SolarScope November 21, 2011

 The Moon is in Libra today, having left Virgo while entering her void yesterday afternoon. The Moon is direct and strong today, and the day is relatively free of major aspects--with the exception of a square to Pluto in the early morning hours, around 3:04 AM Pacific/6:04 AM Eastern. This of course brings in the "Cardinal Climax" energies, since the Moon opposed Uranus last night around 6:35 PM Pacific/9:35 PM Eastern. On one end, the day could unveil some deeply embedded emotions, especially if things have been kept under the surface for a while--but with the influence of Libra, and Venus and Jupiter in mutual reception, there is a high possibility of suppressing this intensity for the sake of keeping peace and harmony within our relations--or it could likely get filtered out.

While the Moon is in Libra, the collective energy becomes more concerned with socializing, relating, and maintaining balance and harmony. People may seem more receptive, empathic, and resonant with each other--this is because Libra impulses us to see through the eyes of another, and beyond our own self-interests. Today is a good day for coming to an agreement or finding middle ground with someone or a particular situation--however keep in mind that any critical contracts, negotiations, or big decisions made right now are likely to be revised as we near the threshold of the Mercury retrograde cycle. There may be a deep feeling of creating change, and this may manifest in harmonizing the environment.

The Sun is Void, and teetering on the edge of Scorpio all day today--entering Sagittarius tomorrow morning. We may feel a bit lost and directionless if we strive too hard to make something happen, and so you'll likely find more harmony if you surrender to the process as opposed to being too "forward directed". We may feel a bit drained today, especially as the Moon is easing into her New Moon phase, and we may lack much motivation or vitality than usual. Needless to say, it would probably be wisest to stick to more familiar routines, as anything new or risky is likely to go in unpredictable directions--unless that's your intention. Experimentation and spontaneity are indeed favored, just be less attached to the outcome. We may feel that something is about to shift now, and that some things need to be let go of--perhaps the urge to surrender to transformation.

Daily Sabian symbol: "A Halloween Jester"

This symbol evokes a sense of "making fun" of something in order lighten things up. Halloween is a tradition which is based upon "becoming someone else" for a night and taking on the accompanying persona. A Jester is the court comedian whose job is to lighten and loosen the King or Queen from their otherwise serious preoccupations. Perhaps today is a day in which we look to where we can have more fun, or find joy and creativity in otherwise heavy or serious circumstances. Look to where you can soften the edges a bit--add some more glitter, and allow yourself to just be--see where it takes you.