SolarScope November 3, 2011

Both Mercury and Venus trine Uranus while in conjunction today, adding a burst of electric vibrancy, spontaneity, rebelliousness, and a surge of creative or spiritual revelations. Combined with the Moon in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, today is coated with a sense of the unconventional and the uncharted. Explore something new today, look and think outside the box--that requires looking in places you may have never thought of before. The Moon makes a trine to Saturn around 10:06 am Pacific, so this should temper and focus much of the otherwise sporadic Uranian energies.

Saturn allows us to stick to whatever we've been doing, allowing for a practical and useful implementation of any radical or unusual insights we receive today. "Steady does it" is Saturn's motto, so the early part of the day should be full of a highly focused and directed electrical chi flow. Around 5:06 PM Pacific, the Moon makes an opposition to Mars, and this is likely to add more energy to the current flow, however, we must be mindful of our emotions and keep an eye out for outbursts of anger--and also to not get swept away by sudden impulses which may pull us into directions we can't entirely commit to, or into projects we aren't able to complete.

At this point we may be feeling more energized physically, however, mentally and emotionally we may feel a tendency to go more within ourselves as the Moon begins leaving Aquarius, joining the Neptune/Chiron conjunction. As the evening winds down, the energies will likely impulse us to stay closer to our spiritual and emotional center-- to deep contemplation, relaxation, reflection, and integrating the day. The Moon goes void at 8:41 PM Pacific, making its last aspect to Neptune. This is an excellent time for meditation, channeling, yoga, or other spiritual discipline which allows us to transcend the physical and to peer into the numinous and unseen realms. Whatever plans you had may change, and you may find yourself feeling more like spending time alone or keeping things more low key for the rest of the night.

If things appear foggy or unclear tonight, it's probably best to surrender to whatever is going on and attempt to make sense of it later on, probably tomorrow. Tonight the dream time should be particularly interesting-keep yourself open to any or all symbols received as they may have powerful implications for healing.