SolarScope November 24, 2011

 Today is Thanksgiving day--so eh--time to give thanks. The vibration of Sagittarius ferments this holiday with the spirit of adventure, of abundance, and of reaching beyond the known and familiar and into the foreign. There is also a Solar Eclipse/New Moon tonight, and so it is a time to be mindful of what you're creating--give thanks for what you have, and intend on attracting what you need right now.

Read my article on the New Moon here for more insight. Mercury is also retrograde for the next three weeks--this is the time when the universe reveals to us just how little we really know. Mercury retrograde is a time to be humble and open to new ideas and perceptions of how things operate. In Sagittarius we may feel as if we have a firm grasp of reality, but we never truly will, because we're always learning and growing--be open to revision of all kinds. If you feel impulsed to go back to something, or to reconsider things from another perception, go for it--you'll be glad you did.

The Moon will be in Scorpio today until she goes void around 3:05 PM Pacific/6:05 PM Eastern. Her last aspect will be a square to Neptune--ouch. Let's not intend this to put a damper on your dinner plans, but it'll probably be wise to choose to get more clear on your emotions later today instead of reaching for the booze--that might not end things too well with the family. Luckily Venus makes a sextile to Neptune around 5:53 PM Pacific/8:53 PM Eastern--smoothing things out a bit, adding a streak of romanticism into the mix.

The Moon enters Sagittarius, leaving the void, around 5:57 PM Pacific/8:57 PM Eastern. During the void make an attempt to treat things lightly, don't take yourself or anything which manifests too seriously--you won't be too clear on it either way. The Moon makes a trine to Uranus around 7:09 PM Pacific/10:09 PM Eastern, adding an electrical burst of spontaneity. The New Moon occurs around 10:10 PM Pacific, intention setting will be ripe around the end of night and all day tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!