Full Moon In Cancer January 8th, 2012

Full Moon @ 18 degrees Tropical Cancer
January 08, 2012
11:30 PM Pacific
January 09, 2012
2:30 AM Eastern

This is the culminating point of the lunar cycle--ideally we have been accumulating, ingesting, and embracing new constructs which can blossom fourth now, we can really feel tangibly what we are creating. In Cancer we feel the strong nurturing support of the earth mother, Gaia, as she cradles our potential deep in her womb--and whatever it is, she reminds us we can do it, with the right kind of commitment. Emotions run high this Full Moon, and with a sextile from Mars in Virgo, we can articulate our desires and ambitions in great detail now, as we will be readily supported by others. The Sun makes a strong trine to Mars as well--so there's a lot of action flying around, and like the waves of the ocean, jump on this exciting and energizing flux--don't worry about where it's going, just trust the collective vibes as they sweep you off your feet. Keep in mind, however, that ideally, with Mars in its retrograde shadow, we are taking our time--piece by piece, as things can build and strengthen over the next few months with what we choose to do with this energy. Going more inward now, assessing your deeper motivations and impulses would be wise--no rush to get out there and make it all happen, just do what you can with the resources available to you, and worry about the intricacies and such later.

Mercury in Capricorn (approaching conjunction with Pluto) makes a strong square to Uranus in Aries--we can make practical use of radical ideas, visions, and perceptions now--but most likely, such perceptions are flooding into our minds now, radically altering the very structure of our individual ideologies. As the Moon begins waning back to New Moon, we can surrender many old and moldy ways of thinking and living our lives, allowing the deeper and trans-formative power of Pluto to make more room for what will better serve our evolutionary growth. So feel free--clear out those cobwebs, straighten up a bit--toss some crap away, it's a good time to really check in and see what kind of baggage you've been carrying around. Mercury, Jupiter, and Transpluto/Persephone form a spectacular Earth grand trine, so there is much productive and practical synergy mixed with an eclectic and eccentric buzz in the air. Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn in Libra--if we feel lost in this maze of re-organization, we can look for support from others--just be mindful that they may challenge your efforts, which can be a positive force if such criticism is used constructively as opposed to taking it personally. Out with the old, in the with the new!

Don't get caught up in the potentially annihilating self-sufficient vortex of "I don't need your support"--as we can easily push others away now--most likely because we unconsciously fear some form of judgement. The truth is, we judge ourselves most harshly, so in reality, how bad could someone eles's opinion possibly be? With that aside, it would be best to go within, trust what you feel you need to do now, and just keep an ear open for bits of advice here and there and all should flow more smoothly. Check out that stellium between Venus, Pallas, Neptune, Chiron.....and.....Vesta. On the Venus and Neptune end, we feel the Aquarian vibration here--so there is strong collective taste for the uniquely mysterious, we may feel more attracted to those alluring and hard to figure out aspects of reality. The more unique and the more eccentric you present yourself, the more you'll attract attention and turn some heads--so keep it in mind. We also have the potential to gain some clear objectivity within our relationships--especially to get a good look at potential wounds and pitfalls that are usually way off the telepathic radar screen. So look deeply, the truth is there, allowing for some much needed ah ha! moments and bursts of psychic awakening.

Above all else, there is a massive acceleration happening, and this energy is powerfully mutating our minds, our personal values, resources, and the way we relate to others--if you work with this by displaying the least amount of resistance to change--this will be a positive and rewarding transformation. The primary theme of last month's New Moon, for me, was a collective influx allowing us to get conscious of our needs, the needs of the planet's systems, and ways that we can functionally nourish and support those needs. Please read my article, Christmas Eve New Moon in Capricorn for more clarity on that. The sabian symbol for the Full Moon reads:

"A priest performing a marriage ceremony"

The tradition of marriage is the carrying on of an ancient and sacred act--which, like all sacred ceremonies, should never be blindly followed. In other words, one should be highly conscious of their intentions--beyond just "following the tradition". Such a commitment is a huge responsibility--and it begs for some form of mental and spiritual preparation. The symbol implies the forming of a specialized commitment, consecrated by a third party. So what have you committed to now? Can you really handle it? Are you mature enough to carry such a responsibility? If I were to tie this symbol with last month's new moon symbolism--we could make the creative connection that by having a deeper awareness of the needs of our bodies and of the planet--comes the realization of our role as caretakers of those systems. As caretaker, we are the ultimate responsible party, and with the vibration of Cancer, we feel this deep desire to truly nourish and support ourselves as well as the systems we form relationships to (our bodies, our minds, the planet).

In order for any relationship to be successful it must be nourished, consistently and consciously--all parties must be in conscious communication in order for things to run smoothly. If we fall totally unconscious, we become unaware, and things begin to settle into that dull and prosaic surface interaction until things inevitably deteriorate and fall apart. Allow this Full Moon to open your eyes, and allow yourself to really perceive--see others--see the world through a sort of compassionate razor like gaze. Allow whatever is old and outworn to fall away--and embrace this influx of new potential as it pierces our minds. Breath in the fresh air, and let the crap go ;-)

Full Moon Effect: With the Full Moon in crabby old Cancer, people may feel more moody, emotional, sensitive, possessive, jealous, or anti-social. Alternately, we may feel more sensitive toward others, compassionate, caring, nurturing, and supportive. Cancer is nostalgic--we may find ourselves reminiscing on the past, or more attached to familiar places, people, or routines. Like the tides of the ocean, which Cancer rules, a Full Moon in Cancer can bring about fleeting thoughts, feelings, emotions, and moods--making it a challenge to be entirely consistent. However, the Moon is most at home, most comfortable in her own sign, and that sense of coziness is likely to seep into our own lives, and she is likely to favor our activities more than usual. Cancer is a sponge, it soaks up everything around it, and this Full Moon we may feel just like that--soaking up the energy all around. Be mindful of your boundaries, otherwise ride the wave.