Aquarius Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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You might notice some financial situations coming to a head alongside this Full Moon. This is your seasonal cycle to collect the fruits of your present efforts and effectively bring closure to any pending transactions. This is also a high point in the year that gives you greater confidence as well as revealing your strongest resources thereby amplifying your sense of personal value and inner strength. The solar eclipse has now passed, which is likely to symbolize some significant changes and transitions with key relationships in your life. This Full Moon draws your attention to your resource base or your overall self-worth. It has the capacity to greatly inspire you and give you new, creative ways of improving how you feel about yourself or otherwise enhancing the flow of money and valuables.

Do be cautious, however, of investing in things that you’re uncertain about or that appear too enticing to pass up in a moment of impulse. The risk of deception or overtly idealizing the situation is strong now. Also, while you may notice a higher than usual financial tide emerging, do be realistic of your current situation here and be wary of overestimating what you can actually afford. You’re in a cycle that can help you more clearly and realistically define your goals, dreams, and objectives, and if you ignore your intuition or common sense, you run the risk of letting precious and valuable resources vanish as quickly as they arrived. Get creative, and look for insight or inspirational messages that can help guide you to greater self-sufficiency without losing sight of your need for help and collaboration.

Mercury is now shifting into back into Virgo after a three week retrograde process. This has likely given you a new perspective on joint-financial entanglements as well as deeper psychological awareness. You may also have a renewed perception of your own mortality and a greater sense of how quickly life goes by, and how quickly it can end. That might sound a little morbid, but with Mercury, Mars, and the Sun currently transiting Virgo, this is your season to explore these deeper topics and deal with issues that you’ve been afraid of looking into. For the next several weeks, you’ll have the capacity to openly discuss sensitive subjects with intimate partners which has the capacity to deepen your trust in another person. This is also high season for exploring any interest in occult subject matter.

Venus makes a trine to your ruler Saturn on Sep. 12 followed by the Sun squaring Saturn on Sep. 13. With Venus in Leo, this is a good time to patch up past relational conflicts/tensions, meet new people, and strengthen pre-existing bonds. Around these two dates, look for a partner, friend, or professional colleague who can help you with your strategies, goals, and objectives. This is also a good time for making new connections or alliances with those who are reaching for the same things as you. This supportive aspect can also strengthen your style and presentation, making you more attractive or otherwise enticing to anyone you’re trying to impress. The Sun’s square to Saturn may correlate with a few days where insight or honest assessments from an intimate partner could help you more clearly define your current dream.

That may come about through the emergence of tensions, or the awareness of disparities between your personal values and those of someone you trust. If you trust them well enough, then consider that they might have useful advice and insight. But be mindful of the power you give to anyone else. Take in their perspective, but if it ends with you completely giving up or feeling hopeless about your future, than that person is likely trying to sabotage your efforts. Mercury conjunct Mars on Sep. 19, can ignite some relational conflicts, but if you’re mindful of this, you can deflect personal attacks or arguments by withholding impulsive reactions and analyzing the source of these reactions. That’s really what these next two weeks are all about: learning more about yourself as reflected in another, and openly discussing/resolving tensions in joint financial as well as sexual relationships.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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