Virgo Rising Forecast August 7, 2017- August 21, 2017

Being of service and fulfilling a useful role is likely to be a priority for you throughout your life. That service could even be something simple, perhaps not culturally accepted as a definition of “success”. Simply offering a helping hand to another person in a time of need certainly fits this basic of human urges. This lunar eclipse could relate to a changing tide in how you serve and improve your life. That may relate to self-care, a job, or health issue. Consider where you’ve been with these themes up until this point. Expect to see a reversal in your current situation, one that’s been brewing for some time and finally beginning to surface. This is a moment where a new direction, pathway, or attitude emerges helping you to step into a more useful and productive role. It might require an improved technique or a change in your daily regimen. Whatever shows up for you, trust that you’re being guided to acquire further competence and skill, which will help you better serve not only yourself, but your community as well. It’s possible that these changes will help increase your income flow or improve your self-confidence. 

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With the Sun and Mars still charging their way through Leo, you’ve had to perhaps deal with a feeling of being trapped, or even stymied from getting to where you ultimately want to go. This has been a time to channel more energy toward helping others, or having to sacrifice much for the sake of a larger purpose or goal. If a work situation hasn’t been going the way you expect, consider that you’re needing to uncover an awareness of deeper issues within yourself which may be blocking forward movement. Consider that you’re reaching the finish line in this current passe, and this lunar eclipse in Aquarius is generating some tangible evidence of the fruits from your persistence and commitment. The solar eclipse on Aug 21 will represent a significant transition in this process and a potential breakthrough in your consciousness. The early part of Sept will help to carry you back into the action. No matter what frustrations you’ve had to deal with, try to see the benefits. You will soon experience a rebirth of your willpower and ambition, but still there is much that needs to change in regards to your perception. It’s likely that you’ve been gifted with more awareness, humility, and compassion, which can help to put future achievements and attainments into better context. In other words, hang in there and wait until the obstacles clear.

Mercury turns retrograde in your ruling sign from Aug 12 until Sept 4. This three week cycle often confronts us with techno/mechanical hiccups, communicative challenges, setbacks, detours, and delays. If you feel like you’ve had enough of that, don’t be discouraged. While seemingly unnerving and unnecessary, Mercury is helping you to sharpen your gaze, determination and willpower during this time. That might feel like you’re again being blocked from taking what you feel is the appropriate and necessary action. In reality, you don’t quite have your target pinned down. This cycle will assist you in acquiring a clearer focus for what you really want to go for. The problems you face now are likely to be less concrete and more existential, that is rooted in your uncertainty about what you really want to create or make happen. Again, focus on narrowing down a particular target, and wait this one out.

Additionally, with your ruling planet retrograde in Virgo, this can relate to a momentary uncertainty about your identity and self-image, accompanied by a process of revision and testing. That might look like a need to try different approaches with people to see how they respond and make adjustments from there. If it develops into a crises, trust that it won’t last too long. Sometimes, the best course of action is to do nothing (unless dealing with a serious or life-threatening emergency). In doing nothing, we open ourselves to possibilities to simply arrive on their accord. What’s happening for you this Mercury retrograde cycle is an awakening to a deeper appreciation of finding what you weren’t expecting or going after. Sometimes, when we step back from our pursuit and simply allow things to happen, we admit to ourselves that we don’t always know what we need, thereby allowing the universe to provide it.

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