SolarScope November 5, 2011

 The Moon is Void of Course in Pisces all day today, until 1:05 AM November 6th. The collective energy is likely to become more passive, introspective, introverted, and reflective. Today is a good day to practice patience, surrender, and trust in the process. It might be wise to have less attachment to what goes on today, as plans may have a tendency to change when you least expect it--it can be one of those days when things seem increasingly less clear than usual. Consider having less concern, attachment, and focus on outer external events and more concentration on inner personal matters and concerns--perhaps playing it safe today would be the best option. If you can stick with the usual routines you should be very successful, the challenge will likely be encountered when attempting to make drastic changes or getting involved in some entirely new experience.

Today favors any kind of activity which nurtures, supports, and sustains your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Staying centered and grounded in your own sacred space would be tremendously  rewarding. If you feel impulsed to do something entirely new, check and see if you're really clear that it is something truly worth your while--there is a strong tendency to idealize something just to simply fulfill exaggerated desires. We often go though life looking for ways to enjoy, accomplish, or fulfill an idea or need which will increase our productivity and or success. Today, consider another dimension, in which the focus is more on nourishing and supporting your entire being, whatever that means for you. Because the Moon is void of course, she will not be making any major aspects to the primary planetary bodies. However, the Moon will make subtle contact with the asteroid Ceres, by means of a conjunction around 8:44 AM Pacific, beginning the day off with a nurturing tone.

If you feel scattered, unclear, foggy, spacey, or unfocused today--look within and see whether you are truly supporting yourself by pushing forward. You may be amazed that the universe fully supports you taking it a bit easier than usual, allowing yourself to be more in the moment and apart of the process. Sometimes, when we really allow ourselves to slow down the pace, we make discoveries which can completely alter our perception of the world around us. Look and see what discoveries or secrets are waiting for you to tap into. Surrender whatever dilemma emerges and trust that it's likely not something you can do much about in the moment. If we can disconnect from what is draining us, and make connections to something much more sustaining, we will be a lot more functional in the future. There is so much beauty in the divine unfolding. Follow the road to awe....

Disconnect to Reconnect.