Capricorn Rising Forecast August 7, 2017- August 21, 2017

What’s been building up for you the last several weeks may have involved some concern with your current financial state, or even if you’re capable of making some changes that could increase income flow thereby boosting your confidence and self-worth. This situation doesn’t just involve your own self-interests, as it’s likely that other people also have a say in the matter. You’ve had to work on some boundaries with those you’re intimately connected to. Naturally, what you face is probably more complicated than a simple decision or alteration in your strategy. Fortunately, you’ll find some opportunities arising that could help expand your reach with your professional position, thereby positively and rapidly influencing the flow of resources. If you feel stuck with the way things currently are, deeply consider some doors that are opening for you and actively take charge of the matter. But before you invest in anything, seek input from those you trust and make sure you’re on the same page.

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The Sun and Mars have been charging their way through Leo, which may relate to some potential conflicts or sorting through core values and how well they mesh with another person. Any credit or loan that you’ve acquired in the past could make their consequences felt, naturally creating some potential fear and uneasiness. Now may not be a good time to compound any problems should they exist. Take some time with this lunar eclipse to fully assess what’s happening and make sure that any existing tensions in a relationship are being actively worked on. The more you acknowledge those fears and frustrations, the deeper and more intimate your bonds will become. Also, look for some open doors or ways to promote yourself a little more. While you may not have complete freedom to make this happen, you can push the issue a little further and see what results. Hold off on borrowing more than you can handle now, as the situation is still a little unclear. The solar eclipse on Aug 21 will dramatically shift these present tensions, and from there you’ll have more information to make a more conscious choice. Once Venus enters Leo on Aug 25, you’ll be able to relax and patch up present difficulties.

Mercury begins its retrograde cycle on Aug 12, and for three weeks you’ll be invited to open your mind to new perspectives, experiences, and realities. This is a good time to take a leap in discovery. What you find has the capacity to shock you, thereby infiltrating and impacting your personal philosophy. You might feel reluctant to embrace anything impractical/irrational, but whatever shows up has some important implications and will help you gain more understanding of your place in the universe. If you’re drawn to a certain book, class, lecture, or teaching, I’d suggest taking a bite and see how it tastes. The greatest pitfalls in life have their origins in our ignorance. Facing that fact is sometimes painful, but in hindsight so rewarding. You’ll have several weeks beyond the retrograde cycle to digest these new perspectives and fit them into your life. Expect the usual technical, mechanical, and communicative obstacles. Travel delays are highly possible, so leave room for extra time and space for detours and delays should they arise.

The Sun trine your ruler Saturn on Aug 13 could lend you some support in clearing away debts or relieve the burden of accumulated guilt. This may come through a partner or a person with enough insight to enlighten you. With Saturn in Sagittarius since 2015, you’ve been in the process of releasing old patterns, dreams, and habits. Look for a new perspective on these themes, as well as extra space to reflect and detach to gain some much needed insight. Aug 15 you need to be careful of impulsive reactions or attractions. With Pluto still moving through Capricorn, you’re working through a process of better aligning your actions with who you really are, not what you’ve come to believe as a result of past trauma/abuse/imprinting. Work through any tensions in a relationship carefully, and watch your reactions mindfully. Someone could push some buttons today thereby triggering hostility, but find your center, and work to see the origin of these reactions and how the other person is merely reflecting your own issues.

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