Full Moon in Virgo 2012

Full Moon @ 18 degrees Virgo
March 8, 2012
4:39 AM Eastern
1:39 AM Pacific

The Full Moon in Virgo ignites a desire for cohesion, tangibility, and usefulness. Emerging from the New Moon of Feb 21st, we somewhat get clear of the fog and placid water we may have found ourselves so enmeshed. With the ingress of Neptune in Pisces, we are feeling this impulse strongly, as if the floor beneath our feet has vanished or melted into a pool of dubiousness. This Full Moon brings to culmination many things--primarily it is a symbolic peak of the Mars retrograde cycle--what we are working on to make stronger and more successful should be known by now, as the Moon is currently illuminating our task at hand. Along with the sense of uncertainty, comes an equally powerful surge of excitement, of anticipation of tackling the great mystery--diving off the precipice as if anything were possible. We are not necessarily beginning now a completely new frontier, however--we are mostly mastering and bringing to culmination things we have already begun, in the past.

A lot will be gleamed by placing your attention on the sequence of events which brought you here, because each as served its purpose as a stepping stone and segway toward a much larger process that is taking place collectively. The Full Moon culminates, it brings forth from the darkness of potential into the light of manifestation. Are you creating or intending it? Maybe some of it, but we are also unfolding along with it, and it is creating us just the same. We may find ourselves strengthening our per-existent abilities--our dormant talents, skills, and capacities--finding new outlets  for their expression and utilization. Bringing back to life, breathing fire into--some forgotten project or task we set out long ago. This has the feeling of revival, of reawakening, of resurrection. Perhaps we are healing, integrating, transforming--bringing to a head a healing process by shedding more light on a health situation, resurrecting past wounds.

At the New Moon we may have felt more consumed by uncertainties, wounds, pain, or paranoia--but the Full Moon brings the light of awareness, and it is now that the potential exists to see how many pieces connect and inter relate with one another. The process itself is illuminated now: I see and I forget, I hear and I remember, I do and I understand. It is through the doing, through the repetition via application of knowledge that we truly grasp a thing, that we truly come to know what it's all about. I see this image of repetition, of going in circles--or spirals even, over and over--all of it. It feels as if timelines are converging here, overlapping-chapters closing and new doors opening. Emerging from the fog, finding our footing, our ground--we remember why we're here, where we're going--if only but a hint which suggests an intelligence to it all.

A striking Earth grand trine forms between Venus and Jupiter, Mars Retrograde in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. This same configuration occurred in November, during the direct pass of Mars while Jupiter was retrograde. Perhaps a spark, vision, idea,  or revelation occurred to you then--and now it is likely to solidify more, and we may feel compelled to put it to use, master it--give it more power. With Venus conjoined Jupiter in Taurus there is a streak of financial expansion, abundance, and opportunity--however that shows up for us individually. There is much potential for productivity, especially with things that you have been working on or toward for some time now. If you've put forth the necessary time, effort, and dedication towards something, you are likely to experience a tremendous boost of success, or perhaps just a slight evolutionary leap.

This is also a time of finding the logic within the natural process--really connecting with all the fragments of the unfolding, and seeing how they connect to and effect one another. Equally, these configurations could allow us to unearth some hidden potential within us, or from the past, that we had no idea existed. Get grounded and then expand this Full Moon, there is a beautiful synergy between the physical and spiritual--listen closely to all the subtleties, and all the intricacies--but be mindful that both god and the devil are in the details.

Mercury goes retrograde just four days after the Full Moon. Oh what? Another retrograde? Seriously? Is anything moving forward these days? Well it seems the outer planets are holding down the fort for now--it is this transpersonal force beyond us which is seemingly the only beacon of sanity at the moment (if that's fathomable). Everyone else is seemingly undecided as to which way is up--or down. And that's ok, because it's times like these we realize that we're so not in control, I mean really--how did we ever think we were? Just as Mars goes direct, Venus takes her retrograde (May 16)--and so it seems, that until the latter part of Summer, we are in this inevitable stage of reinforcement, revision, and reconsideration. It's important to understand the intention of retrogrades, because when we take these symbols as negative omens, a lot of confusion occurs--especially as we are experiencing so many overlapping among the inner planets concurrently.

Retrogrades, first and foremost--bring up the past, in many ways (people, situations, projects, goals, desires, memories, etc). These past connections can be viewed as opportunities for clearing unresolved energy--and most of the time it is simply our experience of the situation which provides the clearing and release. Secondly, retrogrades often give us a "second chance", or a way to go back to something and enhance its potential. With that in mind, the root archetype of a retrograde impulses us into a state of questioning, of skepticism, and toward a desire to go beyond what we already know or understand. This leads us to the third major component, which is the experience of conflict which arises from our "pushing forward", while the universe is seemingly pushing the other way--going against the current.

This is almost always is experienced when an individual resists the need to gather more, to learn more, or to reinforce things, upsurging it with the desire to make it happen now--or even to go after and implement something entirely new, fresh, and unfamiliar. With that said however, one should not feel paralyzed into a state of inaction--but to simply be mindful of the difference between needs and impulses. Retrogrades, however, redirect the energy into the opposite direction from what we are "used" to experiencing. So, for example, if we are usually not "moving forward" or pushing on with things, then we can actually experience these times as more productive and actually quite different from most other people. Ideally, when one, or in this case, several retrogrades are occurring simultaneously, it is a time of preparation, of getting ready, of going over, and over, and over again. These are ideal conditions to further solidify our position, to make sure we have all "our ducks in a row", and our feet firmly planted. However, if you need to start something, or make something happen, do it--do not fear a retrograde as something which will curse you or make your efforts meaningless. Retrograde planets are powerful teachers and tricksters which offer us valuable lessons.

If you allow these forces to guide you, you will see that above all, they redirect your attention toward areas you may have forgotten all about--and they allow us to see and experience things from an entirely different perspective than we are used to. Projects, plans, businesses, or whatever started under a retrograde, may not exactly "fail" or "fall apart" as is commonly believed, but they are fermented by the retrograde archetype, meaning their very nature will be very much beyond our control and intentions. When beginning or attempting to implement something important to us during a retrograde, just be aware that the entity itself will have much more to teach you than you ever anticipated, and there will likely need to be much more effort, work, and dedication to keep it all running.

At this juncture, just keep in mind that while you may feel the impulse to hurry up and act now--in reality, there is no rush. That sense of panic is merely the modicum of control our ego had getting sucked into that cosmic void. Relax, take your time, don't fret--there's no need to--the universe supports us in going back and making sure that things are on the right track--and to also shake things up, and get things going in a different evolutionary direction so that we don't suffocate from stagnation. Keep an extremely open mind, be in a state of absolute receptivity and humility as best you can, and realize that the universe has an intention and plan for us, if only we'd just get out of the way. Let everyone else burn out if they need to, but know that you're much the wiser ;-)

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon reads....

"A swimming race"

This is an interesting symbol for the symbolic peak of Mars retrograde, seeing as Mars is what would drive such an affair. Mars, however, isn't too fond of the water element, Mars in any water sign tends to get a bit diluted (sometimes with the exception of Scorpio). A swimming race brings to mind a large body of water, individuals splashing around, water being flung into the air--people coming up for a breath briefly, maybe some cheering--it's all pretty wet. A swimming race usually takes place in a very short amount of time, I imagine this paroxysm of splashing about--followed by a scene of water calming and slowing down, bubbles simmering, frothing. While this image brings to mind the notion of competition, I don't really get too much of that from swimming. In other words, I imagine the swimmer, in that moment and burst of action--sort of in their own world, simply because they're submerged--there's not much paying attention to the other swimmers.

I get the feeling this symbol also deals with emotions, with psychic energies, given the obvious connection of water to the spiritual realm. Perhaps this image suggests a process of moving through emotions, just diving in and allowing oneself to be immersed in it, to really feel it, to get to the source of such feelings. Also the sense of competition, not for the end result of "winning" per say, but the idea of sport for fun, just because. Simply achieving something for the experience of doing it, for oneself, or maybe, for a greater cause beyond personal gain. So while this image suggests a race of sorts, and many will surely be impulsed with this archetype of urgency and competitiveness, I feel the deeper message is found in the water element as the foundation, the medium through which these swimmers compete. I get the sense of winning a race without too much effort, urgency, fear, or motivation--rather, winning the race because it is one's destiny to do so. There is a larger force which is assisting--and all we have to do is show up, and literally get carried along.....because in the end, we're already there.

Full Moon Effect:
 We may feel we have a greater attention span, able to zoom in with super critical perception. Especially occurring so close to Mars retrograde, we may feel impulsed toward organization, cleaning, straightening up, integrating, and putting things together and in their proper place. This is an excellent time to focus on projects or tasks which require a great amount of attention to detail--we can focus more heavily on the process and each step of the way. Use this time to be of service to others somehow--in fact, many may feel quite useless unless they are of some assistance now. Others may be more critical or hypersensitive to criticism under this influence, as well as being very one sided in their thinking, or focused on some project or task. This is a good time to make more sense out of things, and to bring some extra order and cleanliness into your life.  We may also experience more of a concern with health, nutrition, and more effective ways of nourishing our bodies. In fact, this is an excellent time to tune in more deeply to one's body and its subtle communication signals.

Venus in Taurus/Conjunction With Jupiter

Venus moves into Taurus on March 5th (til April 4th, entering Gemini the day Mercury turns direct), joining Jupiter in this earthy and grounded sign. With Venus in Taurus, collective tastes and preferences lean more toward the more subtle, peaceful, serene, relaxing---sort of more inclined toward a zen like ambiance. Since Venus is quite at home in this sign (from which she rules), we can anticipate more of a concern and inclination toward finances, possessions, resources--physical things as well as abilities and capacities which makes us valuable and skillful. Venus in Taurus inclines us toward focusing more on our own value system, and what it is that we place importance and significance toward.

As Venus closes in on Jupiter, peaking March 13th, we will feel this influence quite strongly. There may be a strong desire to indulge oneself in myriad ways, and the usual warning over not over-doing it is in order here. This is an excellent time to relax, unwind, maybe get a massage--or go outdoors, connect with nature, really take the opportunity to stop and smell the proverbial roses. The natural world and its inherent beauty are all enhanced under this influence, so take the opportunity to get out and about more than you usually do. This energy perfectly compliments the other symbols which are active at this time, and further reinforce the need to take things easy, do things step by step--and to be methodical and meticulous with everything. Enjoy the beauty of life, take the time to cultivate it and surround yourself with it. Keep in mind that there is no shame in indulging in the pleasures of the world, as long as they're functional of course.

This cycle may also be quite advantageous financially for some of us, depending upon whether we are more personally effected by it. Venus goes retrograde in May, which often correlates to a cycle of monetary sluggishness. As I mentioned above, however, retrogrades tend to bring the inverse influx from the norm--so individuals who have been struggling financially may experience a reverse or shift in this energy during Venus retrograde, and likely also during this particular cycle and conjunction with Jupiter. For whichever way the wheel is turning, this is an excellent time to expand your resources, and there will plenty of opportunities floating about to do so--this is not just financial as in money, but also material goods, services, and capabilities. Of course, the only way to attract such opportunities is to be in a state of complete receptivity--so open up, allow yourself to receive the great bounty of the planet--the earth mother shares all.