Pisces Rising Forecast September 6- September 19, 2017

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You may be feeling some slight pressure with this Full Moon since it symbolizes a moment that’s ideal for bringing projects or developing situations to a culmination. This is also a high point for you this year for asserting yourself and taking the lead in various aspects of your life. This momentary confidence can help you step out more and let the world know what you’re doing and who you are. With the solar eclipse now behind you, you’re on a new path with your work/job and health/wellness routines. You may notice some significant changes developing with your techniques, daily tasks, and work situation. The past few weeks may have been busier for you than normal, or a significantly active period for improving yourself and your life on many levels.

As you step into this Full Moon it invites you to seek some closure and completion of some of that hard work you’ve been investing in. You can apply finishing touches and pull your projects closer to their idealized form. Be on the lookout also for a guiding vision or an inspirational push that can help keep you going and moving forward. But the traps of this Full Moon lie in the temptation to represent yourself inauthentically, promising more than you can deliver, or getting too distracted that you let this powerful moment pass and dissipate like an ephemeral, cumulus cloud. If you’re feeling any uncertainty or hesitation, hold off on jumping too quick or beginning anything that sounds too good to be true. Realistically assess the situation, give yourself some time, and you’ll be more sure of yourself by the New Moon. The next two weeks can help you get your overall package together and pull critical elements to a finished and polished look and style.

Over the next two weeks you’ll notice a gradual shift of focus from mundane daily tasks to your interactions with other people. Those new projects, work, and health changes will continue on in the background, but now you’re starting to focus more on your relationships and creating rapport with those whom you rely on for support. Mars has recently moved into Virgo, followed by Mercury on Sep. 9. Now that Mercury is direct and returning to this region of your chart, you should have a different perspective of key people in your life. Throughout the retrograde period, you’ve likely had a change of heart and now see certain relationships from a new vantage point.

That may have related to a period of making adjustments in the time and energy you give to people and focusing more on your own personal development and life improvements. Now it’s time to get back into the action, make some decisions, and have some conversations that you’ve been putting off. The missing information and insights you’ve needed are available to you, and now that you’re better informed, you can implement these inner changes in your external life with better success. All of this is building up to the days surrounding Sep. 16, which can help you test out your boundaries in real life, but can also stir up some verbal conflict with significant partners.

Also be on the lookout for other people trying to pick a fight or push an issue to a point of flaring and inflaming arguments. Consider what’s really worth fighting for and either proceed with caution, or deflect the argument to avoid an unproductive debate. But this certainly isn’t a time to avoid resolving tensions in your relationships. This conjunction can help ignite a new beginning for a more active and assertive role in your partnerships, giving you the strength to assert your needs directly. All in all, you’ll be feeling a strong pull to put yourself out there as well, which can help you make connections and begin new alliances. The New Moon in just two weeks will signify the start of a new chapter in all of your current and emerging partnerships.

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