Scorpio Rising Forecast August 21, 2017- September 6, 2017

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With this total solar eclipse in Leo, you’re being called to become a little more public and perhaps experiencing an increased focus on career, reputation, and your mission in the world. This might create a dramatic shift and change in how you represent yourself professionally, or perhaps you’re feeling the need to take some new direction in life or step into a new public image. This eclipse gives you greater power to call some shots in your life. You may be updating how others perceive you, how you reach out to the community, or otherwise discovering new creative potentials for your destiny.

At the heart of this is a powerful transformation and rediscovery of your purpose. The lunar eclipse just two weeks ago has likely solidified the fact that you’re rapidly moving beyond past limitations. You need to trust this newfound confidence to step boldly forth into new territory here, and leave the comforts of the familiar places behind. All of this might feel as if your having to step outside of your comfort zone to gain more prominence or visibility in the world. That might be a little scary, but these changes you’re making will help bring you closer to your larger purpose in this lifetime.

This total solar eclipse in Leo is highlighting the “mundane” regions of your chart and greatly emphasizing your public status, reputation, and personal mission. A trine from the eclipse to Uranus in Aries could relate to sudden, unexpected changes in your work, job, or health routines. This powerful eclipse is urging you to step out of the usual parameters in these areas and look at a new approach or strategy. That might look like the discovery of a new innovative technique or a radical new approach to healthcare or fitness. What you change now could also ease up any tightness you’ve been feeling with your financial state.

With Uranus in Aries since early 2011, you’ve been in a gradual process of revolutionizing your work strategies or health by trying new approaches. Consider that this eclipse is giving you extra confidence and motivation to greatly accelerate these changes. This is sort of like the final push in this process, as Uranus leaves Aries for Taurus next year. The trine to Saturn in Sagittarius from this eclipse is also easing some financial struggles you've been possibly dealing with since late 2015. There may be some significant changes you can make in your career or professional life now that could help ease any burdens or hardships here.

The Sun enters Virgo on Aug 22 joining Mercury retrograde. This is your seasonal cycle for socialization, networking, future planning, and group activities, but with Mercury retrograde in this region, you’re possibly revising and adjusting many of these things. Consider that the Sun’s movement here is helping to work out some potential kinks or problems with your current dreams, objectives, and life goals. It may also relate to a period when you can experiment with reaching out to new groups, communities, or organizations. Don’t feel pressured to have any of these things entirely pinned down just yet. Give yourself extra time to test out the waters and revise your objectives until Mercury turns direct around Sep 11/12. This is a high point for your reach and involvement with things outside of your intimate and personal life. Take advantage of this energy, and work with these changes the best you can.

Your ruler Mars makes a trine to Uranus on Sep 2, which also “activates” the total solar eclipse in Leo. Expect to receive another accelerated boost to any changes that have been happening with your work flow, or health/fitness routine. This trine from Mars can give you extra confidence, stamina, and willpower to help you in these areas if you choose to take action at this time (though it certainly won’t feel like you have to). Make extra effort to step up your game and keep pushing yourself with the changes you’ve been making.

Mercury retrograde conjoins Mars on Sep 3, and it’s possible that a new perspective, idea, or realization further sparks your motivation. This also relates to critical shifts happening in your career and public life, perhaps an idea or information from the past is finally ready to be integrated. With Mercury retrograde conjunct your ruler Mars at the beginning of Sep, this further reinforces some critical life changes you’ve been pushing to make happen.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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