Taurus Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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Your social scene comes to the forefront with this Full Moon in Pisces. This is a moment that can help you gather with those with a similar vision or shared goals to look forward to brighter days and back at good times passed. You may notice an influx of contacts arising that you already know or have connected with. Any networking, mingling, and schmoozing you’ve been doing is likely to pay off now with the right connections emerging when you need them most. Also, this is a significant high point in your year where you can more clearly see ahead and have a better sense of your personal goals and strategies. But with Neptune conjunct this Full Moon, you would do well to stick with connections and goals you really trust will follow through for you.

This might not be the best time to move beyond familiar groups, organizations, or to begin scheming fresh, future plans. The work you’ve already done and the dreams you’ve already pulled into conscious view, are what will bear the most fruit for you right now. You’re susceptible to losing your unique vision in a morass of new views and perspectives, so avoid veering off from your trusted sources and allies, no matter how tempting that may be right now. You want to surround yourself with others who help to reinforce your current goals and not further confuse them. This is also a great time for a shared vision quest or spiritual journey with others who can support those experiences.

Mercury is slowly picking up speed after its three week retrograde cycle through most of Aug. With Mars moving into Virgo just before this Full Moon, and Mercury in Virgo on Sep. 9, you’re probably in need of some playtime, and now until the latter end of Oct. is perfect for just that. With the Sun in Virgo too, you have until the equinox (Sep. 22) to focus a lot of energy on recreation, amusement, or possible sexual fling/reawakening. With Mercury retrograde in this region of your chart, you’ve had some time to re-evaluate romantic/sexual relationships, parenting issues, as well as a creative process. If you have kids, you can use this time find outlets for expending any excess energy/enthusiasm, maybe joining in on some activities yourself. This is your season to indulge yourself, so enjoy it as much as you can or is possible for you..

Until the next New Moon, your ruler Venus makes a series of harmonious aspects to several planets which is highly auspicious for getting what you want, but can lend to some exceptional laziness. But the universe seems to be conspiring to give you a bit of a break, and if you’re wise, you’ll take advantage of any opportunities that pop up for over the next two weeks and even beyond (we’ll discuss those with the next forecast). Venus trines Saturn Sep. 12, sextiles Jupiter Sep. 15, and trines Uranus Sep. 17. Consider that with Venus soon to arrive in Virgo, this is a supercharged season for dating, sexual escapades, play. You’re not likely to feel too serious or focused right now, but much of that will slightly change once the Sun enters Libra on Sep. 22.

Mercury and Mars conjoin for the third time this year in Virgo on Sep. 16. While the possibility of conflicts or disputes could arise with a lover or even children--or you may experience some momentary creative frustration, the auspicious nature of this region of your chart can help you deal with matters in a more playful spirit. That doesn’t mean that you can’t take anything seriously (life still throws us challenges even in positive or peaceful times), but the nature of the conflicts may not be too pressing. This is also an ideal time for articulating creative ideas, sexual desires, or beginning a more productive communicative strategy with children. Whatever shows up for you, you’re likely to have plenty of energy to manage it.

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