SolarScope November 14, 2011

The Moon drifts through Cancer all day today, flooding the collective with an energy which seeks nurturing, protection, security, and safety. While the Moon is in Cancer, emotions and sensitivities are much more heightened--be mindful of vulnerabilities in yourself and others. As the Moon moves through the Cardinal sign of Cancer, it will interact with the powerful Pluto/Uranus Square. The majority of major aspects occur in the early part of the day--The Moon squares Uranus at 1:06 AM Pacific/4:06 AM Eastern, sextiles Mars at 2:28 AM Pacific/5:28 AM Eastern, sextiles Jupiter at 5:22 AM Pacific/8:22 AM Eastern, and opposes Pluto at 10:26 AM Pacific/1:26 PM Eastern.

The day begins with a highly powerful and intense energetic influx, and much of these combinations may feel a bit contradictory at first. There is confusion and chaos seeking harmonious union and integration. Today is an excellent day to look at how you can restructure some things in your life to create more harmony--perhaps a home, living situation--basically anything that you consider to be apart of your foundation and sense of security. Go with your "gut feelings", however, be mindful of sudden and aggressive impulses. Assert yourself uniquely, perhaps not harshly.

There may be an urgency to really shift things around and make lasting changes--just be aware that you probably don't have to do it all in one day. Mercury and Venus are making their way past the North Node in Sagittarius, we may feel more adventurous now, coupled with a desire to expand beyond the known horizon and envision what's truly possible. Today favors making new connections, especially if they relate to people and places between long distances from where you live. Above all else, go with your instincts, feelings, and intuitions. If you can dream it, you can do it--all in good time, of course.

 Planting day: Today is an excellent day for planting below ground root crops.

Sabian Symbol: 23 degrees Taurus-- "A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy."
This symbol invokes a sense of high awareness and transformation--bridging the mundane and the imaginal.