SolarScope November 2, 2011

First Quarter Moon
9 degrees Aquarius 55
9:38 AM Pacific

Today is the First Quarter Moon, the first solidifying step within the new Lunar cycle. Both Venus and Mercury ingress into Sagittarius today while having been in close conjunction to one another since around October 13th--this conjunction peaks (becomes closest to exact) at 00 degrees of Sagittarius forming a T-square alignment with the Neptune/Chiron Conjunction in opposition to Transpluto, which recently ingressed into Virgo. Just yesterday, Mercury and Venus conjoined at the 29th degree of Scorpio, symbolizing the transition to the energies we are likely to experience today. What's about to explode from the shadowy depths of the unknown today? Something will make its presence known that will be apart of a process of unfolding, leading to a definitive re-evaluation during the upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle. This provides us a vortex for us to pierce deeply to reveal the truth and authentic nature of anything we focus upon. The conjunction of these two inner planets creates a collective energy which stimulates us to express our deepest values, to cultivate inner and outer resources, and to find adequate means of self-expression. This could manifest as the sudden inspiration for a project to further enhance beauty and functionality, a new and exciting creative passion, or perhaps some way to enhance a preexisting relationship.You may find yourself more closely identified with your deepest beliefs about life and yourself now, and as both planets move into the vibration of Sagittarius we are given the opportunity to see more clearly the bigger picture, and potentially the truth of it all. From this vantage point we are more aware of how the inner workings make up and support the whole. Let us be mindful of the shadow, which may impulse us towards a sense of absolute self-assurance, dogmatism, and a tendency to be overtly didactic.

Being too focused on our own perception of things will always limit us to the possibility of refinement of our viewpoints provided by the perception and feedback of others. Let us be mindful of perceptions and ideologies that may be forced upon us from someone or something external. Anytime we pressure our view of reality onto another--it is likely that we ourselves are insecure in our own position, and thus seek validation through the acceptance of our beliefs by others. Pinning down the exact details of anything may be a bit challenging now, because we're only looking at the larger whole, so things are inevitably in their more "rough draft" stage in the moment. Keep this in mind, because both Mercury and Venus will be dancing into the shadow of Mercury's upcoming retrograde cycle soon. Pay attention to what comes up now, as it will likely be revised in some way. Interestingly, this Mercury and Venus conjunction will peak again on November 10, the day of the full Moon (though they never quite become exact), and Mercury goes retrograde around November 24th, the next New Moon/Solar Eclipse which occurs at 2 degrees Sagittarius.

Collectively, today is likely to be significant in that it will present us with a preview of the changes and transitions that are coming our way. Be clear in your choices and actions, although you may feel that all is apparent and visible now, you are still prone to delusion's of grandeur. What may seem too good to be true, probably is--at least for the time being--but that doesn't mean forever. We are building and acquiring now-- mostly ideas, perceptions, information, and a larger perspective. Be mindful of your hunches, feelings, intuitions--and any or all "received" information--the doors of perception are wide open, and the spiritual and numinous realms are more than willing to tell their secrets to those who know to ask the right questions.

The Sabian symbol for the First Quarter Moon reads:

10 degrees Aquarius: A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this ideal.

There are different variations in the wording of this symbol, however, each eludes to an individual embodying a symbol which gives a momentary sense of collective power, fame, and attention. Any "celebrity" or famous historical icon, represents an archetype manifest through the individual themselves. The person (or people), who takes on this power does so at the expense of living a "normal" life--in that they surrender their personal identity and life to become the expression and manifestation of the unconscious symbol shared by the collective. You could say that, in a way, the collective archetype--or celebrity icon--becomes temporarily possessed by psychic forces, and the role they play is apart of a much larger cosmic and mythic drama. Once the collective has processed the message embodied by this symbol,the archetype dissipates back into the unconscious memory of the collective-- leaving the individual with the shell of their former self. The ideal is an expression of potential, but the reality is that we can only model that potential to the best of our ability and eventually accept that we are only human in the end--and thus will never fully express or comprehend the ideal in this life. The symbol seems to represent someone emerging from a state of possible delusion, to realize who they truly are. We feel a sense of self-analysis and evaluation to see past the presented image, and deep into the truth encapsulated by the soul itself.

Stay in the light.

*This is first of possibly several "daily" astrological updates I have committed to writing. This is mostly an experiment, so I will be doing the best I can to post as frequently as possible, but will be also acknowledging my inherent Geminian flightiness and indecisiveness ;-)