Aquarius Rising Forecast August 21, 2017-September 6, 2017

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Freedom and personal autonomy are likely to be high priorities for you. Being true to yourself and having the space to express your authenticity is a guiding principle in your life, and so naturally dealing with other people is a challenge. There’s been a lot of emphasis on your relationships lately. Perhaps you’ve had to set some boundaries and work through some confrontational energies. It’s also possible that this current cycle has been a time in which you’ve had more energy than usual to put yourself out there, attracting partners, and asserting yourself more.

While freedom and autonomy are wonderful things for you, you’ve had to perhaps realize their limitations when overemphasized. The lunar eclipse two weeks ago likely helped you release your need to have it all your way, opening you up to the value of accepting help, assistance, and looking at the world through another person’s eyes. Consider that this total solar eclipse in Leo correlates with some major changes in your current and emerging partnerships--a breakthrough in how you relate and how you see your place in the world. Our cultural perverse worship of self-sufficiency robs us of seeing the value of inter connectivity and healthy dependencies. Accept that you don’t have to go it alone from here on out.

This total solar eclipse is a powerful statement for you on the social scene. It forms a loose grand trine with both Saturn and Uranus, highlighting the most interactive and sociable places in your whole sign chart. Saturn in Sagittarius has likely correlated with severing some connections with people who haven’t shared your true goals, visions, and dreams. In reaching out, you’ve probably met a lot of closed groups and exclusive networks that have given you a rather cold shoulder.

The reality is that you can’t join a shared vision is you aren’t clear about your own. And your own dream is really important now, and something you can put a lot of effort into solidifying. Uranus in Aries has been liberating you from boring, mechanical conversations, inciting within you the freedom to explore new perspectives, radical information, and more engaging topics for inquiry. All of this comes together with this solar eclipse, gifting you the ability to step into a new relational role with others, and discover ways to add passionate and joyful engagement in your communicative and relational interactions. Use this solar eclipse to reach out more, follow exciting research paths, and gather input from others to help solidify your goals and objectives. The more you reach beyond yourself, the more you’ll get out of this process.

The Sun enters Virgo on Aug 22 and will help you deepen your partnerships over the next month until the equinox mid-Sept. This solar transit through Virgo will give you an increased interest in understanding the psychological complexity of other people in your life, as well as how that’s reflected within yourself. This is also the season for indulging your curiosity for taboo subject matter, such as sexuality or occultism.

Your awareness is becoming more attuned to what lies beneath the surface of your life and relationships, helping you uncover the root causes of impulses or motivations. With Mercury still retrograde, consider that you’re having to work out any difficulties, kinks, or breakdowns with mutually shared finances or resources. It might not be an ideal time to commit to a loan or lending out to others. This is a time to gain more clarity about your situation and not compound any preexisting problems. Be mindful of impulsive communication that could clash with someone you work with around Aug 24. Venus squaring Uranus (your modern ruler) might trigger upset if you push too hard or force the issue.

Venus enters Leo around Aug 25, which is a highly fortunate time for relationships and can even assist you in mending any upset created over the last few weeks. Until Sept 19, Venus in Leo can help with dating or otherwise improving current partnerships. If you’re on the market for a new lover, friend, or professional relationship, consider this the season. If you need to make peace with someone or at least find some compromise or common ground, consider Venus a helpful ally for you.

Saturn also stations direct around this time, which always creates some collective heaviness and potential despair. Don’t worry, because this fleeting transit will not last long. As mentioned, Saturn is helping you to more clearly define your vision, guiding dream, or finding groups more suited to who you are. This moment could present some discouragement or even frustration with the reality of current goals, but dig deep and find your strength to keep dreaming big and looking forward to the next horizon. You’re ready to start sharing your gifts and accomplishments again with the world, you just need to narrow down the appropriate market and audience.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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