Christmas Eve New Moon In Capricorn

Symbiosis by Ciaran Shaman

 When the serpent awakens, there's no going back...

It's quite interesting really, the fact that so many lunations have occurred around a major holiday or seasonal transition--particularly this year. We had a solar eclipse on Thanksgiving, and now a New Moon on Christmas eve. Just last year, a Lunar eclipse occurred the day before winter solstice--featuring a truly spectacular formation of planets, igniting the "cardinal climax". A part of me feels this is an important symbolism--indicating a shift occurring that is fermented by the archetype of these holidays. Christmas is the most profitable of western celebrations--raking in the cash like nobody's business. On a mundane level, could this indicate that the way we "celebrate" these traditions is about to change? Could it foreshadow another economic shift coming soon? I suppose we'll have to wait and see. On the more energetic plane, it's obvious these lunations are somehow "reconfiguring" consciousness on a much deeper level than we are presently aware of. Some say this is a reprogramming of human DNA--and certainly if you believe much of the "channeled" material from the Pleadians and the like, then this seems a perfectly valid reality--but I can't say that I really know for sure.

It is perfectly plausible that we are mutating as a species--perhaps our dimension, as an isolated entity, is changing form. Due to the holographic nature of the universe, each part reflects the whole--we are but the cells of the earth, and thus, as she changes, so do we. Prior to the lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010--another eclipse occurred just days after the summer solstice on June 26, 2010--containing once again, an incredibly dynamic configuration, with the lunar eclipse conjoined Pluto at the head of the cardinal climax alignment. I wrote about these synchronicities, however optimistically, last year in Cracking The Cosmic Egg. For me, this was what seemingly fueled my experimentation as an astrology blogger--something I am just now really connecting with, while simultaneously struggling to find my "authentic" writing style, moving past various blockages--and learning to bridge hemispheres within my mind. It this this bridging of hemispheres, I find so fascinating.

If you divide the zodiac into two segments, using the summer and winter solstice points, tropical Cancer and Capricorn respectively[1]--we have this symbol of eastern and western--literally the self and the "other". I feel my own process is mirroring the very shift we are experiencing on a global level. I've been involved in a relatively powerful "healing crisis" for many years, peaking this past year, and everything has involved this experience of complete surrender combined with my own research and study in an attempt to "figure out" what's "wrong" with me. I've come to realize that nothing is wrong, I'm perfect, I'm whole, and complete--but why am I in pain, why do I often suffer?

Through this experience, I've found immense empowerment from walking that thin line between the rational and the irrational--the intuitive and the logical aspects of my mind, and each has served me in the process of healing and "figuring it out". I''ve come to realize that pain and suffering are not bad, it is only our judgements of the experience which make it so. Contrary to what many choose to believe, pain can be a healing reaction--it means that the body is attempting to heal from some imbalance.Our suffering is our attachment and judgement of pain--when we become victims of pain as opposed to allies, instead of seeing it as a teacher and guide.

When we are sick, we feel "bad" because our body is communicating to us that it needs to correct something, it needs to reach homeostasis. Perhaps we could modify our language a bit. Instead of simplistic value judgements such as "good" or "bad", we simply say functional or dysfunctional. What does this mean? Functional means that something is operating according to its design and intention. Dysfunctional means that a particular system is being used against this original programming--and thus, imbalance occurs.

This imbalance is an indication that we are not conscious of the needs of that system--that we are, however unintentionally--working against the very life of that entity; but, is this necessarily bad or negative? I suppose such a statement is completely relative to one's perception, and each experience--whether functional or dysfunctional, is valuable and provides growth and evolution for a much deeper part of the psyche....the soul.
The experience of pain holds the potential to bring to light, the true nature of ourselves--it can redirect the ego to an awareness of the needs of the body. While we are in pain, we actually have an opportunity to see clearly--lucidly really, the power of dysfunction and ultimately, the beauty of functionality. As we deviate from the plan, the original intention, we become aware of its genius--its true nature and purpose--and as a result, we come to find reverence and appreciation for the system the way that it is.

Despair by Alex Grey
You see, we suffer because of our ideas about what we think is right or wrong. We are conditioned to be victims of life--not responsible co-creators. Many give their minds freely to the consensus--to mold, to shape, and to dictate their reality for them. We are told that when we get sick, that we are a victim, that something is trying to get at us--usually this perception lends the blame toward some pernicious natural organism, such as when we "catch a cold".

The western world wholeheartedly accepted germ theory[2] without question--how logical it is, that there are organisms, parasites, predators--just like "out there" in the real world, which seek our destruction--which seek to annihilate us. But, what if that predator was not "out there" as we are led to believe--what if it lied within each of us, within our very minds and cells, as potential? When I say the world is perfect, i mean it--it is, it's beautiful and it functions.A counter argument to that statement might go something like, "What? Don't you see the chaos of the world? Don't you see all the problems we're faced with, socially, economically, politically? Don't you see how fucked up everything is? Yes, I see it, although--recently, I don't look for it unless it's put into my face. Those problems "out there" in our supposedly "civilized" world are not the by products of natural intention--they are the result of a collective ideal, fueled by the mind and ultimately by the ego. They are the result of an ideology about how things should be, based on assumptions and mental speculation.

Gaia by Thompson Carey
It is ideas which move the world, they provide the spark, the fuel for social change. Individuals who partake in such collective rituals are acting upon an impulse, an emotional stimulus ignited by ideology--they are moved by an idea, an archetype, which resonates with some aspect of their identity. It is ideas and archetypes, which provide the motivation for change which results into action. Of course this could all be boiled down to the conundrum of the chicken and the egg. My answer is neither, because for me, the idea had to exist first--the template, the system, the design had to be put into place before it could be constructed. Such ideas bring to mind the theory of Morphogenesis, but whatever we choose to label it--it is the very foundation of something which is required prior to the completion of the entire structure. The structure has a design, it has an intention--and there is a natural plan embedded within that being which informs us of its functional use.

So, for me, I am in pain, I am experiencing this healing crisis, because I was unconscious of the needs of my body--and then I embraced an idea, a theory, about how to "fix" my pain and suffering--which led me to....of course, more suffering.  Never did I consider to ask, "What does my body actually need?", "How was it designed to operate in the first place?" "Can it correct this imbalance on its own, with the right tools?". Put simply, If I fill my car up with, say, mud, how far would I get? What if I used olive oil instead of car oil? What would happen? Probably dysfunction. I was conditioned by a culture which concerns itself more with what people are putting into their cars, then their own bodies. If we are that unconscious about what we're putting in our bodies, what about what we allow into our minds? Wow, that explains a lot--but is there something wrong with being unconscious? Only if we judge it--both consciousness and unconsciousness are relevant, each provide the chiaroscuro of life--the depth provided by the interrelationship of light and dark.

"Enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light, but making the darkness conscious"
-Carl Gustav Jung

People suffer from disease because their bodies have begun a mutation, because it is not properly nourished according to its original design and intention. That's right, nature is so intelligent that it can readily adapt to any situation--it can completely transform itself from one thing to another as a means of adaptation. Our minds can change, our bodies, our personality, our very cells--change and mutate based on the environment in which it is enmeshed. Everything is in constant change, endless mutation. Yet, amongst this mutation and adaptation--there appears, from our perspective, to be a solid template--a system put into place which provides the foundation, the root of all forms. If you eat synthetic foods and drugs on a constant and repetitive basis--it's likely to result in a  dysfunctional reaction within a perfectly functional and natural organism. I'm not saying that drugs, fast-food, and microwave ovens are "bad"--but based on the result--they're dysfunctional forms of nourishment.

"Well, what do I eat then?". Well, the real question should be, "How can I functionally nourish my body?". Do we ever consider the notion of nourishment and what it means? When we eat food, what is our intention? "I'm hungry". Well that's perfectly reasonable....but why are you hungry? We're "hungry" because our body is sending us a message, it needs nourishment! We mistake such feelings as something which has to do with "us", our egos, and our minds. We are satisfying our minds, we are fulfilling a desire--an urge, and an idea based on our conditioning. Many of us are conditioned to believe that nourishment comes from a happy meal, or that "reward" comes from ice cream and cookies. We never stop and consider the reward of a fully functional, and fully nourished body and mind. Again, I'm not saying that Ice cream and cookies are "bad"--if we are fully nourished, then occasional splurges are likely to have little to no harm on the body--because it can adequately adapt.

"That is why, on all accounts, we have so little time for philosophy. Worst of all, if we do obtain any leisure from the body's claims and turn to some line of inquiry, the body intrudes once more into our investigations, interrupting, disturbing, distracting, and preventing us from getting a glimpse of the truth. We are in fact convinced that if we are ever to have pure knowledge of anything, we must get rid of the body and contemplate things by themselves with the soul by itself."
-Plato, The Last Days of Socrates.

Now, you might be thinking, "What does this have to do with astrology?". Well it seems that this is the very foundation of the theme we are dealing with on a global level, it is the nature of the beast which confronts humanity. When you look out at our apparently dysfunctional civilization, consider that we are simply unconscious of our needs, and the needs of the planet herself. With all the "choas" and problems we experience, consider them signals, a form of communication from nature to us. When humanity experiences pain, much like an individual, it is because something is trying to reach homeostasis--it's trying to heal from imbalance. We can learn a lot through this experience--through our collective pain, if we are open to it. Systems evolve through time--which is governed by the planet Saturn--who is Kronos= time. Time sets up the structure, the template, through repetition and consistency. How did humans evolve into being? What have we done, consistiently, through time, to our bodies so that it functions properly?

Trees Got Soul by Chris Dyer

For physical nourishment, we ate food--real organic whole food, we got real sunlight, we breathed air, and drank fresh, clean water. Think about how simple that is--if it was invented in the past 200 years or so--invented by an idea, then it likely didn't evolve through time, with us, our bodies--there was no consistency with that substance throughout our evolutionary process. When we introduce such a substance--like putting mud in the gas tank--there's likely to be some malfunction, something dysfunctional eventually results. I doubt the car feels any pain, but it experiences something similar, albeit a bit more primitive.Our creations and our technology have consumed us--we have allowed ourselves, as a collective, to forget the original intention. Our creations are not "bad" or "evil" in themselves--but it is prudent that we learn to balance the creations of the mind, with the creations of the natural world-- the synthetic and the organic.

Yet, for whatever reason, humanity needed to awaken this "new" aspect of the mind, it needed to stimulate its potential into being. This "higher mind" is represented by Uranus, who is Prometheus--the great awakener, and.....trickster. This archetype is embodied in the serpent, the kundalini, the electrical energy which fully stimulates human potential and awakening. Consumed by the magnificence and power that this potential ignited within us, enveloped by hubris--we embraced it without question, we allowed the archetype to take over, and we slipped into unconscious passivity to the god of intellect and technology--we embraced the idea that our power to co-create, to alter nature, meant that we had dominion, that we had power over it.

This pattern of unconsciousness continues, with each new archetype that emerges--we are swept away and captivated, we loose all sense of boundaries. The question is this, how long can we go on as an unconscious species? How long can we last holding complete disregard for the needs of our bodies, minds, the planet, and all her share her domain? My guess, not too long. It seems, fortunately however, that  nature is far ahead of us--and astrology is map to this divine plan and great unfolding. It seems we have a choice now, we are at the cusp of a major shift in our perception--we can choose the path of life or the path of destruction. To live consciously, or to slip further into unconscious passivity to collective hubris.

This month's new moon falls within the sign of Capricorn, in the wake and shadow of Pluto--God of the underworld. It occurs less than 2 degrees of conjunction with the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, 2010--which contained a new template, a new design, for consciousness. This template has received several activations over the past year or so, and it appears this new moon symbolizes the awakening of this potential within us....our entry into the year 2012--which looms as this inescapable beacon of change. Is this the anticipated "enlightenment" and "liberation" of mankind? I don't know, but I do feel that it is indeed the point in which our world will begin its climb toward global homeostasis--the collective consciousness must balance out and equalize. This process can be appear "painful" for some, and can lead to suffering, because pain is a message, it brings awareness--it is a healing reaction. I invite us to not fear this notion--I invite us to instead embrace our inner genius and potential, to get conscious of our needs and the needs of nature, and to begin to nourish as opposed to destroy the systems we have chosen to evolve within.

Disease does not destroy the body, it is lack of proper nourishment which mutates the body--transforms it from this world into another, the inorganic realms. Only the mind and the ego choose the path of destruction--nature chooses assimilation. However, we have a choice, and we can--not of our own volition--but of our conscious surrender--embrace a different ideology, the ideology of nature. It starts by waking up to our needs, and taking steps toward the support, nourishment, and sustainment of those needs. We can choose to support the needs of the earth mother, Gaia, and the needs of other sentient beings. But, how can we nourish others without nourishing ourselves? How can see clearly through eyes which are disillusioned, distorted, and mutated? The universe is offering us a new perception, it is assisting us in opening our true eyes, our true vision--and embracing our role as the responsible caretakers of planet earth.

The sabian symbol for the new moon reads: The human soul receptive to growth and understanding.

Here we stand, at this gateway on Christmas Eve, the collective soul of humanity, the authentic over-soul, awaiting its true incarnation--to jump in and to grow and understand. Growth occurs through tension, through challenge--which allows evolution to progress from one state to the next. According to Blain Bovee[3]:

"Receptivity is deeper than mere inquisitiveness; it addresses something primal in human beings, touching what it means to be human: openness
--Receptivity, however, is not passive. It is the openess of human exploration, like that of an arctic explorer transversing a vast, open landscape".

The challenges of the world do not demand that we fight "what's wrong" or that we aggressively stamp out disease and dysfunction--they invite us to step up with openness and receptivity to await the experience and message encapsulated within the divine unfolding of time. If we experience pain, it is our bodies way of telling us something--it is attempting to reach homeostasis. How can we hear the pain and message of the earth, of humanity, if we are blinded by our own ideas--if we are consumed by a fabricated and synthetic ideology?

The western Christmas celebration began as an extended ritual ignited by the Winter Solstice. Our "holiday" traditions and customs originate from the northern latitudes, specifically the region of Siberia. In these extreme northern regions, the Sun literally disappears for three days. To these ancient peoples, this was quite a statement, as living without electricity, the Sun was the primary source of light, heat, growth, and nourishment. On Christmas morning, the Sun would remerge, and the promise of Spring, of new life, was made. From that point onward, the Sun would no longer descend, but would continue to rise forth, and the days would get longer. There's a whole shamanic custom and celebration which evolved from this phenomena--it is the root of all Judeo-Christian interpretations of Christmas[4]. Many of these customs involved the sacred consumption of the Psychedellic mushroom known as Amanita Muscaria,  the "red and white" spotted shroom.

I can't speak from experience (with this particular entheogen), but from my own studies it is apparent that the experience, when properly prepared for, provided a complete "death" and assimilation of the mind, the ego--and a rebirth of self.  The sacraments were collected on winter solstice, hung to dry--often upon the pine trees they symbiotically grew beneath. On Christmas eve they were distributed by the shaman, accompanied by reindeer and a sleigh. The shaman would descend, like the sun, down the chimney of a yurt--a small house or hut, as the door would be blocked in by the snow. The shaman would guide individuals through this experience, and upon waking, or perhaps, coming to normal consciousness on Christmas morning--the Sun would return, and the light would emerge once more.

The Resurrection of Santa Claus by Jimmy B
The winter solstice is the gateway to death and the potential of new life, to Time, to Saturn and Kronos. Our creations, our intentions set at the Spring Equinox, have manifest fully into time, into form--they have crystallized. It is here that we can see clearly, we have the claryvoiance to percieve the bigger picture and our place within it--and we go within, we reach ourselves--we seek the light within. Just like the ego, the soul is bound in time and in form--it is, in a way, encapsulated by Saturn to carry out its intention.

To quote Bovee once more: "The sense of one's identity, the ego structure, is described in Buddhist psychology as being made up of heaps or bundles from the Sanskrit skandha, bound together, forming a containment vessel through which the sense of existence is created. In other words, the soul can grow and understand only through the bundled vessel of the self.".

This brings to mind the succession of planets, each a gateway----an organ of consciousness and of perception through which the soul is bound while in incarnation upon the earth plane. Indeed, the earth itself is bound in time to the solar system. We expand into the full experience of life, within the proper boundaries of the vessel, the vehicle of the soul. No component is more relevant than the other, and nothing is truly seperate from the whole--even though each fragment appears to be isolate, each piece works together, and each needs nourishment just the same. The root archetype of the holiday tradition is the resetting of form, of structure, of the system, of the body, and of the vessel which carries us through the illusion of time. Our bodies are vessels, and so is the earth--all are systems we must nourish, support, and sustain as each is connected holographically, each a piece of the whole.

Peeling Bodies by Chris Dyer

The new moon squares Uranus, now recently direct in motion sitting on the Aries point--we can see more clearly how we can break out the dysfunctional pattern and follow the original intention--set at the big bang, the first degree of Aries, the spring equinox point. The new moon trines Jupiter in Taurus, expanding our connection to the natural world--in wide opposition to Saturn, who sextiles the new moon--asking us to commit to our relationship to the other, to solidify that connection deeply within ourselves. Mercury conjoins the North Node in Sagittarius, square Mars in Virgo--we are invited to embrace the vision, to follow our authentic voice within, and to put it in motion in order to assimilate all the fragments into the whole. This new moon and winter season is about changing form, it's about conscious mutation--which we can do if we trust the tickster, Uranus, as he guides us toward the activation of human potential--but we must follow with consciousness and unconditional love--not judgement.

This is a time in which we must embrace fully the experience, we must consciously surrender through complete receptivity to the great unfolding of time. On Christmas morning, the Sun rises from darkness--the light returns to permeate the world with the promise of new life. Synchronistically, Jupiter turns direct this Christmas--just after the new Moon--at zero degrees of Taurus. Jupiter invites us, toward forward benevolence and expansion--to embrace with open arms, the process which awaits us. There is no rush, no urgency, no fear--there is only the moment, there is only the great unfolding . There is a much greater system than the ones we play with in our civilized world--there is the earth matrix. This system works, it's been tried and tested for billions of years, and we can trust it. Every system, simply reflects, the greater the system of the earth--and the universe just the same.

The more we heal, nourish, support, and sustain these organic systems--the more balance, equilibrium, and integration will come to our man-made systems rooted in ideology. But, can we surrender our hubris, can we let go of our minds, so that we hear the message--to allow the light to pour in and permeate our very cells? This is up to our own freewill. The system works, it's ready--all we need to do is show up and be receptive. As the sun returns, and Jupiter fully expands into the moment--we simultaneously open up, we let in the light--we embrace the conscious mutation of planet earth. Look around at the beauty and magic of the world, allow your inner child to awaken, that part of you which always saw the world with wonder. It is through these eyes, these eyes of receptive curiosity, through which we can see clearly, how to truly change.

Happy Holidays.

Notes & References

[1] In my article, Cracking The Cosmic Egg, I noted how the winter/summer solstice axis was symbolic of the spinal column within the human body--and compared this symbolism to the the backbone of the DNA double helix structure. The eclipses, lunations, and planetary alignments have directly pointed to this structure as the being significant--placing immense emhpasis upon the cardinal degrees of the zodiac. Regardless of our speculations--these alignments most definitely foretell of a major shift occuring on a global scale, effecting everything within our matrix.

[2] It might be a shock, or perhaps a slight trigger, for some to hear the notion that Germ theory is a theory, not a proven fact. It is a most logical and rational explanation for why we get sick, however, deeper study into this matter reveals many flaws within the theory itself, as well as an alternative perception, more logical in my opinion, which emerged from the work of notable, yet undervalued scientists Antoine Bechamp, a professor of physics, chemistry, medical chemistry, biochemistry, and toxicology-- and Gaston Naessens, a French-Canadian biologist. Louis Pastuer, who is credited with the "discovery" of germ theory, has been revealed to be a fraud in many ways, and is documented having denounced the entire theory upon his own death bed. The truth behind sickness, disease, viral, and bacterial infections lies within the concept of Pleomorphism--which is an organisms ability to change and mutate based on the external environment it is enmeshed with. From an occult or astrological perspective, this is precisely the nature of archetypes themselves--each is inherently multivalent, holding the ability to change and transform, and containing a multitude of symbolic meanings. Needless to say, Germ theory is rather profitable for the modern allopathic healthcare paradigm--as the fear of "catching disease" keeps the populace returning to consume the latest drugs and weapons which will protect them from illness. For more information see the following links for further references:
Video of Somatids:

[3] The Sabian Symbols  & Astrological Analysis: The Original Symbols Fully Revealed, Blain Bovee, 2004.

[4] See, The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross by John Allegro and Astrotheology and Shamanism: Unveiling The Law of Duality in Christianity and Other Religions by Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit.