SolarScope November 18, 2011

The Moon enters her last quarter phase this morning at 7:09 AM Pacific/10:09 AM Eastern. At this phase of the lunar cycle, we come to releasing and letting go the previous cycle as the Moon wanes into the next New Moon. The sabian symbol for the last quarter moon reads: "A rainbow"

A rainbow carries with it the symbolism of the illusion inherent to perception--the ideal of gold waiting at the end, and its inherent nature as an "optical illusion". Alternately, the rainbow symbolizes hope, and the promise of new beginnings--the calm after the storm, when a new potential emerges from some preceding chaos. Perhaps this symbolizes the letting go of an old way of perceiving something, and embracing an entirely new perception or vision--or embracing a variety of possibilities or viewpoints.

The Moon sextiles Saturn at 4:28 AM Pacific/7:28 AM Eastern, and squares the Sun at 7:09 AM Pacific/10:09 AM Eastern. The early part of the morning may start off with a more serious and focused tone, we may feel very determined to do something and yet, may encounter resistance from our emotions or intuition. The Moon opposes Neptune and goes void at 11:06 AM Pacific/2:06 AM Eastern. While the Moon is void, the collective energy becomes more withdrawn and inwardly directed. Plans made may change, or not turn out as you expected--be open to revision and alterations in the anticipated unfolding. It seems as if things may get a bit foggy or unclear for the early part of the day, so have an open mind, and trust your hunches if you feel you should take it a bit easier.  The Moon leaves her void around 2:19 PM Pacific/5:10 PM and enter Virgo. The afternoon energy is likely to shift considerably, so it might be best to hold off on certain commitments, or making heavy decisions until then.

While the Moon is in Virgo, we may be feeling more connected to getting things done, perhaps organizing and creating harmony out of chaos or confusion. The collective energy may become more concerned with details, and more focused on the process as opposed to the end result. This is an excellent energy if you need to be exact and specific--but keep in mind that this energy will be more available as the day progresses. We may feel more critical of ourselves or others. The Moon opposes Chiron around 3:30 PM Pacific/6:30 PM Eastern. The Moon trines Jupiter around 6:50 PM Pacific/9:50 PM Eastern. The collective energy may become more expansive, optimistic, and much lighter and smoother as the evening winds down--feeling a desire to find wholeness. However, the Moon is entering into a conjunction with Mars conjunct Transpluto in the early degrees of Virgo--be mindful of anger which may arise, and expand, at this time as well. The Moon conjoins Mars at 9:12 PM Pacific/1:12 AM Eastern, which could ignite the collective energy with a burst of assertiveness and a take charge energy. With all this activity in the late night, it may be a bit challenging getting to bed on time--but if you need to stay up and complete some task, tonight would certainly be productive as the energy will be ripe for focus, motivation, and precision.