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Full Moon in Pisces 

September 6- September 19, 2017

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Aries Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

For a few days surrounding this Full Moon, you’re likely to feel a strong calling to lay low, even seek some solitude. There’s a lot more going on behind the veil than you may realize. In fact, much of what you’ve been doing outside of public view may begin to show itself now. If you’ve been making progress with a spiritual practice or meditative technique, it’s possible to reach a new peak or level of awareness with this Full Moon. It might be best to avoid too much external activity and action for a few days because you’ll miss out on some truly remarkable mystical experiences and insights. Things might seem a little weird, oddly synchronistic, and a bit amorphous with this lunation. You may get random psychic or intuitive hits that seemingly arise spontaneously. That’s because you’re on the verge of breaking through some barriers of perception and consciousness. That’s exciting but also a little risky.

The negative end of this Full Moon may tempt you into escapism as opposed to genuine spiritual or personal insight. That might manifest as a drinking binge, or a few days lost in a Netflix series without gaining much but mild amusement. This is a brief moment conducive for “checking out”, but be careful how far you take that. However, the next two months are likely to be rather busy for you, especially most of Sep. This Full Moon in Pisces can help you disconnect for a moment and gain some perspective on your life and current process. It can also help to enliven deeper meaning and trust in the universe, if you can transmute any tendencies toward avoidance of the issues you need to reflect on right now. And there are ways of altering your consciousness that won’t cause damage. There are things harmful to some but not necessarily you. You’re the only one that can differentiate that for yourself.

With Mars entering Virgo just before this Full Moon, and Mercury returning to Virgo on Sep. 9 after its three week retrograde cycle in Aug., there’s an increasing rise of energy available for you to expend in work/job/health matters. Mercury retrograde in the “daily grind” region of your chart last month gave you a new perspective on these issues and may have significantly altered the flow of daily tasks, chores, and activities. It could have also put a damper on your work flow and performance, and you should expect things to begin picking up again now that you have a new perspective. Up until the latter end of Oct., and particularly through most of Sep., you’re likely to be a lot more focused on getting important matters done and mundane responsibilities taken care of. Especially with Mars here, you could wind up finally cleaning out some cluttered spaces or reorganizing areas that you’ve been putting off. It may not be much fun (unless you have a lot of natal planets in Virgo), but it’s definitely time that you dealt with some critical work or health related matters so progress can be made.

In combination with this Full Moon energy, look for new ways to be of service or assistance to others, perhaps even above and beyond your day job. This constructive energy reaches a significant high point on Sep. 16 when Mars and Mercury conjoin once again. This time, they provide you with a more practical as opposed to creative or sexual lift. This is an ideal time of the year to get it together on various fronts and begin working toward self-improvement. Do be mindful of communicative conflicts potentially flaring up in your work here, and also be careful of pushing a health or fitness routine/practice past your limitations.

If you need to defend yourself in any arguments, just be mindful of whether you have much standing and how far you really want to push the matter. Aside from that, Mercury and Mars can correlate with a razor sharp focus and mental stamina to push through important tasks. Also, this is a good time to begin planning or making some first moves with a new project that requires much effort and momentum. For a few days surrounding this conjunction, look at what really needs to get done and get on it. This is a high point season for learning or further developing techniques, increasing productivity and efficiency, and utilizing your competence and skill to enhance job performance or to just improve your daily life.

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Taurus Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

Your social scene comes to the forefront with this Full Moon in Pisces. This is a moment that can help you gather with those with a similar vision or shared goals to look forward to brighter days and back at good times passed. You may notice an influx of contacts arising that you already know or have connected with. Any networking, mingling, and schmoozing you’ve been doing is likely to pay off now with the right connections emerging when you need them most. Also, this is a significant high point in your year where you can more clearly see ahead and have a better sense of your personal goals and strategies. But with Neptune conjunct this Full Moon, you would do well to stick with connections and goals you really trust will follow through for you.

This might not be the best time to move beyond familiar groups, organizations, or to begin scheming fresh, future plans. The work you’ve already done and the dreams you’ve already pulled into conscious view, are what will bear the most fruit for you right now. You’re susceptible to losing your unique vision in a morass of new views and perspectives, so avoid veering off from your trusted sources and allies, no matter how tempting that may be right now. You want to surround yourself with others who help to reinforce your current goals and not further confuse them. This is also a great time for a shared vision quest or spiritual journey with others who can support those experiences.

Mercury is slowly picking up speed after its three week retrograde cycle through most of Aug. With Mars moving into Virgo just before this Full Moon, and Mercury in Virgo on Sep. 9, you’re probably in need of some playtime, and now until the latter end of Oct. is perfect for just that. With the Sun in Virgo too, you have until the equinox (Sep. 22) to focus a lot of energy on recreation, amusement, or possible sexual fling/reawakening. With Mercury retrograde in this region of your chart, you’ve had some time to re-evaluate romantic/sexual relationships, parenting issues, as well as a creative process. If you have kids, you can use this time find outlets for expending any excess energy/enthusiasm, maybe joining in on some activities yourself. This is your season to indulge yourself, so enjoy it as much as you can or is possible for you..

Until the next New Moon, your ruler Venus makes a series of harmonious aspects to several planets which is highly auspicious for getting what you want, but can lend to some exceptional laziness. But the universe seems to be conspiring to give you a bit of a break, and if you’re wise, you’ll take advantage of any opportunities that pop up for over the next two weeks and even beyond (we’ll discuss those with the next forecast). Venus trines Saturn Sep. 12, sextiles Jupiter Sep. 15, and trines Uranus Sep. 17. Consider that with Venus soon to arrive in Virgo, this is a supercharged season for dating, sexual escapades, play. You’re not likely to feel too serious or focused right now, but much of that will slightly change once the Sun enters Libra on Sep. 22.

Mercury and Mars conjoin for the third time this year in Virgo on Sep. 16. While the possibility of conflicts or disputes could arise with a lover or even children--or you may experience some momentary creative frustration, the auspicious nature of this region of your chart can help you deal with matters in a more playful spirit. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take anything seriously (life still throws us challenges even in positive or peaceful times), but the nature of the conflicts may not be too pressing. This is also an ideal time for articulating creative ideas, sexual desires, or beginning a more productive communicative strategy with children. Whatever shows up for you, you’re likely to have plenty of energy to manage it.

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Gemini Rising

September 6-September 19, 2017

If you’ve been working hard to achieve some new status, promotion, or professional path, this Full Moon in Pisces can correlate with a culmination for you in many ways--a time in which you can gain more visibility and accolade for your hard work and dedication. This is a high point in your year where ambition and determination can really pay off for you, but with Neptune in your “career” region and conjunct this Full Moon, you must be cautious of some things here. Neptune favors, above anything else, selfless service by inducing an awareness within consciousness that ultimately there is no separation between self and other. Neptune works to trick the ego through glamorous aggrandizement of situations which often seem too good to be true. If you’re under the delusion that what you’re accomplishing now is to merely boost your own ego and receive only personal gain, you may eventually fall flat on your face.

Such humiliating experiences are Neptune’s way of revealing the foolishness of hubris. This is an ideal moment to look around and acknowledge all of those not so obvious factors that helped you get to where you are now. Don’t be so blinded by ambition or the illusion of absolute self-sufficiency that you fail to have gratitude for the seen and unseen allies that have given you support. If you can humble yourself here, you’ll realize that what’s happening now is a manifestation of a dream which serves to help the greater good. With Neptune moving through this region of your whole sign chart, you’re likely motivated by a more altruistic mission in life. If you’re still confused about where you’re headed, the problem may lie in your resistance to sacrifice, humility, and an insistence on having everything your way. Realize that your success isn’t just for you alone, but can greatly impact and benefit those less fortunate than yourself. With that understanding and awareness, you can accept whatever comes to you with greater ease, trust, and patience.

Your ruler Mercury has been retrograde throughout most of August. This three week cycle is now ending, though Mercury is still a little sluggish as it picks up its normal speed. Until about Sep. 9, when Mercury re-enters Virgo, things can still seem a glitchy and slow going, but whatever you’ve been waiting on will take off soon enough and the pace of your daily life will change quite significantly over the next several weeks. With both Mars and Mercury in Virgo (as well as the Sun), this is a supercharged “domestic” season for you which highlights your home life, family, and living situation more than usual. With Mars here until the latter end of Oct., consider that issues on the homefront are likely to take up much of your attention. Look out for disputes or arguments arising here and the need to set some boundaries or limit the time and energy you give to certain intimate and family relationships. The separating nature of Mars serves to draw lines and divisions in your home life for the next several weeks.

The last quarter Moon on Sep. 12 occurs in your rising sign in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. Activating three angles of your whole sign chart, this symbolizes a significant release and letting go to make space for a new chapter that begins around the New Moon on Sep. 19. This may affect your most intimate relationships/partnerships as well as issues in your domestic and personal life. The Sun’s square to Saturn on Sep. 13, serves to bring about a deeper awareness of reality and the choices you’ve made. With the Full Moon just one week prior, you’ve been more caught up in the vision and glamour of certain career/professional happenings. This last quarter Moon brings you back to the reality of the present moment and the realization of the actual consequences of your decisions.

Your ruler Mercury conjunct Mars on Sep. 16 again may flare up arguments, disputes, or conflict in your living situation or home life; it may relate to some significant changing circumstances here. If you need to defend your position or opinion, do so tactfully and in a way that gets the point across without inflaming unnecessary tension. This can also represent the start of a new cycle with your living situation that’s been pending for some time. Whatever shows up for you, realize that it might not be comfortable or easy to deal with, but that fresh energy and more positive developments will emerge here just after the New Moon on Sep. 19. Whatever you face in your intimate life or within yourself requires much courage and stamina to successfully navigate. Keep pushing through and willingly face whatever fears emerge for you now.

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Cancer Rising

The doors of perception are popping off for you with this Full Moon in Pisces. There’s a strong “exotic” and “spiritual” quality to it, and you can certainly use this energy to gain access to new layers of reality and perception, especially if you’ve been working hard at trying to understand something or adjusting your personal philosophy/cosmology/guiding truth. What you glimpse with this Full Moon is not a mental or intellectual understanding, but purely experiential and quite likely beyond words. Keep that mind because if you’re trying to gain clarity right now or think you’ve just discovered the “ultimate truth”/secrets to the universe, think again. You can certainly reach a new level of awareness and understanding at this point if you’ve already put some effort into it, but be careful about newly discovered philosophies. You might be a little susceptible to the latest ideological craze and you’ll need to step back from the sermon and second guess the message a few times.

Consider whether or not you’ll still be a believer one week from now. That’s when reality is likely to kick in, so use some caution, common sense, and discernment with things that are currently coming at you from “on high”. The positive end of this Full Moon allows you to momentarily dissolve your usual routines and social parameters, to get a taste of what lies beyond your familiar boundaries. If anything, you’ll be feeling restless with the same day-to-day experiences for a few days and might be tempted to explore a little or expose yourself to something out of the ordinary. It’s times like these that you realize just how limited your perception can become when stuck to one place or attached to the same beliefs. This Full Moon will hopefully awaken you to the possibility that there’s a lot more out there. If that’s a new realization for you, don’t just jump on the next flight. Wait a week or two and reassess how you feel about it.

Mercury moves back into Virgo on Sep. 9 after its three week retrograde cycle through most of this sign. The past few weeks may have been a time where you had to rework your communicative style, deal with some mixed messages/travel delays, or go back/resolve past misconceptions. With Mars now in Virgo too, from now until late Oct. could be a little busier than usual. Expect an influx of activity and information coming at you from various sources. You’re being exposed to a lot of data and you’ll have to do your best to digest and make sense of it. Especially with Mars moving through Virgo too, this incites your curiosity and desire for increased interactions. Just be mindful of overwhelming other people with all of this new info and ideas. Also watch out for abrasiveness and argumentativeness. You have considerable verbal and mental power right now, but it might be wise to avoid disputes for now.

The last quarter Moon in Gemini on Sep. 12 makes an opposition to Saturn. Consider that any lofty ideals or “higher than thou” attitudes brought on by the Full Moon could run into a serious reality check. This can also be a rather uncomfortable day where you’ll be pressured to integrate challenging new insights/information and refocus/adjust some priorities. With Saturn moving through Sagittarius since 2012, your work/health/daily life has likely undergone some difficult changes and growing spurts. With the last quarter Moon hitting Saturn and waning into the New Moon, use this day to gain insight about your current process and release/let go of ideas, perceptions, and information that’s preventing you from growing and moving forward. There’s likely to be a tendency to escape or avoid dealing with what you don’t want to hear, but you’ll miss out on some valuable learning experiences.

Mercury conjoins Mars on Sep. 16 leading right into the New Moon in Virgo just three days later. Be mindful of verbal disputes/arguments or trying to force your view or opinion too harshly on others. Instead, open your mind to any perspectives that differ or challenge your own. While defending your position isn’t necessarily a bad thing, consider how far you need to take it to avoid creating upset or tension in your immediate environment. Engage your curiosity now more than ever. The New Moon on Sep. 19 will bring a fresh new start for you that will help you clear your mind and make space for new insights, teachings, and perceptions. Consider for a few days whether your opinions are really worth fighting for, or whether you’ve just come to identify with them too strongly. This will be a very mentally and intellectually stimulating time of the month which can you use to articulate yourself more effectively.

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Leo Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

This Full Moon enlivens your interest in anything obscure, taboo, or socially forbidden. Naturally, you could get into some trouble here if you aren’t careful. Be cautious about how vulnerable you make yourself over the next few days, and who exactly you choose to open yourself up to. Stick to people you trust and know well, and use this energy to peer down the rabbit hole from a safe distance. You don’t want to involve yourself in things too far out of your comfort zone. You can easily underestimate what you can handle. New experiences that have the potential to take you beyond yourself may be intriguing, but following through now may not be the best option. Fleeting visions, ideas, and inspiration are best entertained and acted on later. But if you’ve been preparing for a vision quest, or working on some deep, shamanic healing, this Full Moon can correlate with truly powerful breakthroughs in consciousness and perception.

Your probing and digging can really pay off, opening new vistas of reality that you’ve likely thought about, but couldn’t fully comprehend until now. Also, if you can manage without it for a few weeks, it might be best to hold off on taking out a loan or borrowing some valuable object from a friend for the moment. You might overestimate what you can handle or idealize the situation/object beyond its realistic limitations. This Full Moon can bring about deeper intimacy/sexual connection with established relational bonds, profound personal/psychological insights, heightened psychic awareness/sensitivity, and altered states of consciousness. If you can be mindful of what and who you surround yourself with at the height of this Full Moon, you should be able to gain access to positive insights and experiences. If anything, you may just find yourself more interested in life’s mysteries and secrets for a few days.

With the Sun trine Pluto just after this Full Moon, you’ll find it easier to see deeper into yourself and current situations. Depth and authenticity are going to be more important to you than any superficial exchanges. Mercury re-enters Virgo on Sep. 9 after its three week retrograde through most of this sign. This Mercury retrograde cycle may have changed some cash flow or related to an awareness/realization of new income sources and valuables. If not financially related, you may have undergone a brief process of personal revaluation which hopefully left you with a boosted confidence and self-assurance. Expect that money and personal value will be more relevant for you until the end of Oct. With Mars here most of that time, you’re likely to find yourself in “survival mode” more than you usually would. That’s great if you’re in need of some extra stamina to go after what you want, but bad if you get too aggressive or impulsive. Be extra mindful of your spending habits at this time, and whether any disputes or arguments over resources are really worth fighting for.

The Sun squares Saturn on Sep. 13 which can feel like hitting a brick wall if you’ve been slacking off or putting off some responsibilities. The Full Moon one week before this aspect will make you a bit disinterested in practical reality, but the middle of Sep. is ideal for getting yourself back on track on refocusing on your priorities. You’ve probably been a little idealistic about your capabilities and self-image, but this aspect will help you make a more realistic assessment of things. This is also a good time for working on creative projects or displaying your work if you’re in need of critique and feedback. This can also be a challenging few days if you have kids or are involved with children, as they’re likely to hit some triggers. Overall, use this time of the month to focus your time and energy on things that require extra patience, discipline, and follow through. Toughen up your boundaries and adjust your approach.

Mercury conjoins Mars on Sep. 16 in Virgo. Again, this aspect can flare up disputes or arguments in relation to money/resources/objects. If you’ve come to identify yourself with some external symbol, you may want to bring some awareness to that reality now if you want to avoid petty disputes. Any conflicts or issues you’re dealing with now will likely pass in several days, so don’t get too caught up or stressed over it. Use this time to begin implementing a new money/resource strategy, put energy into moving/organizing some of your finances, and making space for new energy to flow in here. It’s important to clear your mind of present matters so that you can be ready for new changes and setting financial intentions with the New Moon on Sep. 19. On or after that point, much of what you may be presently struggling with will begin to show signs of resolution and more positive developments will come soon.

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Virgo Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

You’ll need to be extra careful communicating with partners for a few days surrounding this Full Moon. Misunderstandings and misperceptions are highly likely. This may impact not only your love relationships but also some platonic and even professional partnerships too. This isn’t a good time for entering into serious negotiations either. It might be wise to hold off on receiving legal advice or beginning a new relationship right about now. You or the other person may not be clear enough to really understand what each other needs from a partnership, and disappointment or vagueness of purpose can result. However, if you’ve been working on a relationship up until this point, consider this an ideal moment for soul-bonding and a connection to that person you haven’t quite experienced before.

This Full Moon in Pisces favors moments of eternity, intimate eye contact, or connecting with “soul mates” who serve to nourish you both spiritually and emotionally. Hard work done within any partnership can show results thereby elevating your connection to a whole new level. This can be a particularly emotional Full Moon which opens new doors of perception and feeling with someone you deeply trust. But trust is something you must also seriously assess now. It’s possible that you may come to realize something about a partner that’s somehow evaded your attention up until this point. Can you really trust everyone you hold dear to your heart? Are you seeing those you love clearly and realistically? Question all of your assumptions and delusions right now, and release any ideals over the next two weeks that don’t match up with reality.

Around Sep. 12, your ruling planet Mercury re-enters your rising sign, precipitating a new beginning for you in several ways. With Mars and the Sun now moving through Virgo too, this is your season to take the lead, initiate new directions/projects, and assert your willpower more than you usually can. With Mercury retrograde in Virgo through much of August and early Sep., you’ve been given a new perception and awareness of your true power and ability to lead/direct your own life. This may have gifted you a much better understanding of your present choices and the decisions on the table. Much of this is reminding you of the freedom you presently have to make some significant changes. With Mars moving through Virgo until late Oct. you’ll need to step up and assert yourself on your own terms. Don’t expect anyone else to do the work for you. If you want something to change now, then realize you have to take those first steps or make the first moves.

With Mars now moving through Virgo, you’ll also need to be aware of the power and influence you have right now. You may be more accident prone than usual, so be extra mindful of your actions right now. This “warrior” energy infiltrating your rising sign gives you an extra boost of strength and force that could turn harmful if you’re not careful. Also consider how you’re coming off to others at this time. If you’re harboring unresolved anger or frustration, it could come out when you least expect it and end up negatively impacting someone else. This new power you have at your disposal might still be a little awkward and uncertain for you, but the New Moon in just two weeks will relate to a new chapter and fresh energy coming in that you can use to enhance your personal style and presentation.

You’ll need to be particularly cautious around Sep. 16 when Mercury conjoins Mars in Virgo. Again, any unresolved frustration/anger could really flare up here. You might notice an enhanced communicative power that can make a significant impact, but can also trigger arguments too. The days surrounding this conjunction serve to awaken you to your deeper power and capacity to take charge of certain situations in your life. This isn’t a time to step back and let anyone else control or lead you. This your season to put yourself forward, but remember that you’ll have to do this mindfully, so that you don’t come off too strong or abrasive. There is a delicate dance between too much and not enough force. Gather your courage and strength now more than ever, and step up to something you’ve been afraid to do or face. From Sep. 16 to the New Moon Sep. 19 is your moment here. 

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Libra Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

Anticipate a busier than usual few days surrounding this Full Moon. There’s likely to be a sense that things are coming to a head or a state of completion in a your work, job, and health practices. This is a high point in your year where you’ll be pressured a little more than usual to get yourself together on several levels which may correlate with an increase in duties/responsibilities/expectations. With Neptune conjunct the Full Moon, you may be subject to exaggerating health issues. If you’re prone to hypochondria, be weary of jumping to irrational conclusions here. Be cautious of where your mind takes you the next few days. Whatever work you’ve already accomplished with your job or health situation, you’re likely to see some results now, though that may not be so obvious at first glance.

This isn’t, however, the time to begin a new work project/job or start off on a new diet or wellness plan. The problem is that you’re not likely to have a clear picture of what you need to accomplish just yet. This is a moment for attaining an ideal of where you see yourself next, and getting your intentions aligned with it. You can more readily gain inspiration, but diving in now while the water is still murky may not be the best option. Consider the reality of what you want to accomplish. Meditate on your goals and expectations with this Full Moon. Give yourself roughly two weeks until the New Moon in Virgo to make a decision. From this Full Moon to the New Moon is perfect for releasing health or work practices that aren’t productive or that may be harmful to you.

Mercury re-enters Virgo on Sep. 9, joining both Mars and the Sun here. Mercury went retrograde in Virgo for the past three weeks, which likely changed your perception of reality on many levels. It may have reawakened your connection to “magical” or “spiritual” realities, or it may have revealed information and insight that you weren’t consciously aware of. With so much emphasis in Virgo here, this is your personal season for releasing excess baggage from your life. This region of your horoscope is not easy or always pleasant to deal with, but not dealing with any issues that are arising now will likely get worse later on. Until the end of Oct., this is your season for the release of habits and perceptions that are blocking your connection to authentic spiritual experiences, creating more space for new beginnings that will emerge toward the latter end of Oct. and early Nov.

Your ruler Venus makes a trine to Saturn around Sep. 12. Look out for allies/connections/friends that can help you with goal setting or future planning. This harmonious aspect from Venus is also an ideal time for cultivating self-discipline/restraint or otherwise getting some priorities realigned for yourself. This may also be a more “sociable” time for you, but connections made now are likely to be with people from a different social hierarchy than yourself, or who may serve a purely practical purpose in your life. The part of the month is also ideal for study, research, or writing. Focus and concentration are likely to be greatly enhanced now, so look for activities where you could make good use of this.

Sep. 15-17 is also quite active, with Venus making a sextile to Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Mars, and Venus trine Uranus. You’ll need to be exceptionally mindful of your actions at the time, especially around Sep. 16, though these “positive” aspects between outer planets and your ruler Venus will probably lessen any potential conflicts/disputes that could arise from Mercury and Mars. This part of the month again may confront you with information that you might find uncomfortable or difficult to deal with. Venus sextile Jupiter can help you implement new changes needed, and a trine to Uranus can free you from stagnant patterns and behaviors. Consider also that there’s a lot of things these two weeks that you need to become aware of, so second guess yourself and your reality a little more from now on.

Scorpio Glyph-Resized.png

Scorpio Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

Creative inspiration and romantic idealization get a significant boost with this Full Moon, but you need to be mindful of a few things here. You’re likely to be feeling some romantic/sexual longing and creative surges with this lunar culmination, but it’s not the best time for diving into a new love relationship or trying to implement a creative project. What’s more possible is that such things have already been set into motion, and this your chance to bring those situations to a close/completion or otherwise gain more clarity about them. Delusions brought about by infatuation affect just about everyone, even if they think they’re totally immune. Be really careful about how much stock you place in that department for the next few days here. You might also notice an increased desire to let loose and play the field, which is fine, but don’t expect anything of substance to come from it.

Your imagination might be running on autopilot, which is great if you’re in need of a quick escape, excitement, or a fleeting fling. Indulge in some playtime. Hanging out with children might also be really appealing too, helping to awaken your inner child and give you a momentary break from the practical and mundane limitations. Approach all situations right now in the spirit of play and let things unfold spontaneously. You’re likely to find a lot of other people around you who are on the same page, so there’s no shame in having a little fun or making space for recreation. There is a tendency to get lost in your own world here too, which is fine for a few days, but just be mindful that you don’t get too carried away, or wake up with a week long hangover.

Mercury moves back into Virgo on Sep. 9 after its three week retrograde cycle. That may have correlated with an alteration of certain dreams, goals, and perhaps a new look at certain friendships and social circles. It may have been difficult for a while to realistically plan ahead because it probably seemed like too much was up in the air. Now with both Mars and Mercury moving through Virgo, much of those suspended possibilities have hit the ground, allowing you to implement a more certain strategy for yourself and your future. But still, take your time with this. Don’t feel pressured to have a flawless game plan just yet. In just two weeks, the New Moon in Virgo is an excellent starting point and it’ll be more possible to get everyone else on board at that time. Expect to be in this forward thinking mode until the latter end of Oct. at which point you’ll need to take a break and seek out some solitude. Until then, consider this a highly active time for socializing, networking, and thinking about future potentials.

Mercury conjoins Mars (once again) on Sep. 16 just days before the New Moon. You’ll need to be on the lookout for conflicts and disputes with friends, groups, or organizations. An increased assertiveness to voice your vision could trigger upset in others who don’t see what you see. But this conjunction also gives you some much needed passion and enthusiasm to begin taking steps toward the actualization of your vision, which is perfect timing for the New Moon just three days later. While you’ll greatly benefit from the input, feedback, and advice from those you may have to collaborate with, don’t get caught up in petty disputes or erroneous issues. Say what you need to say, and then back off and let others sort themselves out.

This is also a high point for seeking validation and support for your particular cause. As I mentioned above, you’ll be putting a lot more energy and attention on what other people think right now. While that’s not always a good thing in excess, it’s your personal season for joining group efforts or seeking support and assistance. With Mercury conjoining your ruler Mars towards the end of the Moon’s waning phase, this gives you considerable verbal power and mental stamina which can help you in mingling, schmoozing, and expressing your passions to a larger sphere than those you would usually associate with. Feel free to voice your opinion, just don’t expect that everyone is going to agree with it and deflect arguments to the best of your ability.

Sagittarius Glyph-Resized.png

Sagittarius Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

Understanding the fine line between self-awareness and self-deception is critical for you with this Full Moon, as it opens portals within your psyche revealing insight and realizations that have previously laid hidden. You may feel pulled in two divergent directions, both of which need equal attention but one may overpower the other for a few days. You’ll need to be particularly mindful of obsessions and chronic self-absorption that can isolate or otherwise prevent you from connecting with the outer world. You may have a dream or ideal pop up in relation to your living situation/home life and seek to make it happen. That might not be the best idea. Daydreaming is great, but making the dream a reality may not pan out as you expect.

Exaggeration of certain domestic life/family relations is a possibility too. There’s a tendency to hastily jump to conclusions without really investigating further. If you take this advice into consideration, than you’ll use this Full Moon to access an awareness of yourself and intimate partners that serves to deepen your trust and understanding of the universe. The Full Moon is illuminating your cosmic family, helping you deepen your connections and more authentically connect with yourself and others. While there’s actually a lot going on for you in the outer world, use the few days before and after this Full Moon to recharge, meditate, and soak in this desire for introversion and bonding. The next two weeks can help you rid yourself of all self-deception and clear up any confusion/mixed-messages on the homefront.

With Mercury re-entering Virgo on Sep. 9, you’re life is slowly getting back to normal after that retrograde/eclipse saga, and you’re in a much better position now to take some bold steps in the pursuit of your larger mission. Career/professional matters are going to be hugely important for the next several weeks until the latter end of Oct. Big promotional/PR moves might not be possible or ideal until on or after the New Moon in just two weeks (Sep. 19), but you can start thinking, brainstorming, planning, or otherwise get it together now. With Mars already in your “career” region, you’re likely feeling a surge of ambition and aggressiveness which is great for climbing to the top. The last few weeks of Mercury retrograde likely changed your perspective of your higher mission/career strategies, and now you’re ready for putting all of this new awareness into action or at least seriously thinking about it.

Venus sextile Jupiter (your ruling planet) on Sep. 15 can enliven your friendships/connections and gift you with new perspectives, dreams, goals, and excitement. The days surrounding this are excellent for making a good impression too, giving you some extra charisma and chutzpah. With Jupiter transiting your “friendship/future planning” region, you’ve likely experienced an expansion of your social circle alongside a widening scope of future potentials. Venus can help further incite this, either through social meetups or a creative/artistic vision that serves to help you imagine new possibilities on the horizon.

Mercury conjunct Mars on Sep. 16 is a great starting point for initiating some significant career/mission/professional moves and will carry some significant momentum through the New Moon just a few days later. Surprisingly, it may also correlate with some poignant new connections needed to further your career goals. Put yourself out there (sending out resumes or asserting your need for promotions), but also be mindful of conflicts or increased competitiveness with those striving for the same goals as you. Back away or deflect disputes as best you can as engagement could put a damper on your reputation. But this conjunction gives you some significant weight that you can use to become more publicly vocal thereby extending your impact on the larger community.

Capricorn Glyph-Resized.png

Capricorn Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

Getting the facts together now could be a challenge as it seems that a lot of information is coming at you at the moment, most of which you can’t be fully confident in its validity. Insight, inspiration, and creative ideas may be forthcoming too, but it may be wise to hold back from taking off with them for the time being. This Full Moon may correlate with an increase in activity, travel, or verbal exchange. What you should focus on now is making sure everyone is on the same page, which may require some reiteration of the information you’re actually certain of, and discarding anything that doesn’t feel right to you. Discerning facts from fantasies may be hard, but that’s likely to be the best use of your time right now. Use the next two weeks to gradually let go of dubious perceptions and beliefs.

This is also a high point in your year where you can clear up misconceptions, put an end to lengthy email chains, or finish up any business you have with current contacts. Be mindful of creating more confusion or spreading information that you aren’t entirely certain of. You also run the risk of getting distracted in ungrounded pursuits, ideas, and activities that just end up wasting your time and energy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, step back from the activity and take some time to meditate (however you do that). If you can clear your head and distance yourself from too much info overload, you’ll make better judgements and increase receptivity to your intuitive side.

Mercury re-enters Virgo on Sep. 9, joining both the Sun and Mars. It’s possible that you’re now feeling the need to step outside of your usual bubble, change up some routines, and explore a little more. You’re attracting to yourself opportunities that could further challenge your beliefs and perceptions, expanding your view of the world. With Mars here too, you’re probably feeling a little bolder, braver, and willing to try something new. This “adventurous” phase will last until the latter end of Oct, so this is your season for stepping out of your perceptual box. But also be mindful of a tendency to defend your own biases and ideologies to the point that you’re unable to take in any other perspective (or seriously offend another person). This boldness that’s arising within you can take you to some exciting places, but it can also inflame dogmatism. If you’re prone to that, then be extra cautious of your impulses and reactions.

Venus makes a trine to your ruler Saturn on Sep. 12 followed by a square from the Sun on Sep. 13. The days surrounding these dates can open you up to deeper levels of feeling and awareness. Venus’ trine to Saturn can be helpful in deepening your trust and understanding of numinous realities. It can also bring about intimate connections that help you feel connected to something larger than yourself. This is an ideal moment to let down your guard and give yourself permission to be more vulnerable and honest. The Sun’s square the following day can confront you with shocking insights and perspectives which can significantly alter your state of consciousness. Avoid the temptation to resist what you don’t understand, and instead seek to build bridges instead of walls.

Mercury conjoins Mars on Sep. 16 which can amplify restlessness and risk taking. As mentioned above, you’ll need to be extra mindful of getting caught up in ideological conflicts fueled by differences of opinion. This isn’t an ideal time to force an issue or otherwise attempt to shove your perspective in someone’s face. Such tendencies often reflect an insecurity in your views, and what you’re really after is confirmation/validation of your beliefs. You may also find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s crusade and it would be wise to deflect as much as you can. Instead, use this energy to listen and take in new viewpoints and perspectives. This is a significant new beginning for further discovery and more expansive experience.

Aquarius Glyph-Resized.png

Aquarius Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

You might notice some financial situations coming to a head alongside this Full Moon. This is your seasonal cycle to collect the fruits of your present efforts and effectively bring closure to any pending transactions. This is also a high point in the year that gives you greater confidence as well as revealing your strongest resources thereby amplifying your sense of personal value and inner strength. The solar eclipse has now passed, which is likely to symbolize some significant changes and transitions with key relationships in your life. This Full Moon draws your attention to your resource base or your overall self-worth. It has the capacity to greatly inspire you and give you new, creative ways of improving how you feel about yourself or otherwise enhancing the flow of money and valuables.

Do be cautious, however, of investing in things that you’re uncertain about or that appear too enticing to pass up in a moment of impulse. The risk of deception or overtly idealizing the situation is strong now. Also, while you may notice a higher than usual financial tide emerging, do be realistic of your current situation here and be wary of overestimating what you can actually afford. You’re in a cycle that can help you more clearly and realistically define your goals, dreams, and objectives, and if you ignore your intuition or common sense, you run the risk of letting precious and valuable resources vanish as quickly as they arrived. Get creative, and look for insight or inspirational messages that can help guide you to greater self-sufficiency without losing sight of your need for help and collaboration.

Mercury is now shifting into back into Virgo after a three week retrograde process. This has likely given you a new perspective on joint-financial entanglements as well as deeper psychological awareness. You may also have a renewed perception of your own mortality and a greater sense of how quickly life goes by, and how quickly it can end. That might sound a little morbid, but with Mercury, Mars, and the Sun currently transiting Virgo, this is your season to explore these deeper topics and deal with issues that you’ve been afraid of looking into. For the next several weeks, you’ll have the capacity to openly discuss sensitive subjects with intimate partners which has the capacity to deepen your trust in another person. This is also high season for exploring any interest in occult subject matter.

Venus makes a trine to your ruler Saturn on Sep. 12 followed by the Sun squaring Saturn on Sep. 13. With Venus in Leo, this is a good time to patch up past relational conflicts/tensions, meet new people, and strengthen pre-existing bonds. Around these two dates, look for a partner, friend, or professional colleague who can help you with your strategies, goals, and objectives. This is also a good time for making new connections or alliances with those who are reaching for the same things as you. This supportive aspect can also strengthen your style and presentation, making you more attractive or otherwise enticing to anyone you’re trying to impress. The Sun’s square to Saturn may correlate with a few days where insight or honest assessments from an intimate partner could help you more clearly define your current dream.

That may come about through the emergence of tensions, or the awareness of disparities between your personal values and those of someone you trust. If you trust them well enough, then consider that they might have useful advice and insight. But be mindful of the power you give to anyone else. Take in their perspective, but if it ends with you completely giving up or feeling hopeless about your future, than that person is likely trying to sabotage your efforts. Mercury conjunct Mars on Sep. 19, can ignite some relational conflicts, but if you’re mindful of this, you can deflect personal attacks or arguments by withholding impulsive reactions and analyzing the source of these reactions. That’s really what these next two weeks are all about: learning more about yourself as reflected in another, and openly discussing/resolving tensions in joint financial as well as sexual relationships.

Pisces Glyph-Resized.png

Pisces Rising

September 6- September 19, 2017

You may be feeling some slight pressure with this Full Moon since it symbolizes a moment that’s ideal for bringing projects or developing situations to a culmination. This is also a high point for you this year for asserting yourself and taking the lead in various aspects of your life. This momentary confidence can help you step out more and let the world know what you’re doing and who you are. With the solar eclipse now behind you, you’re on a new path with your work/job and health/wellness routines. You may notice some significant changes developing with your techniques, daily tasks, and work situation. The past few weeks may have been busier for you than normal, or a significantly active period for improving yourself and your life on many levels.

As you step into this Full Moon it invites you to seek some closure and completion of some of that hard work you’ve been investing in. You can apply finishing touches and pull your projects closer to their idealized form. Be on the lookout also for a guiding vision or an inspirational push that can help keep you going and moving forward. But the traps of this Full Moon lie in the temptation to represent yourself inauthentically, promising more than you can deliver, or getting too distracted that you let this powerful moment pass and dissipate like an ephemeral, cumulus cloud. If you’re feeling any uncertainty or hesitation, hold off on jumping too quick or beginning anything that sounds too good to be true. Realistically assess the situation, give yourself some time, and you’ll be more sure of yourself by the New Moon. The next two weeks can help you get your overall package together and pull critical elements to a finished and polished look and style.

Over the next two weeks you’ll notice a gradual shift of focus from mundane daily tasks to your interactions with other people. Those new projects, work, and health changes will continue on in the background, but now you’re starting to focus more on your relationships and creating rapport with those whom you rely on for support. Mars has recently moved into Virgo, followed by Mercury on Sep. 9. Now that Mercury is direct and returning to this region of your chart, you should have a different perspective of key people in your life. Throughout the retrograde period, you’ve likely had a change of heart and now see certain relationships from a new vantage point.

That may have related to a period of making adjustments in the time and energy you give to people and focusing more on your own personal development and life improvements. Now it’s time to get back into the action, make some decisions, and have some conversations that you’ve been putting off. The missing information and insights you’ve needed are available to you, and now that you’re better informed, you can implement these inner changes in your external life with better success. All of this is building up to the days surrounding Sep. 16, which can help you test out your boundaries in real life, but can also stir up some verbal conflict with significant partners.

Also be on the lookout for other people trying to pick a fight or push an issue to a point of flaring and inflaming arguments. Consider what’s really worth fighting for and either proceed with caution, or deflect the argument to avoid an unproductive debate. But this certainly isn’t a time to avoid resolving tensions in your relationships. This conjunction can help ignite a new beginning for a more active and assertive role in your partnerships, giving you the strength to assert your needs directly. All in all, you’ll be feeling a strong pull to put yourself out there as well, which can help you make connections and begin new alliances. The New Moon in just two weeks will signify the start of a new chapter in all of your current and emerging partnerships.