Cancer Rising Forecast August 21, 2017- September 6, 2017

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There’s likely to be a significant change and new beginning developing in your self-confidence and resource base with this solar eclipse in Leo. This new opening is gifting you with opportunities to create more stability, security, and self-sufficiency, but only if you can effectively release past dependencies, drama, and the fear that prevents you from moving forward. The lunar eclipse just two weeks ago likely correlated with the awareness that it’s possible to create more autonomy for yourself and move beyond any emotional, psychological, or even financial entanglements you’ve been mired in for a while.

It’s healthy to have an awareness of the risks, dangers, and deeper motives of yourself and others, but it’s possible that you’ve been too caught up in these shadowy elements. It’s time to start making some practical, real life changes that can help you get your mind less engaged with over thinking all the things that could wrong, and looking to what could actually go right. This eclipse stands as a beacon of hope and renewed passion that could inspire you to begin taking those steps toward further acquisition of resources that will assist you in gaining the freedom you’re so desperately seeking now. Money is likely a part of it, but finding something that could bring back your confidence and self-esteem is the deeper part of this.

With a grand trine between this eclipse, Uranus, and Saturn, there’s a renewal of energy, enthusiasm, life force, and passion at the moment. All of this energy can help you take initiative and begin looking at ways to improve your self-worth, confidence, and financial state. In fact, expect some external changes to be happening around you that will catalyze movement for you. This eclipse symbolizes a significant transition, where you can finally see a clearer path and a practical strategy for yourself. The trine from Uranus in Aries to this eclipse brings about sudden, expected changes to your reputation and professional direction, changes that are likely to help you financially or otherwise get you motivated about making some logistical decisions.

This is also an ideal time to begin taking steps toward a healing process for yourself, especially if you find that you’re struggling with releasing fears that are rooted in unsettling past experiences. With Uranus moving through Aries since early 2011, your career path, mission, and communal reputation has likely undergone several transformations. All of this has helped to bring you closer to an authentic path more in alignment with who you really are. This eclipse can symbolize a major shift in this process and renewed excitement about what’s possible.

The Sun enters Virgo on Aug 22 joining Mercury retrograde in this sign. This is typically your seasonal cycle for increased activity and mental stimulation--and with Mercury retrograde here, the flow of news and information is likely shifting now too. With the Sun entering this region of your chart, you’ll be more focused on your perceptions of the world, as well as the validity of information, theories, and ideas you’ve come to believe. Especially until Sep 5, when Mercury turns direct, you’ll be reconsidering a lot of your views and possibly uncovering information that could change your outlook on present matters.

All of this conspires to gift you greater awareness of an alternative way of looking at things. As always, be mindful of technical, mechanical, and communicative breakdowns with Mercury retrograde, but especially with this cycle occurring in this “social” region of your whole sign chart. Travel delays or changes of plans are likely, as well as setbacks with certain strategies you may be trying to implement. Also, be mindful that any news or information you’ve been waiting on may not emerge as readily as you expect, so give it some more time. All of this reaches a peak on Aug 26, with the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury. After that, expect a gradual winding down of current revisions till the end of the retrograde cycle in early Sep.

Venus enters Leo on Aug 26, which could help bring some improvement to your financial state and resource base until Sep 19. This is an ideal time to make extra money, or sell something that’s been hard to market effectively. Venus in this region of your chart can make your offers more appealing or otherwise attract interested buyers. Take advantage of this cycle, as there’s likely to be some good opportunities and positive developments toward mid-Sep.

Mars enters Virgo on Sep 5, just as Mercury stations direct. Anything that’s been delayed or on hold will gradually clear up, giving you more freedom of movement and an increase in activity. With Mars in Virgo until the latter part of Oct, you’ll be feeling more restless and willing to travel or just get out of the house. Do be mindful though of overt aggressiveness in your communications. Watch how you’re coming off and careful what you say at this time.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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