SolarScope November 22, 2011

 The Sun enters Sagittarius around 8:08 AM Pacific/11:08 AM Eastern. While the Sun is in Sagittarius the collective energy turns to more broader based perceptions and concerns--we are more focused on the bigger picture, the larger process, and the principle of expansion--ruled by the planet Jupiter. Currently Jupiter and Venus are in a mutual reception, working together to harmonize and beautify. The Moon conjoins Saturn this morning around 9:43 AM Pacific/12:43 PM Eastern--marking the morning with a more serious and focused tone. This energy can often feel heavy, dense and restricting, or it can be quite productive and precise. Since the Sun has now moved into Sagittarius, and the Moon will be in Libra, this should work to lighten things up this morning--allowing for productive expansion.

The Moon sextiles Venus around 10:30 AM Pacific/1:30 PM Eastern, creating an impulse which seeks harmony, beauty, and a feeling of pleasantness. The first half of the day should be filled with quite a pleasant sociability, we may feel more enthusiastic and adventurous today--but should also have enough focus and concentration to get things done. Be mindful of impulsive spending, desiring things you'd like to have--but yet if you can really afford it, its a great day to treat yourself to something special. The Moon makes its final aspect to Neptune around 3:04 PM Pacific/6:04 PM Eastern before going void. The Moon is void until 5:58 PM Pacific/8:58 PM Eastern. While the Moon is void we may suddenly feel the urge to withdraw more, and we are encouraged to stay centered and close to familiar routines--making big decisions during this brief time may not be the best idea. The latter part of the evening should be met with a slight break in the energy, but with the last aspect to Neptune, this is a good time for meditation, yoga, or just some casual daydreaming.

The Moon opposes Jupiter around 9:25 PM Pacific/01:25 AM Eastern, fermenting the night with an exuberant energetic influx. We may feel a bit like indulging ourselves this evening, which should be quite enjoyable, just remember that excessive expansion can lead to a painful contraction at times. Overall the signatures today should feel relatively light, pleasant, sociable, and we may feel called to expand beyond the normal hum drum of daily living. People may be more friendly and generous, which is good if you have a need for ease of social interaction. It's an excellent day to enjoy the inherent beauty of something, or to get creative and create it yourself. There is much motivation available to get important work done, and it should feel less of a chore and more enjoyable than usual. Today is an excellent day to enjoy yourself, and if you don't have much important work to do it would be a perfect day to get outside and connect with the world around.