Aries Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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For a few days surrounding this Full Moon, you’re likely to feel a strong calling to lay low, even seek some solitude. There’s a lot more going on behind the veil than you may realize. In fact, much of what you’ve been doing outside of public view may begin to show itself now. If you’ve been making progress with a spiritual practice or meditative technique, it’s possible to reach a new peak or level of awareness with this Full Moon. It might be best to avoid too much external activity and action for a few days because you’ll miss out on some truly remarkable mystical experiences and insights. Things might seem a little weird, oddly synchronistic, and a bit amorphous with this lunation. You may get random psychic or intuitive hits that seemingly arise spontaneously. That’s because you’re on the verge of breaking through some barriers of perception and consciousness. That’s exciting but also a little risky.

The negative end of this Full Moon may tempt you into escapism as opposed to genuine spiritual or personal insight. That might manifest as a drinking binge, or a few days lost in a Netflix series without gaining much but mild amusement. This is a brief moment conducive for “checking out”, but be careful how far you take that. However, the next two months are likely to be rather busy for you, especially most of Sep. This Full Moon in Pisces can help you disconnect for a moment and gain some perspective on your life and current process. It can also help to enliven deeper meaning and trust in the universe, if you can transmute any tendencies toward avoidance of the issues you need to reflect on right now. And there are ways of altering your consciousness that won’t cause damage. There are things harmful to some but not necessarily you. You’re the only one that can differentiate that for yourself.

With Mars entering Virgo just before this Full Moon, and Mercury returning to Virgo on Sep. 9 after its three week retrograde cycle in Aug., there’s an increasing rise of energy available for you to expend in work/job/health matters. Mercury retrograde in the “daily grind” region of your chart last month gave you a new perspective on these issues and may have significantly altered the flow of daily tasks, chores, and activities. It could have also put a damper on your work flow and performance, and you should expect things to begin picking up again now that you have a new perspective. Up until the latter end of Oct., and particularly through most of Sep., you’re likely to be a lot more focused on getting important matters done and mundane responsibilities taken care of. Especially with Mars here, you could wind up finally cleaning out some cluttered spaces or reorganizing areas that you’ve been putting off. It may not be much fun (unless you have a lot of natal planets in Virgo), but it’s definitely time that you dealt with some critical work or health related matters so progress can be made.

In combination with this Full Moon energy, look for new ways to be of service or assistance to others, perhaps even above and beyond your day job. This constructive energy reaches a significant high point on Sep. 16 when Mars and Mercury conjoin once again. This time, they provide you with a more practical as opposed to creative or sexual lift. This is an ideal time of the year to get it together on various fronts and begin working toward self-improvement. Do be mindful of communicative conflicts potentially flaring up in your work here, and also be careful of pushing a health or fitness routine/practice past your limitations.

If you need to defend yourself in any arguments, just be mindful of whether you have much standing and how far you really want to push the matter. Aside from that, Mercury and Mars can correlate with a razor sharp focus and mental stamina to push through important tasks. Also, this is a good time to begin planning or making some first moves with a new project that requires much effort and momentum. For a few days surrounding this conjunction, look at what really needs to get done and get on it. This is a high point season for learning or further developing techniques, increasing productivity and efficiency, and utilizing your competence and skill to enhance job performance or to just improve your daily life.

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