SolarScopes December 2nd-9th 2011

With Mercury retrograde, I am experimenting with this SolarScope concept, and so you will notice it changing quite a bit until it feels right to me. I don't usually like Sun Sign horoscopes--well, I've never been comfortable with the image of astrology they create. Astrology is profound, incredibly deep, and wonderfully insightful. Sun Sign horoscopes, are--well....vague. Perhaps I am to accept that, on some occasions, depth and profundity aren't always warranted or even desired. I will also admit that I've found them, occasionally, to be surprisingly accurate--perhaps not life changing, but there is a modicum of solace they've provided for me. Without further ado--here is my latest attempt at Sun sign astrology--let's see how this unfolds.This latest incarnation of "SolarScopes" will be presented once a week, at the New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter Moons.

First Quarter Moon @ 9 degrees Pisces 52 minutes

We are in the upward swing of the New lunar cycle--we are accumulating a new process now--there is hope, there is a shining ray of opportunity which beckons each of us. The First Quarter Moon meets us with a slight boost of momentum on December 2nd, as the Moon opposes, and the Sun Squares, Mars in the early morning hours--however, the Moon goes void at 10:06 am Pacific, and will stay there until Saturday Dec 3 at 5:51 PM Pacific. This is a long one folks--in Pisces, let's not fall to pieces over it. Over these two days be mindful of a sense of--well, possible hopelessness about something that is likely beyond your control. Whatever plans you've made are likely to change, especially now that Mercury is retrograde--be extremely flexible and open to revision. If used wisely, we can connect more with ourselves, or our spiritual center at this time--an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the moment.

It will be best to surrender to this energy--embrace the idea that there's absolutely no rush now, take it easy and go with the flow. If you find yourself feeling more inner directed, follow that cue--it will lead you to a much safer space, where you can ride out the storm. Be mindful of making commitments, signing contracts, setting big plans, or making large purchases--things just aren't clear yet, so don't push it. We are in eclipse season, there are a lot of changes and transformations brewing just beneath the surface--trust your suspicion that something is about to shift, bringing some much needed fresh air.

The Moon enters Aries Saturday evening, and meets up with Uranus around 7:01 PM Pacific--this is a definite shift and acceleration of energy--follow your bliss, desires, and creativity--as long as they don't get you into too much trouble, Saturday night is set up for the unexpected.

Sunday the Sun meets up with...uh--Mercury retrograde. Don't panic! It'll be ok--well I don't know that, but I'm sure things will work out just fine. Something, or someone from the past may emerge--allow yourself to be receptive to receive whatever message or teaching is offered. If you can be humble enough to accept the notion that you don't know everything yet--you'll likely find something truly rewarding, if not educational.Watch out for minor irritations or disruptions, don't let them stir up too much anger--and if so, be mindful of where you channel or direct it.

Monday should feel a bit smoother, more aligned, and more balanced. It's a good day to get back in the routine--well maybe not entirely, but you'll be feeling less scattered and confused. Late Monday night is excellent if you need to focus and make progress with a project--with Mercury retrograde, keep in mind that you probably won't complete it just yet, but you can at least go over the details and see what needs to be adjusted. The Moon enters Taurus on Tuesday around 6:34 am Pacific. We may feel more connected to each step today, methodical, but also expansive--spending some time outdoors or within nature will likely be rewarding--there's a strong appreciation and adventurous thirst for the subtle, simple, and naturally beautiful.

The energies of Tuesday are likely to carry on over to Wednesday--overall this is an excellent time to take things step by step, perhaps making some progress with something you've been working on. Thursday the Moon goes void around 3:40 pm Pacific, and enters Gemini around 6:52 pm Pacific. Towards the latter part of the day be mindful of mixed, foggy, or unclear communication. If you need to convey something important, make sure you state things as clear as possible--and again if necessary. Thursday favors mental pursuits, but more dealing with flexible and imaginative brain-storming--it'll be best if you're less attached to what you receive.

Mercury retrograde is quite influential Friday, so again, be open to all the possible faults and short-circuits the universe reveals to you. If you can open your mind to new solutions you'll experience much less pain or frustration. Stay tuned for my reading on the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse which occurs Saturday December 10th!

It can be irritating not knowing where you're going, especially when you're usually so sure about what you're after--going deeper within will probably be more useful now than ever. Keep your focus on the vision, the plan, and that ray of light pouring through those clouds with that beautiful, yet elusive, silver lining. Keep playing with that idea, vision, or perception--a few more adjustments and you'll likely get it just right. Your whole outlook is changing, so keep those mental flood gates wide open--an influx awaits.

 You're normally so good at keeping a slower pace, but you may be feeling a bit more--accelerated than usual, as well as more enmeshed with others than you'd like to be. Sometimes we need to see where others stand--what they think, feel, or embrace in their own little bubbles, and through comparison, we can make more sense of our own position. It might not make sense yet, as if everyone is just a carefully placed distraction to keep you from what you want--but just allow yourself to be open to the notion that there's far more than you've thought of on your own.

Oh Gemini, just where are you going? You probably thought I'd be able to tell you. Your life direction just seems a bit fuzzy, and you're not sure which hat to wear--you might not have even tried any on yet. Don't feel pressured to "figure it out", even though you're usually so good at it. Feel your way through this, trust, have patience. There's also more than meets the eye in your personal and professional relations--be open to the assistance and possible feedback of others, as well as a renewed outlook, or even rekindling of a certain relationship.

Luckily for you, you're an emotional creature, more comfortable with subtle impulses and intuitions. Let that tiny little voice guide you now, allow it to show you a new horizon, even if it isn't entirely clear or even in focus just yet. There's a lot of pieces that still need to be put together to make the whole picture complete--and if you can embrace each fragment, one by one, it'll surely come out a masterpiece. Take your time. There's a lot of adjustments to be made to your usual routine, whether that be at work or with a daily regimen--keep playing with it.

Feeling your way through the crowd might be a little overwhelming, but trust that you're being guided toward the proper assistance--as they say, two heads are better than one. You may be finding yourself more connected to revising the way you express and actualize yourself--getting more in the process--allowing it to take over. Don't feel rushed to complete anything just yet, your just experimenting, you shouldn't feel the need to fully commit or even pin it all down--don't take things too seriously now, just play the game, you're so good at it!

When it's difficult to pin down the intentions of others, it's likely the universe is simply reflecting back, the truth that you're not quite clear with your own. There's a lot shifting and shuffling beneath your feet, but trust that impulse and desire which will guide you to modifying the whole foundation. Something from the past emerges now, and with it a renewed perspective on where you really fit in--where you feel really connected and rooted in the ground. Oh Virgo, a little dust never bothered you, and once it's all settled, things will be back to feeling more safe and secure.

You might not know what to think, decide, or commit to--perhaps an endless array of thoughts are seemingly flying around in mid-air. What a perfect opportunity for bringing in some balance--and there's plenty of options now to throw up on those scales. Don't fret over making the final decision just yet, your flirting with your mind--and once you get clear about the pro's and con's you'll be able to get things going and back in order....just as you like it.

So much is changing in what you identify with--especially regarding the ways in which you support yourself. Keep an eye out for new creative ways to fuel the pump of adundance, and a different perception of how you can make things happen. When you aren't clear with what you want, it's best to just try some things out. Go inside yourself now, really get into the process--let it guide you to a new horizon within. You're being given an opportunity to find out just what makes you tick--take it one step at a time.

You are who you are, but right now it feels as if you can be whoever you want to be. Something is changing in the way you put that first foot forward--but don't feel pressured to commit to any particular image. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, so trust that you can play and experiment with the whole look. Something new is on the horizon, and you may be feeling more adventurous and expansive--more connected to your basic nature than usual. Trust your impulses now, something is about to emerge. Don't limit yourself, just have patience and watch it all come together just as you imagined.

You're more comfortable with the tangible, and right now it feels as if you can't hold on to much. Something hidden has perhaps, or is likely, to reveal itself--maybe from the past, or maybe from those deeper recesses of your psyche. It's ok, trust the process, and can't exactly control this one--so why beat yourself up over it? Keep an eye out, even though you might not see it just yet--there is a force so much greater than what you see before you, and it beckons. Follow your hunches, not your mind.

Things are speeding up, but maybe not moving forward--wow, what a contradiction. It's ok, you probably need this time of cross currents, use it creatively. You're likely desiring some companionship, or perhaps just some adulation of some kind. This is the perfect opportunity to expand or refine your network, find out who or what really matters most. You're usually not used to doing things the "normal" way, so enjoy this process--experiment, try something different. Follow the road to ingenuity, it might even be lucrative.

A new direction is revealing itself--but at the same time, you're not feeling too sure about who you are, or which hat to wear. Keep an open mind--luckily for you, you have more faith than most. Use this time constructively to get more clear about where that horizon truly leads. Don't feel pressured to know exactly just yet, it's a process--you're experimenting with the whole structure, and whatever fails now wasn't on very solid ground to begin with--so make the appropriate adjustments and move on.