Leo Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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This Full Moon enlivens your interest in anything obscure, taboo, or socially forbidden. Naturally, you could get into some trouble here if you aren’t careful. Be cautious about how vulnerable you make yourself over the next few days, and who exactly you choose to open yourself up to. Stick to people you trust and know well, and use this energy to peer down the rabbit hole from a safe distance. You don’t want to involve yourself in things too far out of your comfort zone. You can easily underestimate what you can handle. New experiences that have the potential to take you beyond yourself may be intriguing, but following through now may not be the best option. Fleeting visions, ideas, and inspiration are best entertained and acted on later. But if you’ve been preparing for a vision quest, or working on some deep, shamanic healing, this Full Moon can correlate with truly powerful breakthroughs in consciousness and perception.

Your probing and digging can really pay off, opening new vistas of reality that you’ve likely thought about, but couldn’t fully comprehend until now. Also, if you can manage without it for a few weeks, it might be best to hold off on taking out a loan or borrowing some valuable object from a friend for the moment. You might overestimate what you can handle or idealize the situation/object beyond its realistic limitations. This Full Moon can bring about deeper intimacy/sexual connection with established relational bonds, profound personal/psychological insights, heightened psychic awareness/sensitivity, and altered states of consciousness. If you can be mindful of what and who you surround yourself with at the height of this Full Moon, you should be able to gain access to positive insights and experiences. If anything, you may just find yourself more interested in life’s mysteries and secrets for a few days.

With the Sun trine Pluto just after this Full Moon, you’ll find it easier to see deeper into yourself and current situations. Depth and authenticity are going to be more important to you than any superficial exchanges. Mercury re-enters Virgo on Sep. 9 after its three week retrograde through most of this sign. This Mercury retrograde cycle may have changed some cash flow or related to an awareness/realization of new income sources and valuables. If not financially related, you may have undergone a brief process of personal revaluation which hopefully left you with a boosted confidence and self-assurance. Expect that money and personal value will be more relevant for you until the end of Oct. With Mars here most of that time, you’re likely to find yourself in “survival mode” more than you usually would. That’s great if you’re in need of some extra stamina to go after what you want, but bad if you get too aggressive or impulsive. Be extra mindful of your spending habits at this time, and whether any disputes or arguments over resources are really worth fighting for.

The Sun squares Saturn on Sep. 13 which can feel like hitting a brick wall if you’ve been slacking off or putting off some responsibilities. The Full Moon one week before this aspect will make you a bit disinterested in practical reality, but the middle of Sep. is ideal for getting yourself back on track on refocusing on your priorities. You’ve probably been a little idealistic about your capabilities and self-image, but this aspect will help you make a more realistic assessment of things. This is also a good time for working on creative projects or displaying your work if you’re in need of critique and feedback. This can also be a challenging few days if you have kids or are involved with children, as they’re likely to hit some triggers. Overall, use this time of the month to focus your time and energy on things that require extra patience, discipline, and follow through. Toughen up your boundaries and adjust your approach.

Mercury conjoins Mars on Sep. 16 in Virgo. Again, this aspect can flare up disputes or arguments in relation to money/resources/objects. If you’ve come to identify yourself with some external symbol, you may want to bring some awareness to that reality now if you want to avoid petty disputes. Any conflicts or issues you’re dealing with now will likely pass in several days, so don’t get too caught up or stressed over it. Use this time to begin implementing a new money/resource strategy, put energy into moving/organizing some of your finances, and making space for new energy to flow in here. It’s important to clear your mind of present matters so that you can be ready for new changes and setting financial intentions with the New Moon on Sep. 19. On or after that point, much of what you may be presently struggling with will begin to show signs of resolution and more positive developments will come soon.

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