SolarScope November 16, 2011

 The Moon leaves her void and enters Leo around 8:17 AM Pacific/11:17 AM Eastern this morning, and will remain in Leo until early Friday. While the Moon is in Leo the collective energy can become more playful, creatively self-expressive, and subjectively aware. Leo has a flair for the dramatic, and while the Moon is in Leo we may project things beyond their true proportions--be mindful of this tendency in yourself and others. People may be more generous than usual, but also more self-centered--while the Moon in in Leo we are impulsed to find enjoyment and amusement within the many facets of daily life--we have a greater capacity to connect deeply with the inner child. The Sun rules Leo, and thus the Sun's influence in Scorpio is likely to twist this energy into a desire for "penetration", depth, and intensity. This could create the potential for intense sexual desires, and well as an equally powerful impulse to get creative and "tear into" a creative project or task.

The Moon trines Uranus around 9:54 AM Pacific/12:54 PM Eastern, starting the day off with a surge of innovative creative spontaneity. With the combination of Leo, this is likely to create a powerful wellspring of individual self-expression--we may be feeling much more connected and able to express ourselves uniquely today than usual. The Moon makes a Square to Jupiter around 1:33 PM Pacific/4:33 PM Eastern, and Mars makes a Trine to Jupiter around 2:08 PM Pacific/5:08 PM Eastern. The afternoon is likely to receive an extended burst of energy and a desire for expansiveness. Needless to say, today appears to be an excellent day to get things done, especially finishing a project or task you have already set into motion--as much of the energies will allow much motivation. Equally, there is much potential for excessive idealism and a fanatical belief in one's abilities--be mindful of what you take on, and realistic about how much you can handle today.

Today has a flair for the unique, the unexpected, and the expansive....just be mindful that many of these are energies are for the most part, short-lived. Whatever you begin today is sure to be enjoyable, whether you are able to complete it in the future or not, you are likely to have a good time doing it either way. If you're not feeling very productive, today in an excellent day to do something for the fun of it, and to just be in the moment. There is much lightness and generosity inherent to these signatures, and this is likely to be expressed through other people you encounter throughout the day.

Daily Sabian Symbol: "An X-Ray"

An X-Ray is the byproduct of modern technology (Uranus), and allows us to see beyond the physical persona or barrier we see before us (Scorpio/Pluto). An X-ray can provide us with an expanded perception of what we are normally unable to perceive, and thus can have the ability of speeding the process of diagnosis without the need for physical penetration. At the same time, an X-ray operates through the use of "unseen" radiation, which can be highly dangerous and even deadly with long term exposure. Is what we see really what we get? What is the cost and benefit of cutting corners?