Aries Rising Forecast August 21, 2017- September 6, 2017

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Your creative, romantic, or sexual life is likely to see some significant changes with this solar eclipse in Leo. You’re being called more to your creative talents, abilities, and your need for self-expression. This might require some shifting of priorities so that you can focus more your personal process and intimate life from here on out. The lunar eclipse in Aquarius two weeks ago, helped to move you beyond “group think” and inspired you to start thinking more for yourself. Naturally, that may involve a transition from excessive focus on the opinions, beliefs, or ideologies of groups, organizations, or certain friends/peer groups.

You’re stepping more into your own creative power and voice, and this eclipse symbolizes a powerful transition that will help you dig deeper into your own needs and desires. This may manifest as a new start in a current or newly developed romantic relationship. It may be a passionate new beginning in a creative project. Whatever shows up for you, expect an awakening of your playful nature--a time to let loose, dive in, and let this all unfold in its own way and style. The more you step away from the need for approval or external validation, the more you’ll be able to let loose and just have some fun.

This eclipse brings a much needed boost of passion, excitement, and joy into your life. It forms a grand trine with Uranus and Saturn, all in fire signs. This has the capacity to inspire new life and creative possibilities. With a close trine between the eclipse and Uranus, you’re being given more freedom and permission to be yourself as well as an opportunity to take the lead in the direction of your choosing. With Uranus moving through Aries since early 2011, you’ve likely undergone a radical change in your style, presentation, and your ability to take action/make choices in the world.

This has been a revolution of your personal image as well as your capacity to change the course of your life direction. New creative possibilities that are emerging now are accelerating this process for you, which will carry you into the next Uranian cycle beginning next year (which will correlate with some big changes in your financial situation over the course of several years). For now, keep making those alterations to your look and the path you’re charting for yourself. This eclipse relates to some significant shifting in the “willful” regions of your whole sign chart, and is giving you more room to take the lead, call some shots, and pursue the direction you desire.

The Sun enters Virgo on Aug 22 joining Mercury retrograde here as well. While this is typically your seasonal “productive peak” it serves to redirect work/job related priorities, uncovering issues or problems in productivity, technique, or involving a health/fitness routine. What you can expect is an increase in activity, though that may come about through an inundation of tasks or work that may not be directly related to what you’re used to. You may uncover strategies from the past, or recover dormant skills you haven’t put to use for a while.

Mercury turns direct on Sept 5 followed by Mars entering Virgo. If you’ve experienced any setbacks, delays, or a slowing down of your usual routines/workflow expect that the early part of Sep will gradually bring things back to normal. Take your time with current projects or changes in your health habits until then. Rushing or otherwise trying to force changes can be counterproductive or may result in further complications/issues later on. Also, consider that any new job offers that emerge now could be reflected on, thought over, or renegotiated further.

Your ruler Mars conjoins Mercury retrograde around Sep 3. While also in the process of turning direct, Mercury conjunct Mars activates the eclipse degree, which could relate to a creative awakening, as well a significant alteration of plans, objectives, perceptions, and thinking. Consider that you’re in the process of redefining your passion. That might look like a period of days where you’re not quite certain what you’re going after or may not have the drive or determination that you normally do.

This conjunction serves to direct your mind to new creative possibilities as well as new realities, which you can explore from now on. If you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, frustrated, or angry, this is a good time to reflect and look to the source of those feelings instead of acting them out on other people; though this can be an excellent time to give voice and expression to any pent up energies. Your vitality and willpower will return soon. Mars enters Virgo on Sep 5, at which point you’ll gradually find a new practical focus and outlet and can begin putting more time and energy into work, service, and health routines.

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