Swallowed By The Sun

Mars gets swallowed by the Sun in Aries tomorrow. The solar plexus gets a jump start. Feel what's happening there. Feel that visceral sense of personal power. You have free will; you can direct and influence the events in your life. That reality is both liberating and frightening at the same time. Perhaps some choices must be made, or situations faced. Go down deep into your being, and there you will find a furnace of confidence, and a knowing of what exactly needs to be done. Your heart will lead you there.

Ideally, we are mindful of what arises. Anger, frustration, and violent outbursts permeate the collective ether. Allow such feelings to be, but be weary of their expression. Breathe deep into their essence, allowing the Sun to burn and transmute them as fuel for creative actualization. You are here now. Feel that, it's powerful. The energy here will carry you far, so be conscious of your decisions, they will reverberate for some time to come.

Occurring at the highly critical 28th degree of Aries, the Sun/Mars conjunction tells us that something is about to explode. Like a seething volcano, ready to give way at any second. The pressure is building, and the heat is getting intense. Every cell within you feels it. Something has to give way, it must be actualized, or else it gets internalized, leading to all those unsavory martian traits.