Leo Rising Forecast August 7, 2017- August 21, 2017

You may have realized lately that you have more say in the current direction of your life. Sometimes we forget that, especially if we’ve been so immersed in someone else, or dependent on their actions, opinions, or advice. This lunar eclipse represents a dramatic change in your relational interactions. It invites you to release unhealthy dependencies (should they exist) for the sake of more autonomy and the freedom to make your own choices despite what others think. While our culture has an unrealistic and unnatural idealisation of self-sufficiency, we still often fall into stagnant patterns with partners, friends, or even those we work closely with that inhibit our free-will. It’s possible that some issues have been on the table for a while, and you’re reaching a critical point where you can properly resolve them. Be mindful, however, of coming off too strong or forceful. This process is helping you to learn news way of negotiation, and unnecessarily triggering upset or causing conflict would would be counter to your true intentions. Also consider that you can learn a great deal from someone now and that an opportunity to improve communication lies within your current process.

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With the Sun and Mars still moving through your rising sign, you may be feeling more naturally yourself, more comfortable in your style and persona. That’s inured you with an ability to give more expression to who you want others to see, even though that may not be who you actually are on a deeper level. These transits are also acutely affecting your confidence and attracting to you “worthy opponents” who can help you strengthen your stance and better articulate your arguments. But consider also the power that you’re feeling that can be channeled toward making some positive changes and honing in on a particular focus. One major theme of your rising sign is the need for some visibility, to somehow stand out and set yourself apart in some dynamic way. Even if you aren’t necessarily extroverted by nature, your rising sign still likes some attention and applause. Consider in what way you could stand out even more, as well as what tactics you could presently employ to give yourself more space to be yourself and pursue your own path. The solar eclipse on Aug 21 represents a powerful turning point and transition where you’ll be able to cross over into a new era of expanded confidence and awareness of your power. You’ll be given an opportunity to utilize this newfound power toward the beginning of Sept and beyond.  

Mercury turns retrograde on Aug 12, and for three weeks until Sept 4, you’ll be reworking your finances and perhaps uncovering some new sources of income. The flow of money is likely to change during this time, so depending on where you’ve been this, you’ll experience either a slowing or a quickening of those circumstances. Step back for a while and see what other way you could look at your situation. Keep yourself open to input from your environment, as well as unexpected insights and new perspectives. You’ll be able to more confidently take charge of financial matters once the retrograde is over, and expect to be able to actually tackle any challenges that you uncover once Mars enters Virgo by Sept 5. Keep your mind open to the possibility of new ways of handling your resources, as well as extra sources that you’ve been overlooking up until this point. I’m not just talking about money either. You may uncover some talents, skills or abilities that can greatly enhance your confidence and be lucrative for you in the future.

On August 13 and August 20, you’ll have the ability to more effortlessly solve some problems and push things further along. With the Sun trine Saturn on Aug 13, just when Mercury stations in Virgo, you’ll find your mind focused on some practical dimensions, especially issues regarding personal survival and attainment of resources. This solar trine to Saturn could either help you get proactive in a creative process, an issue involving children/child rearing, or even a romantic/sexual relationship. You’ll be inspired to get serious about tackling the challenges there, either working to make yourself more appealing and available, working through relational challenges, or getting down to doing the hard work of bringing a creative project into concrete form. Whatever issues you’re presently dealing with, try to consider the realistic limitations you face and assess how much time and effort you can presently commit. Expect the Sun trine Uranus on Aug 20 to be much less difficult, exciting, or even surprising. This is a day to liberate yourself from dogmatic or rigid thinking patterns and to try out a new way of looking at the world/universe. A sudden opportunity to travel (either inwardly or externally) could crop up. Take the initiative in both situations and you’ll get the most benefit.

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