Aries Rising Forecast August 7, 2017- August 21, 2017

Your “scene” is starting to shift and change. By that I mean your network of support, which may encompass casual friends, groups, organizations, or communities. You may find that a building unfulfillment has been making itself known to you. This doesn’t suggest to cut everyone off, or to throw out all shared, visions, strategies, goals, or ideologies, but that you need to give more space to you. Sometimes, we get so caught up in what everyone else thinks, or in contributing to a larger cause or movement, that our own means of expression and action gets neglected. You have a creative power deep inside you that doesn’t need approval to be valid and strong. You have fierce passions and creative solutions that only you need to hold. For now. Don’t think that you need to make a drastic decision and burn all bridges. We know how prone you are to impulsive actions. Expect much help from a partner or intimate friend to gently nudge you in the right direction. Be open to help, but it may come more from intimate connections. For now, sit in this moment, take in the realizations, and tend to your own fire. You’ll have an opportunity to see and gain better clarity of the future when you step away from the crowd and simply observe what’s happening within yourself.

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The Sun and Mars have been moving in close proximity through Leo, generating a creative, sexual, passionate movement that could be helping you spice things up, bringing more joy and vitality into your daily life. With the Sun and Mars conjunction at the end of July, you’ve been given new life, and possibly a new reason to get up out of bed in the morning with excitement. That could be a new creative project, lover, fun activity, or even a relationship with a child that works to incite your playful side. Whatever it is, consider that these themes are big for you in the moment, especially with the lunar eclipse on Aug 21. That’s a breakthrough moment for you, one that helps you to more closely align with your passion, playfulness, or even your need for creative self-expression. This lunar eclipse addresses a critical issue here: that you’ve been possibly looking too much beyond yourself for inspiration and vitality. Realize that what you need is right here, within you. When you embrace that, you’ll have more juice to push yourself right into a productive strategy that’s all your own. Expect to get more accomplished once Sept rolls around. For now, revel in this inspiration and energy a little while longer.

Mercury turns retrograde from Aug 12 through Sept 4 in Virgo. This three week process will help you rework, reorganize, and adjust a health plan, work strategy, or technique. Look closely to what you’ve been neglecting in these areas and what you’ve been ignorant of. The days surrounding those two dates (Aug 12 and Sept 4) could relate to some stagnation in your daily grind especially Aug 12. You may not have the momentum you’ve been accustomed to, but don’t fret! This too shall pass. This Mercury station is helping you to take some time to narrow and zoom in your focus and notice the faults and details you’ve been glazing over. Accept that there are critical pieces you need to acknowledge, and Mercury will help you uncover them in the right timing. While potentially frustrating, Mercury retrograde is a time to step back and reassess our actions, choices, and decisions. You don’t need to push forward with your work, health strategy, or productivity just yet. Consider that some critical elements need to be moved around and played with. With so much energy in Leo, try to approach all that emerges under this cycle with a spirit of playfulness. Expect the usual techno/mechanical hiccups, delays, and setbacks. After Mercury turns direct in early Sept and Mars enters Virgo, you’ll be more than ready to get to work. Give yourself extra time and space and you’ll be in a position for enhanced performance and productivity in no time at all.

Mars, your ruling planet makes a sextile to Jupiter on Aug 20. Consider this a brief yet poignant opportunity to make a relationship more interesting or fun. For committed partnerships, this might suggest looking for a new recreational outlet or a way to enhance a sexual bond. For friendships, this could be a fleeting inspiration to find some fun activity that you could share together. Whatever the situation, consider that there’s a need to release some tension that’s been placed in your current relationship. That might not be entirely negative, but merely just related to a restlessness. With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, you don’t need to be as focused on your usual hum drum (even if you typically love it). Use this sextile to try something fun, exciting, or even creative that could help release and give expression to any stagnant energies in your current partnerships. This may also prompt a more casual, sexual relationship into experimenting with a more committed role. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to those roles, but try it and simply see how it feels or fits.

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