SolarScope November 26, 2011

 The Moon is in Sagittarius until 4:06 PM Pacific/7:06 PM Eastern. There is much activity today, and so the energies are highly supportive of a busy day--you may find yourself involved with much whether you intended to or not. With all this energy flying around it would be a shame to not take advantage of it--if you have things you've been putting aside, today is an excellent day to address them. Venus moves into Capricorn this morning around 4:36 AM Pacific/7:36 AM Eastern--the next several weeks favors a taste for the formal, conservative, and bottom-line basics. With Venus in Capricorn there will be no need to go over top--consider what's really important and what you need most--practical, simple, and streamline will be the fashion flavor.

There is quite a mix of energies today, the universe is apparently catering to everyone's taste and preference. If you plan on having any kind of social gathering or event it should turn out quite successful--and you will likely find yourself feeling more like mingling today than usual. The Moon sextiles Saturn around 11:12 AM Pacific/2:12 PM Eastern--if you need to stay focused and determined this morning you will be greatly supported. The Moon sextiles Neptune around 4:06 PM Pacific/7:06 PM Eastern--and goes void until 7:04 PM Pacific/10:04 PM Eastern--while the Moon is void we may feel like withdrawing a bit, going more inwardly, and sticking to more routine tasks or activities. Venus squares Uranus at 6:28 PM Pacific/9:28 Eastern--be mindful of your desires and impulses, especially while the Moon is void--pinning down just what you want will be the challenge--stop yourself at the right moment and you'll avoid any complications that may arise.

The Moon conjoins Venus in Capricorn around 8:27 PM Pacific/11:27 PM Eastern--tonight is an especially social night, and will definitely favor more formal, simple, or basic appearances. This is a good night to socialize for business related matters as well--as people will be more focused on the bottom line than usual. The Moon makes a trine to Jupiter around 10:01 PM Pacific--this adds a dimension of expansion, exuberance, and flamboyance. Overall there is much activity today and throughout the night--it would be wise to make some use of it.