Crossing the Threshold: Lunar Eclipse in Aries

Photo by Chad Woodward, 2010, Murrieta, Ca.
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse @ 25 Aries 45'
October 18, 2013
4:38 PM Pacific
1:38 PM Eastern

October’s full Moon is a lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries. As this powerful lunation approaches, we may notice a slight shift in our awareness of the world around and within us. Things are a- changing, fast. As we enter the final eclipse season for 2013, we have little time for adjustment. This lunation appears to hit us like a ton of bricks! Aries is a dynamic sign.

While this eclipse certainly grabs our attention, there may be a sense of ambivalence and uncertainty permeating the atmosphere. Mars, the ruler of Aries, approaches an exact opposition to Neptune the following day. Shifty Neptune tends to cloud, distort and confuse the assertive forward momentum that Mars usually exerts so decisively. It may be hard to pin down a specific target or goal; and the ultimate directive may appear to avert our grasp.

And yet, welling up inside of us is this urge to break off into a new, unexplored frontier. So, where are we going exactly? It appears that the destination is, for the most part, unknown. If you can let go of a need to have it figured out, make it happen or take control, you will likely find yourself guided by some “higher” omnipotent force.  Trust and surrender are two keywords we should get well acquainted with. Look around for signs and clues; synchronicity may be louder than usual.

But don’t just blindly follow everything that appears to be divine guidance. Reflect on the meaning of the messages deeply; they can be interpreted from a variety of perspectives. Be wary of any impetus that urges you to charge forward with a sense of invincible, divine mission. The key is to let change happen as opposed to trying to force it to.

Blindly rushing into a battlefield is not a wise tactic. You need to know what you’re actually getting into. This eclipse will bring about an acceleration of changing circumstances. How well we handle them is entirely dependent on our ability to be receptive, observant and conscious.

Jupiter in Cancer makes a dynamic square to the full Moon axis. Jupiter is slowing down as it approaches stationary retrograde on November 6. Jupiter retrograde is a time to go back and nurture what is growing and expanding in our lives. This square challenges us to integrate something that culminated in the past, to bring it into the present moment.

This too can spur one into action. Jupiter can inflate egos with overconfidence, excessive enthusiasm and mindless optimism. If we aren't mindful of what we’re doing now, we could end up facing several setbacks and obstacles once Mercury turns retrograde. But with the warnings aside, here’s the deal: something must change, but that is ultimately an internalized process.

This lunar eclipse brings about a powerful shift of focus, priorities and sense of direction. It serves to wake us up, and get things back on track, even when we may feel unclear about where that track is leading. If you have found yourself drifting, wandering and uncertain about what you need to pursue, this is a critical turning point to take advantage of. Ultimately, Jupiter assists us to grow deep roots and expand into something that will require great stability.

To effectively step up to the challenge requires letting go of whatever is holding things back. The Mars/Neptune opposition is also a challenge to gain clarity, awareness and an expanded consciousness. So, do what you need to do now, but know that we walk a fine line right now. Reality is much harder to pin down and make sense of.

Things that were once solid and dependable are dissolving and dissipating. Paths and directions we once charged toward are suddenly irrelevant, ambiguous or lack meaning. Be honest with yourself and what you’re actually capable of—avoid blowing anything out of proportion or exaggerating things just to make a point or to get attention.

The trickster is afoot. The lunar eclipse roughly conjoins Eris, the planet that upstaged Pluto. Eris has a powerful warrior like quality, but it also carries the archetype of the trickster. And what does that mean exactly? It means that whenever Eris is prominent we are crossing a threshold; we are entering into a new reality. However, the trickster tends to incite chaos and make a mess of things, but it does so for a very specific reason: to create new forms, to change the way things work.

Nothing is safe from the trickster’s grasp, because the trickster is a boundary crosser; it blurs the lines between black and white, up and down, left and right. It confuses distinctions. This is just another warning to remain open and flexible to change. If something falls apart, there is a specific reason for it. The less attachment, the easier it is to let go and embrace the new.

Something powerful and strong is culminating with a lunar eclipse. In Aries, its influence is about taking center stage and refocusing our priorities. If things turn in unexpected directions, let it happen and accept that it’s all for the greater good. Anger, frustration and impatience will be common side effects. If you should succumb to such feelings, take a time out and center yourself.

Cross this threshold with confidence and consciousness. The uncertainty keeps us humble. Boldly step up to the challenges ahead, and no matter what, just keep going. Push through it. This first eclipse portal is a strong one, but don’t let it fool you into taking things too seriously, or giving up entirely, overcome with futility. There is a powerful process at work deep within each one of us, and great changes are taking place. Move with it, flow with it, and simply go along with the process. We will move into new lands eventually.