Gemini Rising Forecast August 21, 2017- September 6, 2017

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You’re likely experiencing some dramatic perceptual shifts with these two eclipses. With the lunar eclipse in Aquarius just two weeks ago, you’ve been gradually stepping down from the “mountaintop” and realizing more and more the complexity of the real world. Theories, ideologies, or even philosophical stances you’ve relied upon may reveal their true validity or fall flat as you apply them to actual experience. This solar eclipse suggests that some big changes are happening in your immediate environment, deeply affecting what you do day-to-day. You’ve been rather caught up in the bigger picture--which is to suggest that you’ve been dealing with things more objectively and now it’s time to actually dig in and apply what you’ve learned.

The greatest of all classrooms is real life experiences. This is where the most wisdom, growth, and confidence comes from. You may also find that you’re needing to open up more and receive input from people whose perspectives drastically differ from your own. That might correlate with a gradual increase in open discussion which requires putting aside your preconceived ideas (or dogma) to fully digest what others have to say. Also anticipate that a short trip or journey has some significant impact on you.

This solar eclipse forms a fire grand trine, heating up the “social” regions of your whole sign chart. All in all, this suggests that some pretty dramatic changes are occurring in your social circles, friendships, and intimate partnerships. This eclipse creates accelerated movement and rapid changes which can feel as if so much is shifting that you can’t quite keep up. This has the capacity to deeply impact your overall perception of your life, as new possibilities and potentials are also opening up for you.

A close trine from Uranus in Aries could present you with a sudden realization for your future, as well as new connections that could help you get closer to accomplishing your goals. All of this has that unexpected Uranian quality, so likely to be something totally off your radar up until now. With the influence of Uranus on this solar eclipse, several past limitations you’ve placed on your present dreams can suddenly be released which can feel quite liberating. With the eclipse in Leo, this is the season to really open your mind and reassess what’s actually possible.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22 joining Mercury retrograde. This is typically your “low point” domestic (pajamas and Netflix) season. But with Mercury retrograde, it’s changing the flow of events on the home front, perhaps correlating with a reconsideration of your living situation or home environment. This is a good time to get proactive with planning or revising what your next moves (or move) could be. Don’t feel pressured to have it all figured out or take off on a whim and change everything. You still need to sort some things out and pin down the logistics. If anything, this could simply be a reorganization of your living space--and deeper, a process of connecting more to yourself and what you need to feel comfortable. Take your time with this until early Sept.

Mars entering Virgo will give some more motivation to take action or otherwise get some movement going. This current reconsideration process will reach its peak on Aug 26, with the Sun and Mercury conjunction. This is a more “inward” part of your year, a time to lay low and spend more time with yourself, close family, friends, or intimate partners. When the Sun comes to this point of your chart, you’re in need of some down time which may be counter to outward concerns and achievements. Needless to say, this isn’t a terribly ambitious period for you. But allowing yourself to recharge, and feel everything out, just might help more than you might presently think.

Just as Mercury, your ruler, begins to move stationary direct, it conjoins Mars on Sep 3. With Mars ruling both your networking/goal making/dream AND your work/health/job regions, expect some significant turning points to be happening in these above mentioned areas. Occurring at the end of Leo and activating the eclipse point (and considering Mercury the messenger is involved), anticipate some news or information regarding a health, work, or job situation to emerge that could, again, greatly change your day-to-day.

Since Mercury is still retrograde, progress or action with this may be slow going, but expect that once Mercury turns direct just a few days later, you’ll be further along your way. Also, be really mindful of the fact that you might not have 100 percent accurate information at this point. In other words, more details will be on their way. Just make sure that you don’t take everything you hear as the entirety of the situation. You’ll get a clearer picture over the next few weeks, but consider whatever pops up now to be hugely important.

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