Sagittarius Rising Forecast August 21, 2017- September 6, 2017

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It seems that you’re being called to break away from your usual routines with this total solar eclipse in Leo. The past few weeks have probably left with you a lot to think about and ponder. If you’re feeling the itch to really drastically change your present environment, then you should do what you can to explore any possibilities that have been presented to you. Wild adventures in the world or even in the mind are all possible with this eclipse, anything that can feed your passionate side. You’re possibly starving for something more exciting than your current reality offers.

Feed that hunger in any way that’s possible for you. This eclipse could stand as a poignant breakthrough gifting you a whole new way of seeing the world and your place within it. It will reverberate through time as a moment that sent you seeking new horizons and fresh experiences. You’ve possibly exhausted yourself with your usual day-to-day schedule and desperately need to meet new people, listen to alien perspectives, or just sit and stare at a sunset as it descends behind a mountainside. Again, do what feels right and is realistic for you, and your soul will be greatly nourished.

This total solar eclipse forms a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. These fiery vibrations are inciting within all of us a thirst for impassioned experiences or dynamic modes of self-expression. For you, it’s igniting your willpower by heating up the “willful” regions of your whole sign chart. With Uranus in Aries since early 2011 you’ve perhaps found radical new modes of creative power. The solar eclipse making a close trine to Uranus gives it an edgy, rebellious quality which also creates a direct conduit of playful, creative energy directly your way! This could result in receiving new inspiration from a newly discovered (or newly comprehended) ideology, life philosophy, or spiritual outlook.

Whatever it is, it has the capacity to liberate you in so many ways, and also clear any creative blockages you’ve been dealing with. If you’ve been under a lot of stress, worrying, or otherwise tripping (in a bad way), this eclipse can help lighten the mood, and give you a new horizon to look forward to. At the heart of this is the need to change things up in your usual routines or otherwise remove yourself from the same places you’ve been frequenting. That could result in simply going to that other coffee shop/book store in a neighboring town/city, cozying up in chair, and devouring that heady book you’ve been meaning to read. It might also look like a road trip or actual vacation someplace exotic.

With Mercury now retrograd and the Sun entering Virgo on Aug 22, your “career” regions are lighting up big time. The Sun’s transit here for the next month will lend to an increased focus on your overall purpose, life mission, and communal reputation. While this seasonal solar cycle to the top of the sky is usually a high time for gaining attention or otherwise making a good impression, Mercury retrograde here is causing some revising and restructuring of all of these things. That means you’re in an experimental mode until Sept 11/12, and so don’t feel pressured to have your direction/goals entirely pinned down (or your PR completely on point).

With that said, the combination of these symbols and this eclipse means that you’re probably interested in expanding your reach or further enhancing your marketing strategies (for whatever you do). This could also be a time in which a changing philosophy or spiritual outlook is greatly impacting your idea of what “you do” out in the world. Expect some big changes to be going on with your overall life path and direction, and that once mid-Sept rolls around you’ll have a much better sense of the bigger picture.

Saturn stations direct on Aug 25 in Sagittarius (your ruling sign). With Saturn moving through your rising sign since Sep 2015, you’ve been in a life-changing reset that’s possibly put some ambitions on hold or has otherwise made you unclear of exactly what you’re striving for out in the world. You’re beginning to step into a new, more mature personal style, but also beginning a cycle that will greatly emphasize hard work applied more to your personal rather than professional life. This solar eclipse is one powerful boost in this process, but this Saturn station toward the end of Aug could feel a little heavy, daunting, and uncertain.

You’re simply reviving your willpower and ability to take the lead again in your own life. Don’t give into an existential crises that could possibly arise from this. Trust that you have the strength to call some shots and keep working on that blank canvas the universe has gifted you. The ability to use your will to chart new paths is at an ultimate high point for you right now. It only comes around every 30 years! Trust your co-creative powers and get back to work on that masterpiece (that is essentially your life).

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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