Earth Grand Trine/Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

Quite a beautiful and productive grand trine formed today---energies and events which have been building since late fall last year, could be brought back into focus--this is a very earthy, centering, and grounding influence--allowing for optimum organization with areas of finances, building and securing structures, and solidifying ideas into more concretness. Powerful expansion of the very material substance of reality--giving us an extended ability to shape and change the world around us--which includes our own bodies--through a razor like perception which could assist us in healing, assimilating, and integrating using disparate tools or bits of information. With Venus joining Jupiter, we feel a strong pull to the natural world and natural beauty--or just beauty in general, although our tastes are likely to be more focused on the simple, elegant, and organically inspired. Watch for indulgent tendencies--and most of the skies, at and just after sunset--Jupiter and Venus will follow the Sun as it descends, reaching exact conjunction late tonight on the Pacific coast. These beautiful planets are not hard to miss--quite the brightest "stars" in the sky indeed, and quite the eye candy--maybe just seeing them together will be enough to curb those cravings ;-) Above all--especially with Mercury Retrograde--this in an excellent time to check in with how you're pacing yourself with things--if you feel rushed, check in deeper and see if urgency is really warranted. Taking things step by step, one piece at a time, is the best way to go right now.