Virgo New Moon 2019

Clearing the Way: New Moon in Virgo 2019

The Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island, Utah, July 2019; photo by Chad Woodward.

The Great Salt Lake from Antelope Island, Utah, July 2019; photo by Chad Woodward.

New Moon @ 06 degrees Virgo 47’

August 30, 2019

3:37 AM Los Angeles

6:37 AM New York

11:37 AM London

6:37 PM Beijing

8:37 PM Sydney

As the lunar cycle winds down into its New Moon phase, we're ready for a shift and change of direction. This month's Virgo New Moon may not correlate with a period of restfulness or laziness as the dark Moon typically tends to do. The Virgo archetype is one factor, another is the Earthy, and thus pragmatic, grand trine between a cluster of planets in Virgo, Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus.

Here, we're given the seeds for the birthing of an integrated productivity flow. This is an optimal moment for beginning anything that requires meticulousness and precision. Alongside that, however, can be a sense of feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of what needs to get done, or the many areas needing improvement. Neptune's wide opposition to the New Moon from Pisces can offer distraction, escape, or an inspiring vision of the way forward. The current line-up of planets in Virgo (Mercury, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus), can stimulate single-mindedness and intensity of focus.

The downside of this dark Moon can lead us into unproductive fault finding, feelings of insecurity, and paralysis. Both Mars and Uranus make the closest aspects to this New Moon, generating some useful tension. One manifestation of Mars is the eruption of anger, frustration, or fear. Uranus' trine offers an unexpected opportunity for liberation, freedom, and a refreshing change of pace. One solution to any current frustrations might lie in taking an unusual route.

Whatever shows up four you alongside this New Moon, consider that a commitment to relentless improvement will be required. There are likely some high standards to adhere to, too. However, the Virgo path is one that stimulates a desire to be better, more useful, and acquire competency and skillfulness. Use this time to sharpen your focus, skills, and confidence. And look carefully for a unique edge or an alternative way forward. A New Moon trine Uranus is a dynamic fresh start, a lunation that can suddenly clear the way for change, progress, and resolution.