Libra Rising Forecast August 7, 2017- August 21, 2017

I expect that not many people get up each day with joyous anticipation, but those who do seem to really love what they do. By “doing” I’m referring to a means of survival, and how so often that takes up the bulk of our life, leaving little room for play and recreation. There are, however, passions we can pursue that may not make us money (though for some they eventually do). Consider that this eclipse is turning the tides in how you playfully anticipate each day, but where you stand with that is unique to your situation. Some things you might need to ask yourself in lieu of this south nodal eclipse: do I have something in my life that really feeds me joy that I can give more attention to? Are there habits and behaviors that stand to block me from my true, creative or sexual passion? So often we mistake recreation or authentic sexual exchange with mere escapism. But this eclipse can help you get in touch with that truth, and realize that something more substantial could be integrated into your life. Consider more long-range strategies and how too much focus on distraction or amusement has inhibited your attainment of future goals. With Jupiter in Libra, realize that you have the power to change that. 

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With the Sun and Mars charging their way through Leo, you’ve probably been putting a lot of focus on your dreams, goals, and aspirations. It’s also possible that you’ve had extra energy for social networking, but most likely you’ve been looking forward to the possibilities that stand on the horizon. You may be in search of other like-minds who share your particular vision, whether that’s casual friends or members of a group or community. Expect this trend to continue, but the eclipse momentarily pulls your attention more intimately and subjectively to your own creative process. The things we want in the future can’t exist without our active engagement, and this eclipse can help you see how to better align yourself with your own means of self-expression. Have you been devoting too much attention to certain activities that drain your creative juice? Or conversely, have you been working too hard for someone else’s dream leaving little time or energy for your own? The solar eclipse on Aug 21 is a powerful transition where your brainstorming and reflecting can really pay off. This is a symbolic finish line in your current process, and beyond it lies a more clearly defined strategy to guide you from now on.

Mercury turns retrograde on Aug 12, which may pull you away from external interactions for a while, as well as revealing hidden or secret information. For the three weeks of this retrograde cycle (Aug 12 through Sept 4) you’ll be given some extra space to step back and engage more with your inner self, which should be helpful in gaining perspective of your current life choices. If you’re in need of inspiration, you’ll need to step away from your usual routines and seek some solitude to formulate your thoughts. What you uncover during this cycle may not be comfortable or pleasant, and the temptation to drown it out is enticing. The higher road invites you to stare honestly at reality instead of avoiding it, and there you’ll be be able to engage with your innermost voice. Consider giving up some things as opposed to having others taken away. Expect the usual techno/mechanical glitches and communicative obstacles. Don’t believe everything you hear either, or jump to sudden conclusions. Take your time until early Sept to sort yourself out.

Your ruler Venus makes an opposition to Pluto on Aug 15, which may be a day (or days) of having to contend with some domestic tensions or even an incongruity in your public image and true self. With Pluto moving through Capricorn since early 2008, you’ve likely experienced some profound changes/transformation of your domestic life, but also some deep inner work and psychological discovery. Venus in Cancer squaring Jupiter in Libra, may correlate with some tensions between social/family expectations and your need to assert your own will. With Jupiter in Libra since Sept 2016, you’ve been given more freedom to pursue your own path, and the days surrounding Aug 15 can help catalyze some movement, and get you going in the right direction. By “right” direction I mean one that’s more appropriately suited for your current reality. Consider input, feedback and ideas coming from those closest to you, but ultimately choose what calls you on the soul level. If you have enough personal insight, this will be a lot more clear.

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