Taurus Rising Forecast August 21, 2017- September 6, 2017

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With this last eclipse season of 2017, you’re being called inward, possibly away from the limelight. Shifts in your professional life, and changes in reputation or life mission, have forced you to go within to more deeply reflect on what’s important to you. Several areas are greatly impacted by these eclipses, but anticipate that your domestic/family life and self-awareness will be front and center, especially with this solar eclipse in Leo. It’s possible that too much focus on external achievement, success, or your public role, has perhaps caused some neglect of your soul or those that matter the most to you.

This eclipse helps to draw your attention to this most intimate and vulnerable of places because something here is about to experience pronounced shifts and changes. What you’re experiencing is a vacillation within yourself, which may greatly enhance your dream or imaginal life. The other possibility is a dramatic change in your living situation, which could feel a little unsettling. You’re embarking upon a new inward path, one that will gradually unfold beyond this eclipse point. All in all, it has the capacity to make your bonds stronger, not just with your tribal members, but also with your own unconscious reality.

With a fire grand trine created by this solar eclipse, you’re probably experiencing a significant activation of your psychic, emotional, and intimate life. There are rapid, accelerated changes happening on the subtle and most private dimensions. Naturally, it’s hard for the outer world to see exactly what’s going on. With the lunar eclipse just two weeks ago, you may have had to shift some priorities around, tending more to yourself and those closest to you. A tight trine with Uranus indicates the ability of this eclipse to revolutionize some aspects of your life, particularly your relationship to intimate partners, family, as well as your connection to your inner self.

There is much that is emerging from your unconscious at this time that has the ability to significantly alter your perception and awareness of who you really are. Naturally, much of these changes can feel uncomfortable and uncertain. You’re striking out on a new path and relationship to your inner life, and once Uranus enters your rising sign next year, you will gradually undergo a radical change in your style and decision making ability. Consider this eclipse a wake up call of your deeper potential, and the realization that a revolution has begun.

The Sun enters Virgo just after this eclipse on Aug 22. It joins Mercury which is presently retrograde in this sign too. This is an ideal season for trying out new creative approaches or tackling some parenting issues. With the Sun here the next month, and Mercury retrograde until Sep 5, you’re looking to recapture joy and playfulness in your life. The Solar Eclipse may dominate much of the energy of this process, but it too can help you gain access to your playful and creative side. This is also the “romantic” region of your chart, which could bring back past lovers, help enliven your sexuality, or relate to a change in feelings about someone you’ve been interested in.

These themes will gain more significance for you throughout Sep, especially towards the end of that month. Consider this current process a time to make adjustments, revise your perceptions, and rediscover new creative potentials within yourself. Mercury turns direct on Sep 5 followed by Mars entering Virgo. This can give you further motivation to go after what you want, whether a potential lover or creative project.

Your ruler Venus makes a square to Uranus on Aug 24, before shifting into Leo on Aug 25. Look out for the sudden emergence of news, information, or insight that could have a deep impact on your perception of reality. This may come from a transformational spiritual teaching or awareness, or may be information that initially appears as threatening. You’ll also be encouraged to try on a different style or approach when communicating with others.

It could be that any insights or information you receive are challenging to put into words. This requires the development of a new communicative approach. As Venus shifts into Leo the following day, you’ll be entering a cycle that will help patch up and resolve conflicts with family or intimate partners. This is also a high point for bonding, connecting, and making peace with those closest to you until Sep 19. You may also feel inspired to beautify your home/domestic environment, or otherwise make it more appealing for yourself.

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