New Moon In Virgo 2012

New Moon @ 23 Virgo 37'
September 15, 2012
10:11 PM Eastern
7:11 PM Pacific

Hello dear readers,

I apologize for this blog being so short, and for the delay in communication recently. I have been dealing with some health/life challenges lately, and I have been finding it difficult to connect fully with astrology. I intend on fully recovering, but my body has its own say in that process, and so time will tell. I was going to skip writing this New Moon, but have decided that I would still write a brief summary of what's been floating about in the heavens.....

The Virgo New Moon is an indication that the heat and intensity of Summer is slowly winding down, and we can feel this strongly down on a celluar level. Virgo has a soft and gentle quality, as well as innate sense of innocence. This is strongly reflected in many of the "softer" aspects included in this lunation (with the exception of the Pluto/Uranus square looming in the background). This soft and gentle quality strikes a strong contrast to some of the heavier, and seemingly darker energies that have been quite active over the past few weeks, and that are still present at this lunation. Fortunately, transiting Mars is making its way out of the "burning way", the section of the zodiac between 15 degrees of Libra and 15 degrees of Scorpio. This New Moon should assist in lifting much of weightiness associated with this dark alley of the zodiac, since Mars and Saturn conjoined in this vicinity back on August 15th.

Many of us are likely to find ourselves dealing with a lot of personal fears right now--and the universe is challenging us to understand just how much we can truly handle. Venus in Leo makes a trine to Uranus and Athena in Aries, offering radical creative insight which can be readily applied to problem solving, and truth seeking. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, widely conjoins the New Moon--and finds itself in the midst of the tension and chaos of the Uranus/Pluto square. Obviously, we are on the brink of a powerful reformation on a global and personal level--these are both challenging, and liberating times. The north node has recently shifted into Scorpio (as of August 30th), asking us to embrace personal and global transformation, to go deep within ourselves, and to truly connect with whats raw and real. There are a lot of "heavy" and challenging energies floating about, but fortunately, many of the aspects this lunation provide much support in dealing with it all.

Pluto goes stationary direct on September 17th, so get ready for this tidal wave of massive collective and personal power, which will gradually emerge over the next few months. It's time to get serious about what we want to transform in our lives--and it's time for each of us to take responsibility for our part in greater scheme of things. This is a time to be exceptionally conscious, to be mindful of your every move, and what's motivating you. Awake and aware we must all be, because we are choosing to dance on shifting sands. Where are we headed? Well, off the precipice of evolution, of course. To quote astrologer Stephanie Austin, in her reading on this lunation: "Evolution means going into the unknown, into chaos". This chaos, as unwelcome as it is to the human mind and ego, is an integral part of our reality; it is something we must all face, and choose to accept, throughout our journey of life.

The sabian symbol reads:

Mary and her white lamb.

This symbol speaks of the innocence and purity of the human spirit, and fits quite nicely with one side of Virgo archetype. Of course, Virgo isn't just the sweet and innocent "virgin", we all know and love. Virgo is the gateway to the chaos each soul experiences in its incarnation on earth, it is the threshold to the abyss. It takes a hefty dose of innocence, as well as naivete, for one to choose to face such an experience--but, face it we must--and what better way than with open and trusting arms, receptive to the unfolding.