Aquarian Influx

Image of the black monolith from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey 

This Summer features two Full Moons in the tropical sign of Aquarius. This creates an influx of that Aquarian double current into the collective psyche. Aquarius is known to correlate with that micro leap in evolution--accelerating and quickening a process of development. Combined with the overpowering presence of the water element, we get the sense of new doorways and dimensions opening up before us, allowing us to glimpse into unimagined territory. This has the effect of creating quantum leaps on the current pathway, or the realization of entirely new and uncharted directions. Feel the clear crispness of these vibrations as the first of these Full Moons peaks today, just as the Sun enters the creative and willful sign of Leo. Through the power of the will, the universe is supportive of bringing it all together: mind, heart, and soul. Ride the wave, and stay focused, because you just might find things really speeding up. Push through the threshold. 

Aquarius is also a very humanitarian and utopian sign. It upholds massive ideals, many of which are usually far ahead of their time. Equality and social justice are important elements of Aquarian idealism. With Jupiter joining in on a Uranus/Pluto T-square in August, we're entering into a period of social and political tension spawned by collective restlessness and revolutionary impulses. With Jupiter in the sign of Cancer, we're cautioned to connect deeply with the root of what impulses us into action--in other words, reflect before jumping on any bandwagon. These energies can stir up collective movements comprised of individuals displacing their own unresolved unconscious contents onto some external symbol. There's also the potential to feel the need to rescue or "save" those less unfortunate, which is certainly a noble desire. In moderation, helping others makes the world go round. Just don't lose all sense of your own boundaries and limitations. You can't save all the stray cats in the world. 

"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate."
-C.G. Jung