Aries Rising Forecast July 23, 2017- August 7, 2017

Aries Rising

You may be feeling a little more aroused than usual, and I’m not just talking about sex (though that’s certainly a possibility). The New Moon could prod your creativity into action, lending to a renewed passion for living and intentionally directed purpose. Trust this juicy vitality that’s currently emerging, but also be mindful of its true power. This is a moment to assert your need for fun, joy, playfulness, and perhaps even sexual or romantic gratification. Sounds fun, right? It certainly can be, as long as you’re careful. This is a potent new beginning for creative projects, play, recreation, or even a romantic fling. Whichever shows up for you, consider how much time you’re willing to commit to it and whether it leaves enough freedom to pursue other directions if need be. These themes will take a sudden and rapid turn by the solar eclipse on Aug 21. The seeds are being planted now.

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Mars will be in Leo from July 20 through Sept 6. There is high energy to step into your sexy, juicy self and indulge a little. Creativity, self-expression, romantic activities, or even child-like playfulness are all themes that you can devote much energy to. The Sun conjoins Mars on July 26 creating a peak buildup of these themes but also a risk of burning out. It’s possible to play too hard, so keep a steady pace and let yourself shine.

Mercury enters Virgo July 25 and will begin a lengthy stay in Virgo this year due its retrograde cycle. This will help you make some revisions in your workflow and productivity level. If you’ve been slacking off, this retrograde will get you back on track, if not, then expect some new techniques and strategies to emerge at this time.

Mercury will move back into Leo Sept 1, again highlighting your creative process. There may be some final touches to make here, as well as a last call to enjoy yourself before more work comes your way. Consider that whatever major changes or breakthroughs activated by the solar eclipse on Aug 21 will gain their most notable influence around Sept 3 through 5 with Mercury and Mars’ conjunction on the eclipse point.

Mercury re-enters Virgo Sept 11 through Oct 1 which will get you back into the groove of the daily grind.

From July 31 until Aug 27 you’ll be in a peak cycle for enjoying time with close friends and family. Consider how you can make your living space more appealing and comfortable; perhaps some redesign or sprucing up is in order. This can also help you patch up any conflicts with familiar issues.

The days surrounding Aug 2 may have you feeling a little rebellious and less compromising. Keep this in check, though feel free to explore expressing your individuality more dynamically without creating unnecessary conflict with others.

Around Aug 4 expect to find a supportive partner or friend encouraging your ambitions. When you need a boost to keep you going, look to those closest to you for a much needed pep talk.

Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse @ 15 Aquarius

This upcoming lunar eclipse will greatly alter your current dreams, goals, and strategies. You’ve been feeling this for a while, that you need a new vision to strive for. The time is ripe to finally have this vision in hand and ready to reach out for the help needed to guide your way along.