SolarScope November 23, 2011

 The Moon is in Scorpio all day today--we feel this deeply since the Sun has recently left this brooding sign of secrets. While the Moon is in Scorpio the background energy becomes more intense, more connecting--we are more intriqued by what lies behind the curtain, behind that veil we know is but illusion. This is interesting, given that the Sabian symbol for the day is:

"The ocean covered with whitecaps"

This is an image of water foaming and frothing as a result of turbulence. This seemingly chaotic display conceals a world beneath that is, for the most part, unaffected by the forces above it. Perhaps we should question what is truly behind certain appearances today, as there is far more than meets the eye. The Moon makes several aspects in the early morning hours. The Sun trines Uranus at 2:15 AM Pacific/5:15 AM Eastern, and will separating from this aspect throughout the day--be mindful of sudden innovations or creative spontaneity.

The Moon sextiles Mars at 3:30 AM Pacific/6:30 AM Eastern, and then sextiles Pluto at 3:35 AM Pacific/6:35 AM Eastern. At 6:02 AM Pacific/9:02 AM Eastern Mars makes a trine to Pluto--needless to say the day starts off quite intense, we may feel this as a desire to really connect with something today, or with other people. Perhaps we feel a sense of mission this morning, and this would be an excellent time for deep concentration and focus.

Today we may feel a powerful sense of self assurance, and we can act with confidence without second guessing ourselves. Keep in mind however, that Mercury will be turning retrograde, officially, late tonight at 11:21 PM Pacific/2:21 AM Eastern (the next day). We should go with our instincts and go after what we desire, but we may change our minds over the next week or so, especially if we make some form of agreement or commitment. My advice...just go with it today, throw yourself into the process and see how it unfolds--if anything you'll at least enjoy yourself.