Kosmic Horizon: August 2013

The astrological landscape of August changes quite significantly compared to last month. July was an acutely reflective and possibly emotional month--our attention was likely pulled deeper into ourselves, toward our essential needs as well as vulnerabilities. Mercury retrograde, as always, brought us to a place from which we had to reconsider our current path and question deeply ingrained assumptions. Specific emotions may have been brought up to the surface, inviting us to deal with and process anything that we've suppressed or have been holding in. We were likely brought back to things that were essential for our security and survival. The water Grand Trine formations which highlighted July mutate into T-squares this month creating quite a bit of friction as both Venus and Jupiter join in on the Pluto/Uranus square.

This is the kind of energy that really motivates us to get down and dirty. Without considerable tension, nothing would be challenged to grow. While the aspects this month appear rather intense, they provide the impetus needed to make tremendous progress. Time itself will appear as if it's speeding up, and events will likely unfold quite rapidly. There's going to be a lot to process and take in, so it's best to be prepared and ready to assimilate a lot of material. If we flow with it we can cover a lot of ground. The need for freedom, the need to break away from repression, stagnation, or boredom is extremely powerful right now and most of us will respond to this in our own unique way. If utilized creatively we'll have the opportunity to break out of restrictive molds and templates.

The Grand Trine energy last month was much more about conceptualizing, observing, and feeling. August takes this process to the next level and invites us to step up and make use of our potential. In other words, if you've been testing the water for a period of time, it's now time to decide whether we take the plunge. On both the collective and personal level, this will be a highly eventful period of time. The events that are beginning to transpire will likely carry on and reverberate clear through to next Summer. This energy influx is also very creative and innovative. It invites to move beyond rigid barriers, stale routines, and patterns of behavior that have outlived their usefulness. We're all feeling it and there's no going back to the way things were. Resistance is futile. Your best bet is to make the changes that are necessary now and move with it. The pace is quick and the beat is strong; do your best to keep up.

This month brings with it a rapid acceleration of growth and progress. Obviously, these are collective energies, but each of us is responding to them in our own lives because in reality there's truly no separation. How much actually changes is completely up to us. Real change hits the very root or core. Don't be fooled by artificial change, which is only a superficial renovation so that things merely appear to be different. Authentic change comes from within, it adjusts and uproots the foundation; it's uncomfortable and usually frightening, but once we've crossed the threshold, we're grateful we made the transition.

August 6th The New Moon occurs @ 14 degrees of Leo--The fire element begins to gain prominence with this lunation and a surge of passion and a single pointed focus infuses the collective psyche. This New Moon is creative and provides a burning intensity and drive that offers plenty of fuel for the long haul. The New Moon conjoins Vesta, giving a sense of powerful focus and stamina, and a Trine to Uranus amplifies willpower to break through creative barriers. Anticipate sparks or lightening bolts of inspiration that motivate action. August 7th Jupiter (along with Pallas and Lilith) makes an exact opposition to Pluto, joining in on the Uranus/Pluto square. This is intense, it amplifies power plays, it expands all the tension that's been slowly bubbling up to the surface. These energies seek complete freedom and especially the bottom line. That means no more beating around the bush, it isn't going to cut it; these energies demand that you get right to the point and cut all the bull. Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto creates an overwhelming desire to break free of past constraints.

August 8th Mercury enters Leo which helps to lighten up the intensity that's currently brewing. Mercury in Leo likes to play with ideas and try out different modes of self-expression. While we may feel challenged this month, the Leonian energy reminds us that life is really just a stage, and we're all just playing our role. As serious as it can appear to be at times, we shouldn't forget to just enjoy the show and go along for the ride. Mercury in Leo infuses the collective with a playful quality that lends well to social gatherings and the development or fine tuning of personal style.

August 16th Venus enters her home sign of Libra. Venus in Libra has impeccable taste and combined with the Leo energies creates the desire for the enjoyment of beauty. This also creates a strong allure that can be bit deceptive, so be discriminating. We're likely to fall for the facade more than we usually would. So before you commit to something, check to make sure there's enough substance beyond appearances. Venus in Libra helps to shape and mold creative projects toward their highest visual expression.

August 20 We encounter the second Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius of the year 2013. Occurring at the 28th degree of Aquarius, this is an "anarectic" Full Moon. A planet or placement is considered anaretic when it occurs at the end of a sign (about 28-29 degrees). It's considered a point of crisis, because the energies are building up to a boiling point and are more than ready to push through to the next layer. An anaretic Full Moon brings events to a critical point of culmination, and it can feel as if things are really blowing up. There can be a strong feeling of anticipation with this lunation. In the sign of Aquarius, we receive the opportunity to gain an objective awareness about something--like suddenly it all makes sense and we can see all the connections that were previously obscured. With the Sun in conjunction with Ceres and Persephone (the hypothetical Transpluto), there's likely going to be some significant connection with this lunation and our food supply. With Aquarius, I'm thinking something involving GMO's and the current battle and debate that's been waging. This should signify an interesting turning point with these matters, and a rapid acceleration of development for either end of the spectrum.

Aquarius rules technological progress as well as scientific methodology. Historically, major breakthroughs within scientific fields emerge whenever Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto form hard aspects with one another. I'm not sure what that means for the current conflict over genetically modified food exactly. Current technological advances aren't showing any signs of slowing down, despite the massive surge in health related issues. The events that transpire this month will likely involve the emergence of new scientific discoveries, advancements, or paradigms.

August 21st Jupiter makes its first of three squares with Uranus while also in orb of an Opposition with Pluto. Jupiter also forms the first of three Trines with Chiron. With Jupiter and Uranus, any progress made from this developmental process comes only with hard work and patience. There's a strong desire to break loose, cut all ties, and make a run for some uncharted horizon--to "stick it to the man" and just sail away toward whatever symbol of freedom we can conjure. Jupiter in Cancer opens up such sensitive and vulnerable terrain, it can feel like a violating invasion and there's no safe place to go. Any sense of freedom to be derived from this can only come if we're willing to work with what's right in front of us. Through trial and error, we must slowly work out the kinks until we get it right.

These energies produce considerable social unrest, rebelliousness, and revolutionary impulses--but all of this must be tempered with the knowing that any innovation created right now comes from building upon past foundations that, at the root of it, have withstood the test of time. This same principle applies to our own personal loves. Unlike the 1960's, when Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction, we aren't exactly forging an entirely new frontier and completely altering the structure of society. We have to work within the limits of what's already been established, and that pretty much involves many of the elements that were considered "radical" back at that time.

Jupiter Trine Chiron occurring alongside this aspect accelerates healing on a collective scale. It also opens the way for psychic, intuitive, and mystical insights. We must look at everything through a more holistic perspective, and not just focus solely on the signs and symptoms. Fortunately, this rather positive aspect helps to facilitate integration on many different levels of reality. It opens the doorway to a multidimensional awareness, and helps to guide and temper the frustration and potential turmoil inherent to Jupiter square Uranus. We can also come to a place of understanding and awareness of pain and suffering we may have endured, and see it's purpose in helping us to achieve growth. This aspect helps to heal and process trauma and come to terms with painful material in an open and gentle manner. We may also discover new keys and insights which can help facilitate healing for ourselves and for others.

August 22nd The Sun enters Virgo shifting the energy from spontaneous creative play to a more refined and ethical mode of operation. The Sun in Virgo is the final passage for the Summer Sun as we slowly make our way toward the Autumnal Equinox. On August 23rd Mercury follows right behind; as the collective energy begins to shift into Virgo we get to pay more attention to all the intricacies. It's the season for fine details, so get intimate with all the elements you might have overlooked.

August 24th Venus squares Pluto, on Augsut 26th Venus makes an opposition to Uranus, and on August 27th Venus makes a square with Jupiter--creating a Grand Cross configuration that's sure to stir up collective as well as personal tension. Compromises are extremely hard to come by because all planets want to go their own way and direction. The only way to reconcile these energies is to consciously and patiently work through it by integrating and considering many different perspectives and positions. Sacrifices and adjustments are inevitable, but common ground is possible, it just won't come easy. Venus is the strongest placement within the configuration, seeking diplomacy and equanimity. Venus in Libra helps to balance arising tension and ensures that conflict and chaos is well contained; we shouldn't fear things getting too out of control here.

Additionally, on August 27th, Mars enters the sign of Leo blowing all hesitation and uncertainty out of the way. While Mars is in Leo there's a collective surge toward overcoming fear, exerting the power of the will, and asserting ourselves in dynamic and creative ways. Mars in Leo knows what it wants, and it usually goes about getting it through dramatic or boastful tactics.

In conclusion, August appears to jump start things into action producing considerable momentum. We need to already be blazing toward something if we wish to harness this energy fully. The Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto T-Square configuration begins and will carry over until the Summer of 2014. On the collective and social level we can anticipate events to really start heating up during this month, and it will be interesting to see what transpires. This month produces many challenges and potential conflicts, but it also assists in creating much progress, building strength, and the healing of things we never thought were possible. That means if we're willing and ready, this month helps to produce major breakthroughs, especially if you have significant planets or placements occupying the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).