SolarScope November 17, 2011

1491 Woodcut of Leo, by Guido Bonatti
 The Moon continues on into Leo today, the fiery sign of creative self-expression and actualization. While the Moon is in Leo, the collective vibration is more playful, creative, child-like, self-indulgent, and likely a bit more self-centered than usual. The Sun, ruler of Leo, in Scorpio, adds a dimension of depth, intensity, and the desire for creative "penetration". Will power and individuation are amplified under these influences, we may feel more comfortable with expressing our true inner self or inner child. We are not as satisfied with superficiality at this time, and we may feel the urge to go deeper with ourselves and others--to really see the reality of things beyond appearances. The first half of the day is relatively light and free of dominant aspects. The Moon makes a trine to Mercury at 4:08 PM Pacific/7:08 PM Eastern adding ease of communication, and especially the ability to convey what we're feeling. The Moon opposes Vesta at 4:53 PM Pacific/7:53 PM Eastern, and trines Venus at 7:59 PM Pacific/10:59 Eastern--toward the late afternoon the collective energy is likely to become more focused on creating peace and serenity, with an underlying desire for beauty.

The energies today are relatively light and playful, we may feel more drawn to "take it easy" today, which could be a conflict if you have much work to do--but on the other hand it could make something that is usually mundane and prosaic more fun and interesting. Be mindful of overtly indulgent tendencies, relating to food, sex, drugs, or alcohol--if you do choose to indulge yourself, just be mindful of your limits and whether you are truly conscious of your actions and desires. These signatures are likely to impulse us towards more self-gratifying endeavors, but if we choose to, we can use this energy for its highly creative potential as well.  

Daily Sabian Symbol: "Indians making camp"
This symbol presents the image of what are likely, native "Indians" setting up camp for the night, to find solace and shelter from the harshness of the environment. Perhaps they have traveled all day, and now tired and worn from the journey, begin setting up shelter to protect them while they sleep. Perhaps this symbol suggests to us the notion of finding a special place, where we can recharge and reset for the next stage of our journey.