SolarScope November 4, 2011

The Moon drifts through Pisces today, having returned from her void, her sacred alone time, around 1:18 am Pacific last night. While the Moon is in Pisces the collective background energy is more in tune to a sense of timelessness--we have more of an opportunity to be in the now, to capture and enjoy each moment--to see the beauty and wisdom of each fragment. The Moon makes a square to Mercury around 5:02 AM, and then to conjoining Venus around 5:33 AM Pacific. This morning could start off with energy that seems at cross purposes, as our mind/desires/ideas may seem compelled to ignore our bodily signals. Luckily the Moon is applying to a sextile to Jupiter in Taurus, exact around 8:56 AM Pacific, and this should give the morning a much needed boost, infiltrating the collective with expansive enthusiasm.

With the combination of aspects today, there is a high chance of getting lost in daydreaming and or idealizing--which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just be conscious of how much this serves you. If you find yourself focusing too much on the past or the future--what was, or what could be--then you're likely missing the moment, which is equally, if not more significant, than what's no longer in existence--or what has yet to become. The Moon forms a sextile to Pluto around 11:05 AM Pacific, giving the enthusiastic vibe a boost of powerful confidence, conviction, and an ability to follow through to the very end. Today is a wonderful day to just be, but if you have important work to attend to, you can also be very productive as well--just be mindful that things may not be as exact or percisce as you may want it--it's more about the perspective. Allow yourself to fantasize, enjoy the sights and smells around you--but don't get too carried away by the stream.

Today is excellent for gardening, especially for planting above ground winter crops (unless it rains, which is expected here on the west coast of Cali). The Sun will be at 12 degrees of Scorpio for most of the day, the Sabian symbol reads:

An inventor performs a laboratory experiment. 

Perhaps today is a good day to experiment, which was similar to the theme yesterday, yet with less impulse and electricity from Uranus. Creative solutions may abound, maybe insight on a new way to play with and modify something. A true "inventor" has a passion for creation--he or she creates because of an innate sense of curiosity and wonder about the possibilities that exist. With the Solar energy fermented by Scorpio, we may find ourselves altering something already in existence, adding some touches to make something more functional or interesting, or perhaps tinkering with other people's stuff. Today is an excellent day to enjoy the process, really get into it, by maybe without as much attachment to the end result.