Pisces Rising Forecast August 21, 2017- September 6, 2017

It’s possible that you’ve been putting a lot more effort into daily, mundane tasks. Perhaps you’ve been consumed in a creative process, or busy working toward gaining more visibility for what you do. Your efforts are likely to be applied to enhancing performance, skill, technique, competence and usefulness. That is to say, you’ve had a lot of energy to direct toward creating a more lively working environment, also suffusing passion and creativity into it. Maybe you’ve equally found extra enthusiasm toward furthering a health or fitness routine, if not just dedicating yourself more to healthy eating habits.

This total solar eclipse in Leo represents a significant new beginning in which you can move beyond escapist tendencies and become more productive and dedicated to helping others. You’re passing a critical threshold here. Beyond this eclipse is a new path forward, and one in which you’ll have to dedicate your time and energy from here on out. New beginnings are always exciting, but the reality is that what we commit to has to stick. Your challenge is to keep pushing yourself forward and remember the excitement of this moment whenever you feel discouraged.

The total solar eclipse in Leo forms a loose grand trine with Uranus and Saturn, highlighting the “mundane” regions of your chart, which symbolizes a significant new beginning for your job, career, and income flow. Uranus transiting Aries since 2011 has been seeking to liberate you from a onerous means of making a living, freeing you from becoming a robotic zombie slave. Saturn in Sagittarius has probably closed a lot of doors in your face, creating some frustration about your higher purpose and mission.

While difficult, Saturn is helping you to make your dream, mission, career goals realistic. That requires some sacrifice and lost opportunities to narrow down your focus. Not easy to navigate. But this epic grand trine alongside this solar eclipse is a game changer for sure. It’s opening new possibilities for you--a time to trust your own creativity in building a more secure place for yourself that’s equally aligned with who you really are.

If you want to liberate yourself from the robot zombie fate, you’ll have to keep working really hard to maintain this momentum from here on out. Right now, there’s an open channel for you if you take advantage of it. Don’t sit back now and let all this juicy, creative energy dissipate (it certainly will). Use these current advantages to your advantage. At the heart of this is an epic change and breakthrough in your daily grind, so keep on grinding.

Mercury is still retrograde until Sept 5 and on Aug 22 the Moon joins in on this retro party in Virgo. This cycle is about revising your relational strategies, and it's probably changed the flow of energy in several key relationships (either platonic, love related, or even professional). The Moon here puts some increased focus on these partnerships, perhaps a time to work out some kinks with these people, look at critical issues, and deal with communicative obstacles. The Sun enters Virgo around this date too, which gives you about a month of increased attention on others and a time to reach out of your personal bubble.

From now until Sept 5 might not be ideal for dating or otherwise making new commitments. Though it is possible to rekindle past connections. You perception of partners is likely to change much throughout this cycle, so don’t seek to avoid dealing with your feelings now. Use this time to work with the people already in your life, and open yourself to input, feedback, and advice. You don’t have to accept any of it, just consider what you’re receiving and decide later. You’re gradually emerging from some seasonal introversion, and beginning to step out a little more (expect this to really notably shift in early Sept.)

Saturn turns stationary direct around Aug. 25. This will ideally give you an ambitious boost and increased focus on your status, reputation, and life mission. The tides are changing in your career region right now, and if you’ve been working hard at better aligning your priorities with your responsibilities, then consider this a significant shift for pushing forward. You’ve had some time to step back and adjust your overall game plan while Saturn was retrograde, but the heat is really back on now.

You'll be feeling the pressure to get it together and stop wasting time and energy on things that aren’t helping you succeed. Saturn rewards hard work, effort, and integrity. If you’ve managed stick to that since early April, then Saturn moving forward now will help you along. If not, consider this moment a harsh confrontation with reality. Wherever you are, this part of the month will still feel heavy, and you can easily get discouraged. Don’t give into depression, despair, or feeling like you can’t handle what you’ve set out to accomplish. Use this to reorient yourself and find the inner strength to continue.  Venus enters Leo here too, which will help you add finishing touches to your projects and any changes you’ve made to your work, job, or health routine.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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