Cancer Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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The doors of perception are popping off for you with this Full Moon in Pisces. There’s a strong “exotic” and “spiritual” quality to it, and you can certainly use this energy to gain access to new layers of reality and perception, especially if you’ve been working hard at trying to understand something or adjusting your personal philosophy/cosmology/guiding truth. What you glimpse with this Full Moon is not a mental or intellectual understanding, but purely experiential and quite likely beyond words. Keep that mind because if you’re trying to gain clarity right now or think you’ve just discovered the “ultimate truth”/secrets to the universe, think again. You can certainly reach a new level of awareness and understanding at this point if you’ve already put some effort into it, but be careful about newly discovered philosophies. You might be a little susceptible to the latest ideological craze and you’ll need to step back from the sermon and second guess the message a few times.

Consider whether or not you’ll still be a believer one week from now. That’s when reality is likely to kick in, so use some caution, common sense, and discernment with things that are currently coming at you from “on high”. The positive end of this Full Moon allows you to momentarily dissolve your usual routines and social parameters, to get a taste of what lies beyond your familiar boundaries. If anything, you’ll be feeling restless with the same day-to-day experiences for a few days and might be tempted to explore a little or expose yourself to something out of the ordinary. It’s times like these that you realize just how limited your perception can become when stuck to one place or attached to the same beliefs. This Full Moon will hopefully awaken you to the possibility that there’s a lot more out there. If that’s a new realization for you, don’t just jump on the next flight. Wait a week or two and reassess how you feel about it.

Mercury moves back into Virgo on Sep. 9 after its three week retrograde cycle through most of this sign. The past few weeks may have been a time where you had to rework your communicative style, deal with some mixed messages/travel delays, or go back/resolve past misconceptions. With Mars now in Virgo too, from now until late Oct. could be a little busier than usual. Expect an influx of activity and information coming at you from various sources. You’re being exposed to a lot of data and you’ll have to do your best to digest and make sense of it. Especially with Mars moving through Virgo too, this incites your curiosity and desire for increased interactions. Just be mindful of overwhelming other people with all of this new info and ideas. Also watch out for abrasiveness and argumentativeness. You have considerable verbal and mental power right now, but it might be wise to avoid disputes for now.

The last quarter Moon in Gemini on Sep. 12 makes an opposition to Saturn. Consider that any lofty ideals or “higher than thou” attitudes brought on by the Full Moon could run into a serious reality check. This can also be a rather uncomfortable day where you’ll be pressured to integrate challenging new insights/information and refocus/adjust some priorities. With Saturn moving through Sagittarius since 2012, your work/health/daily life has likely undergone some difficult changes and growing spurts. With the last quarter Moon hitting Saturn and waning into the New Moon, use this day to gain insight about your current process and release/let go of ideas, perceptions, and information that’s preventing you from growing and moving forward. There’s likely to be a tendency to escape or avoid dealing with what you don’t want to hear, but you’ll miss out on some valuable learning experiences.

Mercury conjoins Mars on Sep. 16 leading right into the New Moon in Virgo just three days later. Be mindful of verbal disputes/arguments or trying to force your view or opinion too harshly on others. Instead, open your mind to any perspectives that differ or challenge your own. While defending your position isn’t necessarily a bad thing, consider how far you need to take it to avoid creating upset or tension in your immediate environment. Engage your curiosity now more than ever. The New Moon on Sep. 19 will bring a fresh new start for you that will help you clear your mind and make space for new insights, teachings, and perceptions. Consider for a few days whether your opinions are really worth fighting for, or whether you’ve just come to identify with them too strongly. This will be a very mentally and intellectually stimulating time of the month which can you use to articulate yourself more effectively.

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