberate in time, especially when a planet comes in contact with Uranus and Pluto.

On a personal level, Venus and Pluto (via a square on Nov. 20) may have stirred up tension in your relationships via the surfacing of secrets or hidden, unconscious elements you would rather have not known about or probably ignored. But their interaction compelled you to look deeper, beyond the immediate appearance. Pluto’s message is always that your problems are not truly out there in the world but lie within yourself. If you took the initiative to explore that reality, you may have made some progress; you may be able to move on and heal.

On Nov. 23 Venus will face off with Uranus, bringing in a different archetypal element, though the Moon’s pass by Uranus on Nov. 22 will be equally significant. These two days will highlight the need to redefine yourself in the context of your relationships (romantic, platonic, professional, or otherwise). Venus in Libra seeks to make everyone happy and wants to put on a pretty, smiling face. How often do we do this to win social approval? Its human nature….and it’s also heavily conditioned into us. But, when does that façade get in the way of being who we truly are? (For those of us born with an emphasis in either Aries or Libra, you will feel this transit most profoundly).

In current relationships, these days may stimulate a short period where you may feel compelled to rebel against certain restrictions or barriers within those relationships. It can work equally to catalyze an urge to begin relationships or radically change or redefine those that have been stagnant or nonexistent. The higher end of this transit is an ability to maintain your individuality while avoiding the urge to burn bridges you may later regret. An opposition is a culmination and sometimes crisis, but always it’s an opportunity to reconcile diametric constructs. If you take the higher road, you can be yourself without scaring people away by coming off too strongly. You can make space in your current relationships so that they support your unique path. And you can potentially culminate a new stage of development within your relationships, but ideally in alignment with who you are destined to be. 

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