Gemini Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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If you’ve been working hard to achieve some new status, promotion, or professional path, this Full Moon in Pisces can correlate with a culmination for you in many ways--a time in which you can gain more visibility and accolade for your hard work and dedication. This is a high point in your year where ambition and determination can really pay off for you, but with Neptune in your “career” region and conjunct this Full Moon, you must be cautious of some things here. Neptune favors, above anything else, selfless service by inducing an awareness within consciousness that ultimately there is no separation between self and other. Neptune works to trick the ego through glamorous aggrandizement of situations which often seem too good to be true. If you’re under the delusion that what you’re accomplishing now is to merely boost your own ego and receive only personal gain, you may eventually fall flat on your face.

Such humiliating experiences are Neptune’s way of revealing the foolishness of hubris. This is an ideal moment to look around and acknowledge all of those not so obvious factors that helped you get to where you are now. Don’t be so blinded by ambition or the illusion of absolute self-sufficiency that you fail to have gratitude for the seen and unseen allies that have given you support. If you can humble yourself here, you’ll realize that what’s happening now is a manifestation of a dream which serves to help the greater good. With Neptune moving through this region of your whole sign chart, you’re likely motivated by a more altruistic mission in life. If you’re still confused about where you’re headed, the problem may lie in your resistance to sacrifice, humility, and an insistence on having everything your way. Realize that your success isn’t just for you alone, but can greatly impact and benefit those less fortunate than yourself. With that understanding and awareness, you can accept whatever comes to you with greater ease, trust, and patience.

Your ruler Mercury has been retrograde throughout most of August. This three week cycle is now ending, though Mercury is still a little sluggish as it picks up its normal speed. Until about Sep. 9, when Mercury re-enters Virgo, things can still seem a glitchy and slow going, but whatever you’ve been waiting on will take off soon enough and the pace of your daily life will change quite significantly over the next several weeks. With both Mars and Mercury in Virgo (as well as the Sun), this is a supercharged “domestic” season for you which highlights your home life, family, and living situation more than usual. With Mars here until the latter end of Oct., consider that issues on the homefront are likely to take up much of your attention. Look out for disputes or arguments arising here and the need to set some boundaries or limit the time and energy you give to certain intimate and family relationships. The separating nature of Mars serves to draw lines and divisions in your home life for the next several weeks.

The last quarter Moon on Sep. 12 occurs in your rising sign in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. Activating three angles of your whole sign chart, this symbolizes a significant release and letting go to make space for a new chapter that begins around the New Moon on Sep. 19. This may affect your most intimate relationships/partnerships as well as issues in your domestic and personal life. The Sun’s square to Saturn on Sep. 13, serves to bring about a deeper awareness of reality and the choices you’ve made. With the Full Moon just one week prior, you’ve been more caught up in the vision and glamour of certain career/professional happenings. This last quarter Moon brings you back to the reality of the present moment and the realization of the actual consequences of your decisions.

Your ruler Mercury conjunct Mars on Sep. 16 again may flare up arguments, disputes, or conflict in your living situation or home life; it may relate to some significant changing circumstances here. If you need to defend your position or opinion, do so tactfully and in a way that gets the point across without inflaming unnecessary tension. This can also represent the start of a new cycle with your living situation that’s been pending for some time. Whatever shows up for you, realize that it might not be comfortable or easy to deal with, but that fresh energy and more positive developments will emerge here just after the New Moon on Sep. 19. Whatever you face in your intimate life or within yourself requires much courage and stamina to successfully navigate. Keep pushing through and willingly face whatever fears emerge for you now.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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