Pisces Rising Forecast August 7, 2017- August 21, 2017

Potential breakthroughs are possible if you can manage to transmute avoidance and escapism for a more direct engagement with life in its wholeness. That may require some sacrifice or loss to clear the way for something more meaningful and genuine. Several issues that have been floating in the background have evaded detection for far too long. It’s time to acknowledge that fact, and get proactive about seeking resolutions. This lunar eclipse could help bring more awareness and compassion for yourself and others, but the real test is what you do with that insight once you have it. The temptation to turn away, or go back to sleep is strong, but this is a turning point in those natural tendencies, and an opportunity for real growth to occur. Take this moment to step away from external drama so you can bask in this newfound clarity. You’ve likely been hard at work, putting a lot of energy toward self-improvement and productivity. This momentary pause is just what you need to put your efforts into perspective and further inspire you toward helpful service in the world.

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With the Sun and Mars heating up your work-flow, you’ve likely been busy with a job or work situation or making progress with a fitness or health routine. The lunar eclipse on Aug 7 gives you a chance to pause and make better sense of your efforts. Don’t get lost in this momentary interception which may tempt you to totally check out and avoid reality. Your hard work will pay off if you keep going, but simply see this moment for what it is: a way to make space for more consciousness of your current process. The solar eclipse on Aug 21 is kind of like the finish line (though that’s more of a simplification, but a useful metaphor). If you can make it to this symbolic end-point, you’ll know that you have something worth further investment and development. Don’t worry about the overall aesthetic, just put down the rough and raw effort to get the engine up and running. Venus will help you with finishing touches beginning Aug 25.

On Aug 11 look for a boost of creative or romantic stimulation. Venus is opening a conduit to your ruler Neptune, which can help you open your heart space, increasing your ability to bond and connect with lovers, friends, and partners. This also has the potential to gift you more insight and inspiration, encouraging you further on your spiritual mission, though be weary of romantic or unrealistic idealization of others. Mercury turns stationary retrograde on Aug 12. Expect increased mental focus on intimate partnerships to be highlighted around mid-August. You may have to sort through some communicative obstacles. Expect the usual Mercury retro technical/mechanical glitches, setbacks, and delays. Use this time to sort out some problems in key relationships (this includes committed relationships/professional partners/friends).

Mercury will be retrograde from Aug 12 through Sept 5. This is going to carry for you some major themes in these relationship areas. Expect trickster Mercury to throw you some challenges and realizations which will likely trip you up. The goal, however, is to shed light on certain defects and relational challenges. Open your mind to new perspectives and try putting yourself in the other person’s shoe for a while; see their side of the story. Resist the temptation to totally write them off (even if you feel they deserve it). Proper decision making is difficult under Mercury retrograde. Take this time to sort out your thoughts and gain a more well rounded perspective. Once Mercury turns direct and Mars enters Virgo at the beginning of Sept, you’ll be in a better position to take the appropriate action.

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