Aquarius Rising Forecast August 7, 2017- August 21, 2017

You’re in the midst of a personal breakthrough which could turn the tables on your ability to lead others and direct your own life. This has been brewing for a while, and now is the moment of a realization of your power. You may find that others are looking to you for direction and naturally that could be generating an immense feeling of pressure. While you’re in the heat of the moment, it’s hard knowing exactly what to do, or worse, if your choices are for everyone’s best interests. If you feel stuck, look beyond the usual parameters for insight and inspiration. You might consider a mini-vacation, not to escape any current problems, but to merely clear your head and attain a fresh perspective. If that’s not possible, look to spiritual teachings/teachers or someone more educated on your particular matter to help you see this from another angle. Also, don’t think that you’re completely alone. Look to those you trust for support and feedback. This eclipse is placing the power in your hands, but you may find collaboration to be even more effective than going it alone.

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The Sun and Mars are still charging their way through Leo, which may symbolically relate to your recent desire/need to set boundaries with intimate partners, friends, and colleagues. Conflicts are possible, as everyone seeks to take up their own space in the world (and in the situation they find themselves). We all deserve to have our own space the way we require it, but that creates complications because each requirement is different and so often incompatible. Sorting through that and finding compromise has likely been a major theme for you, but now the lunar eclipse is inviting you to call some shots and take decisive action. Your choices here will have some lasting consequences, so treat the situation with some delicacy and mindfulness. There is help out there if you actively seek it. The solar eclipse on Aug 21 is a major milestone in this current development. You have about two weeks to work through relational challenges, and then you’ll hopefully come out the other side with some stability. See this as a symbolic finish line (Venus will help patch things up beginning Aug 25).

Mercury turns retrograde on Aug 12 which may create some setbacks, delays, and difficulties in a mutually held financial situation until Sept 5. There’s probably been some issues that you haven’t been aware of, and this retrograde cycle will help you work out some kinks, obstacles, and critical defects in your current strategy. Another possibility: this cycle can also bring deeper awareness of intimacy needs and force you to look at uncomfortable matters (whether that’s relating to mortality or even personal, psychological discoveries). In other words, this is a moment to go deeper within yourself or another, trusted person and uncover a new awareness or realization. Expect the usual, technical, mechanical, and communicative obstacles with Mercury retro. Take your time to explore and experiment with insights and information.

The Sun trine your ruler Saturn on Aug 13 conjoins the Moon’s north node. There’s likely to be some much needed support from those wiser and more experienced who can offer a unique, yet practical perspective. Expect a new strategy, game plan, or dream to emerge through a partner, friend, or working relationship. How receptive you are to such input is entirely up to you, but perhaps at least listen and consider what comes to you. Then, around Aug 20, the Sun trine your secondary ruler Uranus could gift you some radical, new insights and possibilities. This creates a loose grand trine, opening up new pathways, lines of communication, and an opportunity to integrate both pragmatic and innovative solutions in your partnerships. Bottom line: expect a solid, shared strategy informed by unexpected news or information to emerge just before the next New Moon/solar eclipse.

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