Capricorn Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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Getting the facts together now could be a challenge as it seems that a lot of information is coming at you at the moment, most of which you can’t be fully confident in its validity. Insight, inspiration, and creative ideas may be forthcoming too, but it may be wise to hold back from taking off with them for the time being. This Full Moon may correlate with an increase in activity, travel, or verbal exchange. What you should focus on now is making sure everyone is on the same page, which may require some reiteration of the information you’re actually certain of, and discarding anything that doesn’t feel right to you. Discerning facts from fantasies may be hard, but that’s likely to be the best use of your time right now. Use the next two weeks to gradually let go of dubious perceptions and beliefs.

This is also a high point in your year where you can clear up misconceptions, put an end to lengthy email chains, or finish up any business you have with current contacts. Be mindful of creating more confusion or spreading information that you aren’t entirely certain of. You also run the risk of getting distracted in ungrounded pursuits, ideas, and activities that just end up wasting your time and energy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, step back from the activity and take some time to meditate (however you do that). If you can clear your head and distance yourself from too much info overload, you’ll make better judgements and increase receptivity to your intuitive side.

Mercury re-enters Virgo on Sep. 9, joining both the Sun and Mars. It’s possible that you’re now feeling the need to step outside of your usual bubble, change up some routines, and explore a little more. You’re attracting to yourself opportunities that could further challenge your beliefs and perceptions, expanding your view of the world. With Mars here too, you’re probably feeling a little bolder, braver, and willing to try something new. This “adventurous” phase will last until the latter end of Oct, so this is your season for stepping out of your perceptual box. But also be mindful of a tendency to defend your own biases and ideologies to the point that you’re unable to take in any other perspective (or seriously offend another person). This boldness that’s arising within you can take you to some exciting places, but it can also inflame dogmatism. If you’re prone to that, then be extra cautious of your impulses and reactions.

Venus makes a trine to your ruler Saturn on Sep. 12 followed by a square from the Sun on Sep. 13. The days surrounding these dates can open you up to deeper levels of feeling and awareness. Venus’ trine to Saturn can be helpful in deepening your trust and understanding of numinous realities. It can also bring about intimate connections that help you feel connected to something larger than yourself. This is an ideal moment to let down your guard and give yourself permission to be more vulnerable and honest. The Sun’s square the following day can confront you with shocking insights and perspectives which can significantly alter your state of consciousness. Avoid the temptation to resist what you don’t understand, and instead seek to build bridges instead of walls.

Mercury conjoins Mars on Sep. 16 which can amplify restlessness and risk taking. As mentioned above, you’ll need to be extra mindful of getting caught up in ideological conflicts fueled by differences of opinion. This isn’t an ideal time to force an issue or otherwise attempt to shove your perspective in someone’s face. Such tendencies often reflect an insecurity in your views, and what you’re really after is confirmation/validation of your beliefs. You may also find yourself on the receiving end of someone else’s crusade and it would be wise to deflect as much as you can. Instead, use this energy to listen and take in new viewpoints and perspectives. This is a significant new beginning for further discovery and more expansive experience.

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